Fact Check

We, modelpeeps.com, are a group of hardworking writers, editors and researchers focusing on celebrity gossip, trying our best to catch up with what these sensation figures are up to.

Through our domain name, Model Peeps and tagline, Journey into the Realm of Models, we sum up our website perfectly; everything you see there is focused on actors, players, and celebrities worldwide.

Our intention of this guideline Fact Check is to ensure those we write about don’t get into any trouble or hassles that affect their personality or daily life.

We intend not to harm anyone and solely focus on providing the raw information. We apologise on our behalf for any scenarios that may arise through misinformation by any means we conduct. Below is A guideline on collecting and providing information through our website.

How do we collect information?

We collect information from various sources: articles, websites, interviews, journals, forums, social media, news articles, and YouTube videos. Our main agenda is to provide factual information only.

Our talented researchers collect the data manually. While collecting the data, we mainly focus on the interview session, if the individual has been part of any interviews, so that the data would be accurate.

If there is no trace of that individual in any interview session, our next step would be the verified websites. Several websites are online, but we only scour through well-established, reputed ones that feed the correct information.

After fiddling through the websites and forums, for much accuracy, we go for the news article if they have covered the individual’s life event. Following that, we would search for any reference in which the individual has attended the Q&A sessions.

After going through all these steps, we would do a final check through the individual’s social media; in any case, the information is ambiguous.

Finally, the data and the references are provided to the writers, who double-check first in case any alterations are needed before writing details.

How do we verify data?

The foremost step we conduct is this: not just the writer alone; we have a team of editors for the verification process. Every piece of information provided by the writer is checked in this phase.

For the verification process, the initial beginning takes place through the access of that individual’s social media. The data in our article are checked parallel to the individuals’ social media content. Furthermore, in case of any confusion, we try to reach that individual through their mailing address.

If there is no evidence of that individual’s social media, our second option is cross-checking sources. The information provided is cross-checked from the reputed sources. If the information aligns with multiple sources, we regard that information as suitable to publish.

Moroever, the editors will re-evaluate all the processes that a researcher involves while collecting the data, and the article will be sent for publication.

What do you (concerned individual) need to do if we accidentally publish something untrue?

As cited above, we don’t support any defamation of the character. Suppose we mention something in our blog post that violates individuals’ rights through incorrect information or something else. In that case, we humbly request the concerned individual to draw our attention ASAP by contacting us at [email protected].

We may not know the situation unless you state the facts by yourself. So, your co-operation in the matter is what we expect from you to resolve the concern. Also, we will need evidence suggesting you are an authorised one, so please be willing to share some of your details with us, which we promise to maintain confidentially.

What do we do in case of some accidental misinformation?

First of all, we try our best not to provide any wrong information, but in case of any exceptions, our first step is to take down the post. The post will be immediately removed from the public eye until the adjustments are made.

In case of an accidental fault in the information provided, which harms the individual directly or indirectly, we reach out to that individual as soon as possible and sincerely apologise.

The necessary updates and adjustments are made within three to five working days, and only after the consent of the individual will the article be republished.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused through our blog post. We don’t support hate, violence, or harm to any individual and are focused only on entertainment. For further queries, please reach out to us at [email protected]. or fill out the Contact Us form below: