What Is the Workout Routine of Bodybuilder Lenka Ferencukova? An Insight into Her Fitness Career

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Lenka Ferencukova

Lenka Ferencukova, a fitness enthusiast since a young age, started her first workout routine after the age of 11. She initially started as a gymnast but later made a shift to bodybuilding.

Ferencukova became a global sensation through her muscular body, which she achieved through the dedicated attempt of rotting through the gym. Now, she boasts thousands of followers on her social media, especially her Instagram account.

In the following section, we will explore different sectors of the life of Ferencukova, such as her birthday, height, weight, biceps, Ifbb journey, Instagram and so on. Please keep reading to discover.

Quick Facts

Name Lenka Ferencukova
Birth Year1984
Birthday27 February
BirthplaceCzech Republic
Age39 years
Zodiac SignPisces
Height5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
Weight139 lbs( 63 kg)
Marital StatusN/A
Net Worth$1M
Social MediaInstagram, Facebook, Youtube

Explore The Age, Birthday, And Birthplace Of Lenka Ferencukova

Ferencukova was born in 1984 in the Czech Republic. She celebrates her birthday every year on 27th February. With the year changing its colour to 2023, she is 39 years old.

Zodiac Wise, Ferencukova is a Pisces. As a Piscean woman well-described for their amicable and artistic side, she gets the heads-up regarding her personality. Not just through her career, she has also placed her position in the hearts of many via her essence.

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From Where Does Lenka Ferencukova Hail? A Look At Her Nationality, Ethnicity, And Religion

Born in one of the most beautiful countries of Central Europe, the Czech Republic, Ferencukova holds Czech nationality.

Regarding her ethnicity, it is yet to be confirmed, but she was well believed to belong to the white Caucasian ethnic background. There are significantly fewer details on her early life and her religion.

Lenka Ferencukova Parents, Siblings, And Family

Sadly, no details are available on the parents and early family of Ferencukova. It is still not certain if she is the only child of her family or if she has some siblings following her. This section will be updated later on being available. Till then, keep reading her other details.

How Tall Is Lenka Ferencukova? Get To Know Her Height, Weight, And Other Body Matrices

Coming to the body measurements, according to ifbbmuscle.com, she has a medium height of 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm), followed by a weight of 139 lbs( 63 kg). Accessorizing her precise sculptured body are her blue-looking eyes and beautiful blonde hair.

Female Bodybuilder Lenka Ferencukova flexing her biceps (Source: Instagram)
Female Bodybuilder Lenka Ferencukova flexing her biceps (Source: Instagram)

More than her height and weight, netizens are more interested in learning about the biceps measure as she is widely known for having enormous female biceps. Rest assured, we will cover that, too, in the later section.

Ferencukova has a prominent figure with a bust, waist and hip at index 37-25-35, respectively. Moreover, she has a protruding biceps of 41 cm. She wears a bra size 42 with a cup size B.

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A Quick Peek Into The Love Life Of Lenka Ferencukova: Boyfriend, Husband, And Children

Whether or not it is true, some sources indeed mentioned Ferencukova being single. There are no details on her partner or any of her romantic endeavors. This section will be updated later on being available.

Lenka Ferencukova Career: A Quick Guide

Born in 1984, Ferencukova’s journey is well sketched by a strong passion for sports. Earning a Bachelor’s degree in 2011, she excelled in various sports starting from college, including gymnastics, volleyball, and competitive handball.

The introduction to the gym kindled her love and passion for bodybuilding. Training daily at the gym and even juggling work with night shifts as a police officer, she encountered scepticism about her remarkable physique.

The relentless devotion that led her to what she is today included rigorous workouts and a strict diet, with barely any “free days” featuring mediocre indulgences like sushi.

Female Bodybuilder Lenka Ferencukova (Source: Instagram)
Female Bodybuilder Lenka Ferencukova (Source: Instagram)

While some questioned her path and even her existence in the industry, she acknowledged that it was what she wanted to have in her life and opted for all her hard work into it, making her kiss the ladder of success afterward. Now, she is widely known as an accomplished female bodybuilder with the most significant female biceps ever.

Was Lenka Ferencukova Awarded with Any Prestigious Awards? What’s Her Competition History?

Being a bodybuilder, Ferencukova remained a part of different bodybuilding championships and tournaments. Her significant accomplishments and participation in various tournaments are tabulated below. You can give it a look.

2004Promil Cup3rd
2005Czech Championship Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Body Fitness Women2nd
2007Czech Championship Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Body Fitness Women10th
2011Aminostar IFBB Cup (Hungary)5th
2011Prague Cup1st
2011Albixon Grand Prix Čelákovice1st
2013International Championship in Austria3rd
2014Czech Republic Championship Physique1st
2015Czech Republic Championship Physique1st
2016Olympia Amateur San Marino1st
2017 Arnaldo Classic Physique, USA1st
2018IFBB San Jose Pro Womens Physique – USA9th
2020IFBB BRITISH GRAND PRIX PRO WOMENS PHYSIQUE, United Kingdom + qualification for Olympia Weekend 20211st

Lenka Ferencukova Workout Routines

In pursuing physical fitness, Ferencukova diligently obeys a well-structured workout routine under the guidance of her coach.

On her daily workout regimen, she emphasizes every aspect of her physique, including her legs, glutes, calves, chest, shoulders, and more. Though a detailed description of her workout routine is unavailable, one can have some insight through the YouTube clips.

How Rich Is Lenka Ferencukova? What Is Her Net Worth?

To date, Ferencukova is estimated to hold a networth of $1 million. Her presence in bodybuilding as a successful figure is a source of her networth. Moreover, she has only a fan account through which she generates large sums of money. There, she charges her viewers on a subscription basis.

Additionally, she endorses several brands and fitness companies, which aids her networth even more. Some brands she is actively involved with are Soulsfeng, a sportswear company, and Fitness Club Repy, a fitness hub.

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Lenka Ferencukova Meal Plan And Diet

Maintaining a strict diet is vital to Lenka Ferencukova’s daily routine as a prominent bodybuilder. She adheres to a strict dietary regimen comprising plain steamed chicken without salt and spices. This makes her meal plan unique, as all her meals are accurately weighted, with no fat, condiments, or herbs.

Though conscious about her diet, she also allows herself to savor lazy days with cheat meals. This depends on her competition and workout program, letting her relish various foods. Also, She has mentioned them on her website lenkaferencukova.com.

Is Lenka Ferencukova On Instagram? What is her other social media?

Ferencukova is available on several social platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. On Instagram, with the handle lenkaferencukova, she has 112k followers. She joined Instagram in March 2016.

Ferencukova is not as popular as on Instagram, but she indeed has a fan following behind her on her Facebook, too. There, with the handle Lenke Ferencukova, she has 14k followers. Moroever, she has her YouTube channel and an official website as Lenka Ferenčuková. On her YouTube channel, she only has 742 subscribers to date.

Final Words

Ferencukova, through the story of her struggle, is convinced that one’s degree of success is closely linked to one’s self-discipline. Her unwavering dedication to her workout plan has made her an iron woman, ready to withstand any challenge posed against her.

While in between careers, she found it challenging to balance her job and passion, but despite such, she is what she is today, standing bold and brave with the success story printed all over the news. She is quite an inspiration to the girls out there to follow what your heart craves. We wish her all the best for further glory.

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