How Tall Is Chontel Duncan? Know Her Height, Weight, Age, Instagram, and Rumors in 2023

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Chontel Duncan

Chontel Duncan’s height is 6 feet 1 inch (Approx 1.85 m). Chontel Duncan, a 2009 Queensland Miss Universe finalist, strikes her presence with grace and glam amidst the netizens as a fitness trainer, model and blogger. Netizens are more eager to know how tall she is to look that radiant.

Duncan, also famous for her massive Instagram presence, has an impressive height of 6 feet one inch (185cm, 1.85m). She looks exceptionally fit and finest to be the mother of five. She married her husband, Sam (Samuel Duncan), in 2014.

In the following sections, we will discuss the age, height, weight, career, networth, pregnancy rumours, children and everything that concerns Duncan. Keep reading to discover.

Chontel Duncan | Bio, Wikipedia, Quick facts

Name Chontel Duncan
ProfessionFitness influencer, model
Date of birthJuly 21, 1989
Birthplace Australia
Age34 years
Zodiac SignCancer
MotherRita Hau née Van Der Lelie
SiblingSister- Rachel Hau
Height6 feet 1 inches (1.85m)
Weight70-72 kgs
HairDark Brown
Networth$1M- $5 million
Marital statusMarried
HusbandSamuel Duncan
Social MediaInstagram

How old is Chontel Duncan? Know her age, birthplace, and zodiac sign

Born on July 21, 1989, Duncan is at the age of 34 years as of 2023. She looks fierce, well-composed, energetic, and glamorous in her early thirties, too, her fitness adding to her beauty.

Coming to her birthplace, it was mentioned that she was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, which is yet to be verified, but she inevitably hails from Australia.

Sign-wise, she is a cancer woman. Women with cancer exhibit resilience, honesty, and emotion; she demonstrates a similar behavioural pattern.

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Birthday countdown | Let the countdown begins

As mentioned above, Duncan was born on July 21. Her 35th birthday is approaching as the grand 2024 is supposedly nearer. For a much simpler reference, her birthday countdown is represented below. You can track her birthday from there.


Kow the upbringings of Chontel Duncan: Parents, Siblings, and family

Duncan was born to her Australian parents, though the details of her father are yet to be mentioned. Her mother, Rita Hau née Van Der Lelie, was a fisher working for Paykel.

She has a sibling a younger sister, Rachel Hau, who is an Asset Manager and Photographer. They have a well-established family who grew up with sufficient needs and expenses.

Those mentioned above were her life before marriage; she settled with her little family after marriage. Now, she is the mother of five.

A look into Chontel Duncan’s nationality, ethnicity, and religion

Duncan was born in Queensland, Australia, bearing Australian nationality. She is of a white ethnic background, European raising with the native Australian descent.

Australian fitness expert Chontel Duncan (Source: Instagram)
Australian fitness expert Chontel Duncan (Source: Instagram)

According to various sources, Duncan follows Christianity as her religion and respects Christian norms and practices. She holds deep religious grounds and is quite sceptical.

Chontel Duncan Body Measurements | Height, Weight, and Hair

Amidst all, the most queried instances of Duncan are her height, weight and body measurements. In this section, we will talk about her body metrics only.

Duncan has an impressive height of 6 feet 1 inch, corresponding to 1.85 if the metrics are taken regarding metres. She has a lean, thin figure with defined abs.

Her body measures are accentuated by her long dark brown hair, which she often colours blonde or red. Complimenting these looks are her captivating brown eyes.

Regarding her weight, various sources believed that she weighed 61 kg, but through an Instagram post she made in September 2018, we learned that her body weight was during her Miss Universe times; now, it is between 70-72kgs.

Chontel Duncan before and after workout
Chontel Duncan before and after workout

In the post, she compared two of her pictures, before and after, of the Miss Universe era and today. There, she mentioned the importance of fitness and her lack of knowledge in her past. In the same post, she mentioned having a Scheuermann’s disease she got during her teenage days.

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Chontel Duncan | Husband, Boyfriend

Duncan was married to her husband, long-term boyfriend, Samuel Duncan, aka Sam. They were high school sweethearts who dated for years before tying the knot. They married in 2014.

Also, it was believed that they started dating when Duncan was 14 and lived together for over a decade.

As Duncan was a fitness personnel, her husband Sam is a Muay Thai athlete, trainer, and DJ. He is also Duncan’s business partner in HIIt Australia, a chain of gyms and fitness in Australia.

Is Chontel Duncan pregnant again? What’s the pregnancy rumour about?

Duncan was pregnant in 2022, not now. It was mentioned that she had a very threatening, high-risk pregnancy back then.

On her social media, Instagram, she elaborated that she gave birth to twins through caesarean, whom she named Havana and Justice. The pregnancy was considered highly fragile as the birth was sudden at just 31 weeks, making the birth premature and dangerous. She gave birth to her twins on January 05, 2022.

Gladly, both of her twins are fine and living a healthy life. One of the two is a daughter, and the other is their son; they have only one daughter.

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How many children does Chontel Duncan have? Twins?

With the twins Duncan gave birth to in 2022, she has five children now: four sons and a daughter. Their sons, Jeremiah, Swayde, and Paris, respectively, ages six, five, and two, are recently joined by their baby sister Havana and the youngest, Justice.

Pictures of Duncam, her children, and her husband can be found on her Instagram and other social media.

Chontel Duncan’s career: Is she a sweat trainer?

According to famousbirthdays, Duncan expressed Queensland as a finalist in Miss Universe Australia in 2009. This marked the beginning of her career as a model.

Though she was part of Miss Universe, her stardom rose when she shared her pregnancy photos in 2016. The photos went viral as the belly she compared with her friend with just the four-week pregnancy gap looked different. She was ridiculously fit after being pregnant for months.

Netizens have exclaimed that it might not be true as the pregnant lady hasn’t had a visible bump. But through the post, Duncan confirmed that she was expecting her first child and was fit regardless of the pregnancy.

After this, Duncan got many followers on her Instagram and other social platforms. In 2009, she started training under Dwayne Glasgow, owner of Bloodshed Muay Thai Gym. Back then, her nutrition and diet were calculated by her husband, Sam Duncan.

Later, intrigued by fitness, she focused on bodybuilding and made a firm routine, which she is popular now. She got interrupted by her pregnancies and dedication, but she continued doing what she was doing and became a renowned fitness influencer.

Now she owns HIIT Australia, a series of gyms and bodybuilding popular in Australia. She also endorses several brands as a model.

Chontel Duncan | Networth, House, and Assets

Duncan was estimated to hold a massive networth of $1M- $5 million as of 2023. She owns HIIT Australia, which results in a large fortune for her. Moreover, she being a fitness influencer, and the model generates a collective income.

Talking about her assets and houses, being a successful fitness influencer, she indeed does have a luxurious house and fancy lifestyle. Still, the details of her acquisitions have not been made public yet. This section will be updated on being available.

Chontel Duncan | Fitness regimen, Workout Plan

Duncan’s fitness regime, which she usually follows, is mentioned below. It was mentioned that her routine only takes 26 minutes at the most. You can give it a look.

Workout typesRoutinesTotal Time
StrengthGoblet Squat: 12 reps (5-15kg)
Shoulder Press: 12 reps (3-8kg)
Mountain Climber: 30 reps
Rest: 30 secs
8 minutes
TabataGlute Bridge: 12 reps (10-20kg)
Renegade Row: 16 reps, 8 per side (3-8kg)
Bent-leg Raise: 12 reps
Rest: 30 secs
8 minutes
AMRAPBent-over Row: 10 Reps (10-20kg)
Sprawl: 12 reps
Push Up: 12 reps
Rest: 30 secs
8 minutes


Chontel Duncan | Meal plan, Diet

As Duncan is a fitness influencer, everyone is interested in what she eats and how she balances out her figure. As a reference, her meal plan is mentioned below. It’s just a reference and differs with time.

  • Meal 1 –  Slices of Vegemite toast (usually two) with butter and cheese well balanced with a macadamia milk latte and chocolate fudge protein shake.
  • Meal 2 – Three corn thins topped with tzatziki, spinach, capsicum and slices of baby tomatoes.
  • Meal 3 – Tofu satay stir-fry with brown rice as carbs.
  • Meal 4 – YoPro yoghurt.
  • Meal 5 – Wholegrain chicken, two-minute noodles.
  • Meal 6 – Chocolate protein shake.
  • Meal 7 – Tofu cashew nut stir-fry with brown rice.
  • Meal 8 – Mars bar ice cream as an ending dessert.

Is Chontel Duncan available on Instagram? Social media Presence

Duncan is well-known on Instagram. There, with the handle chontelduncan, she has 1M followers. Other than this, she has her website,, through which she can be accessed. She doesn’t have any accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok.

Final Words

Despite being the mother of five, Duncan has a very structured body and a prominent figure. She is appreciated for her diligence and hard work.

Her followers are increasing daily, and she is expected to be even more popular in the coming days. We wish her all the best for her approaching stardom.

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