Exploring Noel Arevalo’s Age, Height, Workout and Diet Plan

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Noel Arevalo

Born on December 16, 1991, in the United States of America, Her current age is 32 years old as of 2023. She has collaborated with a fitness model, Sandra Prikker, on her YouTube channel.

Noel Arevalo is a famous and wealthy online fitness sensation, YouTuber, and content creator. She has captivated the attention and hearts of many people with her fitness and healthy dieting tips, tutorials and personal progress vlogs.

Please discover more about Arevalo, including her age, birthdate, ethnicity, nationality, online presence, workout plan and many more, via this informative article.

Noel Arevalo | Quick Facts

Full NameNoel Arevalo
Birth DateDecember 16, 1991
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Age31 years old
Birth PlaceUnited States of America
Height5’6” or 167 cm
Weight61 kilograms or 140 lbs
Net Worth$5 Million (Approx.)
CollaborationSandra Prikker
ProfessionYouTuber, Fitness persoanlity
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Relationship StatusSingle

Find Out The Age, Birthdate And Zodiac Sign Of Noel Arevalo

Noel Arevalo was born on December 16, 1991, in the United States of America, which means her current age is 31 years old.

As per her birthdate, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, which means that she possesses the qualities of optimistic, fair-minded, honest and intellectual.

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Birthday Countdown

Arevalo’s birthday is coming soon, and will be turning to 32 years old. Look at the countdown, and don’t forget to wish your favourite content creator.

Timer expired

Know Noel Arevalo’s Ethnicity, Nationality & Religion

Noel Arevalo is a half-Mexican and Quarter Philipino and quarter-white. Therefore, her ethnicity is mixed.

Unfortunately, a very private person, Arevalo, has not disclosed details about her religion.

However, she was born in America, eventually making her nationality an American as she holds citizenship of America.

Exploring Noel Arevalo‘s Height and Weight (Body Measurements)

The gorgeous Arevalo is stunning and has an attractive appearance. Her physique looks perfect, fit and pleasing with her pretty face, like ice on the cake.

Noel Arevalo
Noel Arevalo Age 31 (Source: Instagram)

She is 5′ 6″, 167 cm, and her weight is 61 kilograms or 140 lbs in pounds, which is the perfect proportionate of her height and weight, making her look fit and sexy.

She has deep black eyes, which are captivating to dive into, and her shiny black hair makes her look charismatic.

Know Noel Arevalo’s Family and Siblings

Arevalo was born in the United States and raised by her family with love and care. As mentioned earlier, Arevalo is very cagey regarding the details of her personal life.

Similarly, she has not revealed any details about her parents. Still, it is known that her father is an inspiration for her being in the fitness industry since her father also used to be a bodybuilder. She also has three other siblings with whom she grew up together.

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Who is Noel Arevalo’s boyfriend?

Even though Arevalo is a burning sensation for today’s generation, she keeps her low profile regarding her love life.

She is single and has no children, as per our research. We assume she focuses on her career rather than being involved in the romantic life.

Many people have a query on the statement whether Noel and Jessica are sisters or not. On the YouTube channel of Noel Arevalo, they have talked about their relationship.

They said that Jessica is six and a half years older than Noel. Finally, in the end, They revealed in the video titled TRUTH EXPOSED FT. JESSICA AREVALO, that they are biological sisters and greatly admire each other’s potential motivations.

Know Noel Arevalo’s Workout Routine

Noel Arevalo is strict on her workout plan centred around weightlifting and HIIT, which she thinks helps build muscle and strengthen. Her workouts have helped her achieve a lean and muscular body. She also does yoga and stretching, which keeps her body motivated and supplements weightlifting and HIIT workouts.

Her workout routines from Monday to Friday are:

On Monday:

Upper BodySets
Pull-ups4 x max
Bench Press4 x 8
DB Bench 3 x 10
Bent over rows4 x 8
Side Plank Series3 x 1 min on each side
Bird Dog4 x 10
Bridge Pose3 x 1 min holds
Cardio30 minutes of HIIT interval Training

For Tuesday:

Lower BodyGlute bridges, lung jumps and jump squats
CorePlank Series, bicycle crunches and sit-ups
Cardio45-minutes moderate-intensity run

For Wednesday:

Full-body circuitPush-ups, lateral pulls and jumping jacks
CoreDeadbugs, mountain climbers and hollow holds
Cardio30 minutes of interval training

For Thursday:

Upper body and shouldersAlternate single-arm rows, overhead press and burpees
CoreMedicine ball slams and twists and reverse crunches
Cardio20 minutes of High-Intensity Sprints and Hill repeats

For Friday:

Lower Body & PlyosSquat jumps, skaters lunge, and box jumps
CoreSide plank series, bird dog and hollow holds
Cardio45-minutes of moderate intensity run

Find Out Noel Arevalo’s Diet Plan

Noel Arevalo is very cautious towards her Diet, following a high-protein diet which contains meat, fish, egg and dairy. She also takes fruits, veggies and whole grains, avoiding sugar-added food as much as possible.

The routine of her diet plan in a day is given below:

  • Breakfast: 1/2 cup rolled oats, one tablespoon chia seeds and almond butter, assorted fruits, one hard-boiled egg, and one cup brewed green tea
  • Lunch: 2 salmon fillets, brown rice, olive oil, bell pepper, zucchini, carrot, cup broccoli florets, cloves garlic, honey or maple syrup and fresh lemon wedges
  • Dinner: 2 boneless, grilled chicken breast, roasted sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli florets

Noel Arevalo | Online Presence

Noel Arevalo is a famous online personality who is often searched online. Per our research, she is mainly searched for her leaked nude pictures, twerk, naked, and other exclusive content. You can find her clips of twerk in her TikTok and YouTube.

Noel Arevalo in Bikini
Noel Arevalo in Bikini (Source: Instagram)

You can look at her Instagram page to see her in Bikini, where she often posts her bikini pictures.

However, she does not hold an OnlyFans account and is not linked with OnlyFans pages.

Noel Arevalo | American Ninja Warrior

Noel Arevalo participated in American Ninja Warrior. What exactly is American Ninja Warrior (ANW)? It is an American sports entertainment reality show based on the Japanese TV reality show Sasuke.

She ran on the ANW in ANW season 9 in Los Angeles, California City, in 2017, and she completed her run on Fly Wheels. Further details about her in the ANW are yet to be known.

Noel Arevalo | Career

Noel Arevalo was always inspired by her father, who was a bodybuilder. He encouraged her to join the gym and eat a healthy Diet. She wanted to be a model. So, she went for fitness bikini competitions and got the higher rankings.

She started her YouTube in 2013 and then Instagram in the subsequent year, where she began posting her fitness vlogs and content, which gained the attention of many people and started getting offers from many big companies to work with.

She became the brand ambassador of GymShark and promoted activewear on her YouTube. Sadly, GymShark and she ended their collaboration in 2020 for personal reasons. She also owns the brand named Herfit Bra, which went skyrocketed.

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How Much Net Worth Does Noel Arevalo Have? Exploring Income Sources

Noel Arevalo’s primary income source comes from being a Bikini Athlete, Online Coach, social media influence and brand endorsements or sponsorships.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $5 Million.

Noel Arevalo |Social media Presence: Instagram

Noel Arevalo is a highly active personality on social media platforms. She holds account on most of the social media platforms.

Get the list of her social media handles below:


Noel Arevalo is an American Fitness influencer famous for her YouTube and its content, where she shares ideas for Diet and workouts, which are helpful to many people who wanna be like her.

We hope she achieves every milestone she has set for in her fitness career.

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