Is Jo Kelly the Next Big Thing in Bodybuilding? How Did She Became a Bodybuilder?

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Jo Kelly

Jo Kelly, not to be confused with the acting coach Kelly, is a US-based bodybuilder, fitness model and coach popularly known for her recent victory as an IFBB pro card holder.

Kelly, now 42, is making big waves in the fitness industry and is motivating all fitness geeks that age is just a number and one can achieve success if they are willing to, irrespective of any other factors.

In the following section, we will brief the lifestyle of Kelly. Please keep reading to find out where she was born, her height, her accomplishments and so on.

Quick Facts

Name Jo Kelly
Nick NameN/A
ProfessionBodybuilder, Fitness Coach
Gender Female

How Old Is Jo Kelly In 2023? Get To Know Her Age, Birthday, And Birthplace

What is the age of Jo Kelly? From where is she? When did she celebrate her birthday?

Kelly was born in 1981 in the United States. As such, she is at the age of 41 years as of 2023. Her exact birthday is yet to be known as her zodiac sign. We will update this section soon. Till then, keep going through the other details.

Birth Year1981
Age 41 years
BirthplaceUnited States
Zodiac SignN/A

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Explore The Upbringings Of Jo Kelly: Nationality, Ethnicity, And Religion

Do you want to know Kelly’s nationality, ethnicity, and religion? Keep going through the following sections to learn about.

Born in the United States, Kelly is of American nationality. Unlike nationality, there is nothing known regarding her ethnicity and religion.


How Tall Is Jo Kelly? Know Her Height, Weight, And Body Measures

What is Joe Kelly’s height and weight? This is the most queried information on Kelly. We will brief this in the immediate section below.

Kelly has a height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs around 68kg. Though her height remains constant, her weight fluctuates as per the season, on and off, demonstrating her tournament time and off, representing her everyday life.

Going deep into her physical attributes, she has been blessed with beautiful green eyes and fluffy, long brown hair.

To provide better insight into her height and other body matrix, a table below is represented; you can give it a look.

Height in inches5 feet 4 inches
Height in cm164 cm
Height in m1.6m
Weight in kg68kg
Weight in pound149 lbs
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBrown

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Jo Kelly Family: Father, Mother, And Siblings

Are the parents of Kelly in the bodybuilding profession? Is bodybuilding the thing she inherited from her parents? This is often asked whenever there is a mention of Kelly.

We would be proud to present the details, but sadly, nothing is accessible regarding Kelly’s early life. Nothing is mentioned about who her parents are, what they do, where they live and so on.

Moroever, it is still not sure if she is the only child or has some siblings. We will update this section soon.

Is Jo Kelly Married? Who Is Her Spouse? Does She Have Any Children?

Just like her parents, Kelly’s romantic endeavours are not mentioned. Everything surrounding her love life is kept private.

So, as of now, we can’t conclude anything regarding her romantic involvement; hence, we will go with the assumption of her being single. This section will be updated soon.

Marital StatusUnmarried

Jo Kelly Education: School, College, And University

Which university did Kelly attend? Is she a university grad? Let’s answer some of such questions.

Kelly completed her education in the USA. What her degree, university name, and every other detail regarding her academics are maintained private. We will update you soon.

Junior levelLocal School
High SchoolPassed

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How Did Jo Kelly Start Her Career In Bodybuilding: A Comprehensive Guide

Kelly has been in fitness since a young age. She started hitting the gym just after her high school. Many hurdles in the initial days decorated the path to what she is today, but she managed to surpass all the obstacles and pursue her passion.

One of Kelly’s remarkable achievements is her IFBB pro card, which she won in December 2022. It was the most joyous event of Kelly’s entire life. Surprised by the victory, she mentioned not believing she won the title and phasing out through an Instagram post for some time.

Her victory in IFBB is not a piece of cake; in a post, she mentioned that she was about to pass the event as for this time as she was not in good mental health during that time.

Puzzled about what to do and not to do, she contacted her coach, hyacine_nassir, for advice, who guided her to be a part of it. She thanked him for being the support system and showing her along, which caused her to land on the significant page of fame.

Jo Kelly A Comparison: Before And After

On January 17, Kelly made an Instagram post comparing pictures of her own to the difference of seven years. Her before picture seems like an entirely different person. Describing her before picture, she mentioned that it was the first time she started going to the gym.

Jo Kelly before and after seven years (Source: Instagram)
Jo Kelly before and after seven years (Source: Instagram)

Elaborating more, she described that she was on a diet at that time, too, which she now thinks is the stupidest thing one can do. Not finding much difference and thinking it was not the one efficient way to achieve the body she had on her mind, she quit what she was doing back then and started powerlifting.

That shift to powerlifting was the best decision she made, garnering her with the fame and wealth she has today.

Jo Kelly Work Out and Meal Plan

Kelly has a diverse workout routine. Not only does she focus on one specific routine and one specific body part, but she also includes routines that cover her entire body. Some days, her session rounds around cardio, while some, she escapes it to perform her upper and lower body routine.

Usually, her workout routine includes the sets and reps of hamstrings, glutes, lunges, squats, bench presses, dumbbells and so on.

Talking about her meal plan, just like other bodybuilders, she includes as much protein as possible in her diet. She doesn’t cut her carb intake but also has it on her meal plan as per her body’s needs. For protein sources, she usually takes lean animal protein, some eggs, and additional supplements that help her with the bulkiness.

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Jo Kelly’s Net Worth, Income Source And Assets

Kelly is estimated to hold a networth of $100k as of today. Her profession as a bodybuilder, coach, and media personality is her income source.

Moreover, she endorses several brands through which she generates considerable revenue. She is currently advertising CRAB 10 radical supplements as her foremost endorsement.

Net Worth$100k
Income SourceBodybuilding Profession, Brand Endorsements
Brand associated withCRAB 10

Is Jo Kelly On Instagram? What about Other Social Media?

Jo Kelly is available on Instagram only with the handle jo_k3lly. There, she has more than 20k followers. Her workout sessions and regimes can be seen on her Instagram walls as she has coloured them with them.

American bodybuilder and IFBB pro card holder Jo Kelly (Source: Instagram)
American bodybuilder and IFBB pro card holder Jo Kelly (Source: Instagram)

Besides Instagram, we couldn’t access her on any other social media. This section will be updated soon.

  • Instagram- jo_k3lly (20.2k followers)
  • Facebook- N/A
  • Twitter- N/A
  • Youtube- N/A

Final Words

Kelly is a diva in the American fitness industry who held the IFBB trophy at 40. After many hurdles, she has not surrendered to the situation; she has fought hard and found ways out.

As such, she motivates people to follow their dreams wholeheartedly and never be afraid of failure. We wish her all the best for her future. May it be prosperous.

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