A Depth Look Into The Female Bodybuilder Dayana Cadeau: Age, Workout, Weight, And Stats

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Dayana Cadeau

Dayana Cadeau, a 57-year-old amateur female bodybuilder, is all over online after winning the title of Ms. Olympia lightweight. She is the only Canadian female bodybuilder to win such a title.

Though Cadeau has not won any overall pro title, she is in the limelight after her consecutive win of the four class titles. Now, she has a massive fanbase on her social media, especially her Instagram account.

In the following sections, we will explore the different dimensions of the life of this female superstar. Please keep reading to discover how she came into fitness and developed a passion throughout.

Quick Facts

Name Dayana Cadeau
Nickname The Gift, The Jay Cutler Of Women’s Bodybuilding, The Flex Wheeler of female bodybuilding
Date of BirthJune 2, 1966
Age 57 years old
Zodiac SignZodiac Sign
Height5 feet 4 inches (1.64m)
WeightOn season- 56kg-68kg (123-150 lbs)
Off-season- 64 kg- 70kg (140- 155 lbs)
Figure 36-28-37
Marital StatusUnmarried
Boyfriend Leslie Kai Greene
Social MediaInstagram, Facebook, Twitter
Retired on2011

Is Dayana Cadeau Still Alive? How Old Is She?

Being born on June 2, 1966, Cadeau is now at the age of 57 years. She was born in Haiti but later raised in Canada. Now, she is not actively present in her profession as a bodybuilder but is living a life of glow and glamour.

Coming to her zodiac sign, by birth, she is a Gemini. As Gemini female are described for their outgoing, flexible, and creative side, Cadeau receives a colossal appreciation for bearing such an endearing personality.

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Explore The Upbringings Of Dayana Cadeau: Nationality, Ethnicity And Religion

Cadeau was born in Haiti but later shifted to Quebec, Canada, while she was just a child. As such, she carries Haitian nationality. Talking about her growing up, she grew up in Canada, hence commonly famous as Haitian- Canadian accomplished female bodybuilder.

Coming to her ethnicity, she belongs to the black ethnic community. She speaks Haitian, Creole, French, and Greek and follows Christianity as her prime religion. She is seen adopting Christian customs and practices throughout.

Who Are The Parents Of Dayana Cadeau? Were They Into Bodybuilding Too?

Sadly, there are fewer details regarding the parents of Cadeau. The only known fact regarding her family is she relocated to Quebec, a city in Canada, along with her mother when she was just seven years old. Besides this, there are no details about who her father and mother are and what they do as a part of their life.

Haitian-Canadian bodybuilder Dayana Cadeau (Source: Instagram)
Haitian-Canadian bodybuilder Dayana Cadeau (Source: Instagram)

Adding more to her early life, it was well-rumoured that her mother enrolled her on a private school so that she could have better access to the English language. Also, there are no details on whether or not she has any siblings.

Dayana Cadeau Body Measurements: Height, Weight, And Figure

Cadeau has an average height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.64m). Unlike her height, her weight fluctuates differently during and off the season. While she is engaged in any championship or is about to be part of any events, her weight range is 56kg-68kg(123-150 lbs), whilst, at other regular times, she has her body balanced at 64 kg- 70kg ()140- 155 lbs).

She is not just an impressive weight, but she also has other body metrics that are pretty phenomenal. As a bodybuilder, she is expected to have a bulky body, and she resembles such with the size of 36-28-37 as the measures for her bust, waist and hip, respectively. She flexes her diving figure on her Instagram pretty much.

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Is Dayana Cadeau Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Cadeau is not married but is believed to be in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Leslie Kai Greene. Kai is an American artist, actor and professional bodybuilder like Cadeau.

Dayana Cadeau with her longtime boyfriend Leslie Kai Greene (Source: Bodybuilding.com)
Dayana Cadeau with her longtime boyfriend Leslie Kai Greene (Source: Bodybuilding.com)

Cadeau met her boyfriend Kai at a bodybuilding contest held in 2007. She revealed her connection with him in 2008 in front of the media. Both duo seem pretty positive regarding their relationship; we wish them all the best for the future together.

Talking about their dating phase, It was reported that Kai fell in love with Cadeau after seeing her for the first time at the Jan Tana Classic bodybuilding event in 1998 but was too nervous to make a move. Later, they met again in 2007, and they started dating in October.

Dayana Cadeau Career: A Short Summary

Cadeau attained professional status in 1997 after winning the overall title at the Canada Cup.

In 2000, when the IFBB presented weight classes, Cadeau initially contested as a heavyweight at the 2000 Ms. International. Subsequently, she was challenged as a lightweight. Moreover, she won several awards in 2002, too, through which her stardom hiked exponentially.

Former Bodybuilder Dayana Cadeau (Source: Instagram)
Former Bodybuilder Dayana Cadeau (Source: Instagram)

From 2006 to 2008, she invariably earned the second-place position at the Ms. Olympia. Throughout her IFBB professional competitions, she carried a top-six placement, except for the 2009 Ms. International and the 2011 Ms. International and Ms. Olympia.

In 2011, she retired from bodybuilding and transitioned into the physique category. This marked the professional end of her bodybuilding career but opened a gateway to her personal development.

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How Rich Is Dayana Cadeau? What Is Her Net Worth As Of 2023?

Cadeau’s networth is estimated at between $1M-$2M as of 2023. Her being a professional fitness influencer, being a skin expert, and owning a business of her own generates the wealth that she has today.

Talking about her beauty business, she has her spa named silhouettespabydc.com. Through it, she provides different services, such as micro-needling, acne-facial, lips and face filler, peeling facial, anti-ageing treatment, European facial, microblading, waxing and microdermabrasion.

She has been in the business for over two decades, earning happy clients satisfied with the services provided. Her business is predicted to expand even more in the coming days.

Has Dayana Cadeau Won Any Renowned Awards? What Were The Competitions She Was A Part Of?

Cadeau does not own any overall pro title but is showered with several popular titles, some of which are the Ms. International in 2001 and 2004, middleweight at the 2003 Jan Tana Classic, and lightweight at the Ms. Olympia in 2004.

Her participation in several events from 1992 to 2011 is tabulated below for a quicker response. You can give it a look.

1992Quebec MetropolitanIFBB Ms Olympia
1993IFBB Quebec Provincial1st (HW and overall)
1994CBBF Canadian Championship3rd (HW)
1995IFBB Canada Cup4th (HW)
1996CBBF Canadian Championship2nd (HW)
1996IFBB North American2nd (HW)
1997IFBB Canada Cup1st (HW and overall)
1997IFBB Jan Tana Classic11th
1998IFBB Jan Tana Classic3rd
1998IFBB Ms. Olympia14th
1999IFBB Ms. International11th
1999IFBB Jan Tana Classic9th
1999IFBB Pro Extravaganza9th
2000IFBB Ms. International7th (HW)
2000IFBB Jan Tana Classic3rd (LW)
2001IFBB Ms. International1st (LW)
2001IFBB Ms. Olympia3rd (LW)
2002IFBB Ms. International2nd (LW)
2002IFBB Ms. Olympia5th (HW)
2003IFBB Ms. International4th (LW)
2003IFBB Jan Tana Classic1st (MW)
2003IFBB Ms. Olympia2nd (LW)
2004IFBB Ms. International1st (LW)
2004IFBB Ms. Olympia1st (LW)
2005IFBB Ms. Olympia3rd
2006IFBB Ms. International2nd
2006IFBB Ms. Olympia2nd
2007IFBB Ms. International6th
2007IFBB Ms. Olympia2nd
2008IFBB Ms. International2nd
2008IFBB Ms. Olympia2nd
2009IFBB Ms. International5th
2009IFBB Ms. Olympia8th
2010IFBB Ms. International6th
2010IFBB Ms. Olympia5th
2011IFBB Ms. International9th
2011IFBB Ms. Olympia16th

Dayana Cadeau Workout Routine

Cadeau is well-reputed not just because of her accomplishments but also because of her quotes. Her main motto for building the body is to include the free weight basics in the workout regimens.

What she says to her followers is to include as many free weights and go as heavy as they can; it’s not mandatory to go to the gym, and one can easily accomplish this on their own. She considers this as the significant step to change the one’s physique.

Though her detailed workout routine is not yet mentioned, it is the shoulder that she focuses on a lot. A short glimpse of her shoulder workout routine is discussed below. You can give it a look.

Seated dumbbell presses415-8
Dumbbell side laterals415-8
Dumbbell rear laterals410
Upright rows312
Reference: Muscleandfitness.com

Does Dayana Cadeau Have A Specific Meal Plan? What Does She Eat Daily?

Despite fiddling through the various sources and sites, we couldn’t trace much detail on the meal plan and diet of Cadeau. What is widely known is that she not only goes through tough training, but she also includes a proper diet to follow through.

Also, to get the body that a female bodybuilder flexes, one has to increase their food intake by 10 to 20 % more than their usual meal to maintain the current body shape.

Talking more about the diet, It’s believed that she sticks to a neat and well-structured diet, cutting her carbohydrate intake and prioritizing more of a protein intake.

Typically, just like other fitness influencers, she opts for lean animal protein sources like chicken and fish. Her daily diet includes approximately 45-50% protein, also taking note of all the macronutrients right along. In complement to animal protein, she supplements her diet with protein shakes to carve her physique.

Moreover, following protein consumption, she comprises carbohydrates and dietary fibre through options like boiled vegetables, sweet potatoes, and rice in her regular meals. She refrains from cheat meals and strictly focuses on her nutritional intake.

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Dayana Cadeau In Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, And Youtube

Cadeau is well available on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. On Instagram, with the handle dayanacadeau_, she has 27.5k followers. She joined Instagram in November 2020.

Unlike Instagram, she has pretty few followers on her Facebook account. There, with the handle Dayana Cadeau, she has 1.7k followers. Similarly, she is also available on Twitter with the same handle with just 1.4k followers.

Final Words

Renowned through several nicknames, Cadeau has built quite a position in the fitness industry as an influential. There may be some personal reason behind the retirement, but her love for fitness still thrives in her heart.

Now, though she is not actively engaged in it, her contributions are well remembered and appreciated. She still shines high whenever there is the mention of accomplished and versatile female bodybuilders. We wish her all the best for her coming future.

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