A Comprehensive Guide to Monique Rizzeto Bio: Height, Weight, Age, and Family

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Monique Rizzeto

As fitness is the current trend among netizens, several fitness experts are well-versed for their bio, especially for their age and height. One such influencer is the Brazil-born fitness model Monique Rizzeto.

From being a psychology student to being the fitness geek to the expert, Rizeeto has been through a considerable path of toils and struggles to become what she is today.

The following section will cover the life story of Monique Rizzeto. Keep reading the article to the end to learn more about her age, height, weight, etc.

Quick Facts

Name Monique Rizzeto
ProfessionFitness model, media personality
Social MediaInstagram, Tiktok

How Old Is Monique Rizzeto In 2023? Know Her Age, Birthplace, And Zodiac Sign.

Want to know the age of Monique Rizzeto? Keep reading the following section.

According to ifbbmuscle.com, Rizzeto was born in 1994 in Brazil. As such, she is at the age of 29 years as of 2023. Her date of birth, i.e., her birthday, is not yet made online. Just like her birthday, nothing is known regarding her zodiac sign. This section will be updated later on being available.

Date of birth1994
Age 29 years

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Explore The Upbringings Of Monique Rizzeto: Nationality, Ethnicity, And Religion

What is the nationality, ethnicity and religion of Rizzeto? To answer your question, Rizzeto has Brazilian nationality, as being born in Brazil. Besides her nationality, nothing is known regarding her ethnicity and religion.


How Tall Is Monique Rizzeto? Get To Know Her Height, Weight, And Other Body Metrics

Coming to the physical measurements of Rizzeto, she is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs about 67 kg. These measurements may be seen varying as these parameters keep changing with time.

Sliding more into her attributes, she is appreciated for her blonde hair colour with her mesmerizing blue eyes. She has maintained a well-defined, curvy body, which makes her look fabulous.

The body measurements of different units are presented below for better understanding. You can give it a look.

Height in inch5 feet 4 inches
Height in cm164 cm
Height in m1.6m
Weight in kg67 kg
Weight in pound147 lbs
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Monique Rizzeto Family: Father, Mother, And Siblings

After going through multiple pages, we couldn’t trace any details on the father, mother or siblings of Rizzeto. She has maintained an utterly private profile around her family.

Moroever, nothing is known about The name of her father, mother, siblings, their profession, and their current residence. We will update you soon. Till then, keep reading the other details.

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Is Monique Rizzeto Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Is Monique Rizzeto committed? Who is her partner? Is she a mother? This is the evolving question regarding the romantic involvement of Rizzeto. To know the answer, go through the following verse.

Rizzeto, just like in the background of her family, has maintained a guard regarding her romantic preferences, too. To date, nothing is known if she is married, single, or dating someone behind the back. This section will be updated soon.

Marital StatusUnmarried

Is Monique Rizzeto A University Gradauate? Which University Did She Attend?

The path to fitness in the life of Rizzeto is not an impulsive choice as she was a psychology student with a degree in Post Pedagogy before fitness. With a change of mindset, she joined the gym, after which her career departs from psychology into fitness.

As mentioned, you may have figured out if she is a university grad. To answer your question, we would say yes. She was a university grad with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

SchoolingLocal School
DegreePost Pedagogy

Monique Rizzeto Career: A Brief Guide

Summing up the career of Rizzeto, it was not always happy and sunny. She had been through several hurdles to get the reputation and glory she has today.

Brazilian fitness influencer Monique Rizzeto (Source: Instagram)
Brazilian fitness influencer Monique Rizzeto (Source: Instagram)

As briefly discussed above, she was a psychology student, and a sudden change in her plan to pursue fitness made an enormous splash in her life. She developed a huge passion for fitness while she was in college.

After that, she relentlessly considered fitness as an integrated part of her wife and devoted herself to the gym and fitness. One of her remarkable achievements is the title she won, the Tri-Champion in Wellness and Athlete, sponsored by the dragoonpharmabrasil.

Now she is all set to glory, whether it be the modelling shoots or the beauty tournaments. Her career is flourishing day by day.

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Monique Rizzeto Before And After A Comparison Over The Period

A comparison is done with some before and after pictures of Rizzeto. Subsequently, through the picture from left to right, one can observe her body being more furnished and within the shape.

Monique Rizzeto Before and After (Source: Instagram)
Monique Rizzeto Before and After (Source: Instagram)

It was a rigid workout routine balanced with the proper diet that furnished her with the body she has today. Now, she is in the hearts of many for her well-sculptured physique.

What Is the Net Worth Of Monique Rizzeto In 2023? What Are Her Income Sources?

Monique Rizzeto’s networth as of 2023 is $150k. Her profession as a fitness model and media celebrity feeds as the source of her income.

In addition to this, Monique is also mentioned as the CEO of the petshowvila. It is still unknown what she plans to do through it as just the Instagram page is formed now.

Moreover, having large followers on each social media, she is approached by plenty of brands for their advertisements. One of which is the vitamin and supplement company named dragonpharmabrasil. Through such, too, she generates a large fortune.

Monique Rizzeto In Instagram: Is She On Other Social Media?

Rizzeto is available on Instagram and Tiktok only. Besides this, we couldn’t access her on other social media.

Talking about Instagram, she has 836k followers with the handle monique.rizzeto. She joined Instagram in November 2014.

Like on Instagram, she is available on Tiktok as rizzetoaoficial, with 156.9k followers. She posts her workout routines and fitness-related content over there.

Final Words

Rizzeto, after being titled Tri-Champion in Wellness and Athlete, has gained an enormous fan following, and so has the name. She is now a star in the fitness industry.

Now, every geek who is into fitness to the expert knows her. With such, her popularity, net worth, and stardom are taking a severe hit. We wish her all the best for the glory onwards.

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