What Is the Networth of MC Ren in 2023? An Insight into His Career Earnings

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MC Ren

MC Ren, an American rapper, holds a networth of $4 million as of 2023. This is the updated networth along with his assets; before this, he was estimated to have a networth of $1 million up until 2015 without the assets.

As famous by the stage name MC Ren, his real name is Lorenzo Jerald Patterson. He was born in June 1969 in California, United States. Apart from MC Ren, he is also known as Villian, Ruthless Villian, Rebel Villian, And Villian in Black.

The following sections will dive deep into the career, salary, income source, and a detailed guide to this rapper’s net worth and some personal involvements. Keep reading to discover.

Quick Facts

Real Name Lorenzo Jerald Patterson
Popular asMC Ren
Also known as Villian, Ruthless Villian, Rebel Villian, And Villian in Black
ProfessionRapper, Songwriter, and Record producer
Date of BirthJune 16, 1969
Age 54 years as of 2023
BirthplaceCompton, California, U.S.
Weight74- 90kg
SiblingsTwo brother, one sister
Marital StatusTwo brothers, one sister
Wife Yaasamen Alaa
Social MediaInstagram, Facebook, Twitter
Years Active1987 to present

Is MC Ren still alive? What is his age and birthday?

Undoubtedly, Ren is still alive and is actively making the songs. He was born on June 16, 1969 in Compton, California, U.S.. As such, he is at the age of 54 years as of 2023. His birthday is approaching, and 2024 is waiting for its grand welcome.

Regarding his zodiac sign, Ren is a Gemini, born on June 16. As a Gemini man considered highly adaptable, outgoing, skilled, and extremely competitive, MC Ren also exhibits the following traits and adaptations.

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An insight to MC Ren’s Nationality, Ethnicity, and Religion

Born in California, United States, Ren holds American nationality, as easily can be guessed, but his ethnicity gets quite a heads-up. He was mentioned to belong to the black ethnic community but described himself as of all-American descent.

Ren made a change in his religion in April 1993. Back then, he attended a mosque and registered at a Nation of Islam, adapting the annum Lorenzo X. Two years later, he left the association and joined Sunni Islam.

Explore the physical measurements of MC Ren: Height, Weight, and Other Metrics.

Ren has an impressive physique as a rapper, contrary to others. He looks tall at 1.73m (5 feet 7 inches). Unlike height, his weight is yet to be confirmed, with most believing it to be 74 kg to 90 kg. This section will be updated on being available.

MC Ren along with DrDre and D.O.C Curry (Source: Instagram)

MC Ren along with DrDre and D.O.C Curry (Source: Instagram)

Except for his height and weight, there is nothing known regarding other physical measures of Ren. Not on the physical matrix, but he looks charming with his dark brown eyes and black hair. He is in the hearts of many; some even consider him their idol.

A look at MC Ren’s early family: Parents and Siblings,

Though not many details regarding Ren’s early life are widely available, we learned through some sources that he was born to his parents, two brothers and a sister.

His father, whose name is not yet known, was a former government officer; the department he was in is still unavailable. Later, he opened his barbershop. Besides this, there is no information on his parents and family.

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Who is the wife of MC Ren? Does he have children?

Ren married his wife Yaasamen Alaa in June 1993. With her, he has five children: Anthony (1989), Ali (1997), Ahmada (1998), Muhammad(2000), and Amenah. His eldest son, Anthony, is also a rapper, just like his father, who goes by the stage name Waxxie.

Waxxie is a skilled rapper and has united with other sons of N.W.A member. This renowned hip-hop group includes famous personalities such as Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, MC Ren, and The D.O.C..

MC Ren Career, Early life briefed: Album and Remixes.

Talking about his early life, he joined Dominguez High School for his junior levels. During this time, he discovered his interest in hip-hop song-making and producing. After graduating, he planned to join the United States Army but changed his mind after watching a movie.

It was not until 1987 that MC Ren’s career started after signing with Ruthless Records as a solo artist in high school. He then appeared on the famous N.W.A.’s album titled Straight Outta Compton.

Later, he produced other N.W.A’s albums like Niggaz4Life, the first album to top the Billboard chart. Nonetheless, disagreements with his supervisor, Jerry Heller, made him leave the group.

Ren then turned to solo venture, which saw him release the hit EP Kizz My Black Azz, followed by an album Shock Of The Hour. He only managed to team up with MC Ren’s contributions to hip-hop and the legacy of N.W.A has been notable with a few fluctuations.

His EP Osiris was released by him in 2022, and reminisced on an essential figure of the genre’s history. He considered KRS-One, Chuch D, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, and Run-DMC his idols and all-time influencers. Adding it more, he claimed Criminal Minded by Boogie Down as his all-time favourite hip-hop album.

Ren has been working on different music projects since 1987. For example, he was the only guest rapper in Eazy-E’s 1988 Eazy-Duz-It album, which featured Ice Cube on almost half of its tracks. 

American rapper MC Ren, aka the Villian (Source: Instagram)

American rapper MC Ren, aka the Villian (Source: Instagram)

The album, produced by Dr. Dre and DJ Yella, had songs co-written by Patterson, Ice Cube, and The D.O.C. After making the debut album of the group CPO in 1990, featuring CPO Boss Hogg.

Patterson in 1993 unveiled a click known as The Whole Click, and it had Bigg Rocc, Grinch, Bone and his other brother Juvenile. Initially, they featured in the Shock of the Hour album by Patterson. However, they later separated. 

Nonetheless, Rocc worked with Patterson for his individual album releases. In 2000, MC Ren was featured on songs with Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, including War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc)’ by Ice Cube and 2001 by Dr. Dre. 

This work encompasses recent political collaborations such as his contributions to various tracks in Paris’s Hard Truth Soldiers Vol. 1 album and Rebirth of a Nation, one of Public Enemy’s records. Patterson joined other former N.W.Members for a high-profile reunion at Coachella in 2016.

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MC Ren Net Worth, Income Source and Assets

As mentioned earlier, Ren has a net worth of $4 million as of 2023. This networth of his is not the sum alone but is along with his assets. His career as a professional rapper had provided him with such a grand networth.

Talking about his income, some source mentions that he earns a minimum of $25k as his monthly salary, resulting in a yearly revenue of $0.3 million, with expenses of around $30k yearly. He has been actively working as a music producer from 1987 to now. This justifies his grand fortune.

His networth change through the span of 2018 to 2023 is presented below. You can give it a look. The reference is taken from the data available at caknowledge.

  • MC Ren Networth in 2018- $2.8M
  • MC Ren Networth in 2019- $2.9M
  • MC Ren Networth in 2020- $3.1M
  • MC Ren Networth in 2021- $3.4M
  • MC Ren Networth in 2022- $3.7M
  • MC Ren Networth in 2023- $4.0M

Talking about his assets, he was believed to have a house in California, where he currently resides, and has some luxurious drive to rude with. Other than this, there are no details on his belongings.

Networth in Different Currencies

To make it easier, Ren’s networth of $4 million is represented below in different currencies for quick understanding. You can give it a look.

United StatesUS Dollar (USD) 4000000
AustraliaAustralian Dollar (AUD) 6283876.00
CanadaCanadian Dollar (CAD) 5487640.00
European Nations (Multiple countries)Euro (EUR) 3794480.00
JapanJapanese Yen (JPY) 595420000.00
United KingdomPound Sterling (GBP) 3281300.00
United Arab EmiratesUAE Dirham (AED) 14692120.00
BitcoinBitcoin (BTC) 145.43 

Is MC Ren on any social media? A guide to his social life

Ren is available on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube only. On Instagram, with the handle realmcren, he has 568k followers, while on Facebook, with the username MC Ren, he has 96k followers.

Like Instagram and Facebook, he is also available on Twitter as @realmcren. There, he has 149.9k followers. He does not have an account on Tiktok. His music is well available on YouTube.

Final Words

From making a mind to become a US army to becoming a rapper is the colossal mindset Ren has adopted. His career choice has been fruitful, with significant results and highlighted prowess.

Everyone knows who MC Ren is, from a kid to an adult. His global reputation has reached a new limit thanks to his outstanding musical. His stardom is rising daily, and we wish him all the best for his upcoming projects and success.

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