How Old Is Fitness Influencer Jade Mead? Know Her Age, Height, Weight, and Journey to Success

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Jade Mead

Jade Mead is a 36-year-old bikini model, athlete, personal trainer, and social media influencer. She describes herself as a public figure who rose to prominence via her social media, thanks to her Instagram, where she continuously posted her selfies and workout routines.

Hailing from Australia, Mead is now a fitness influencer and a media personality, as she has many followers on her social media. She first started posting to YouTube in November 2016.

In the following sections, we will go into the details of this fitness and media personality. Please keep reading to discover who she is and what she has achieved.

Quick Facts

Name Jade Mead
ProfessionFitness Influencer and media personality
Date of BirthNovember 1, 1987
Age36 years old
Zodiac SignScorpio
EthnicityWhite (Not confirmed)
MotherJosie Hunt
Height5 feet 4 inches (164 cm)
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandRyan Mead
Children Two (Marli, and Lottie)
Net Worth$5 million
Social MediaInstagram, Tiktok, Youtube

Exploring The Age, Birthplace, And Zodiac Sign Of Jade Mead.

According to famous, Mead was born on November 1, 1987. As such, she is at the age of 36 years as of 2023. Her birthplace is not yet available, but it is well-known that she hails from Australia.

Talking about her zodiac sign, she is a Scorpio. As a Scorpio, women are described for their ambitious, loyal, hardworking, and dedicated personalities; Mead is also appreciated for bearing such good characters.

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Jade Mead’s Nationality, Ethnicity, And Religion

Born in Australia, Mead undeniably holds the Australian nationality. Her ethnicity, which is yet to be confirmed, is described as white caucasian for now. There are no details on which religion she follows and on which she has her beliefs.

Are The Parents Of Jade Mead Also From An Athletic Background? Does She Have Any Siblings?

There is no mention of the father of Jade Mead, but through a post made by Daily Mail UK, we learned that Mead’s mother, Josie Hunt, was diagnosed with Korsakoff syndrome, an induced form of dementia, in October 2020.

In the Instagram, Mead mentioned her mother did not recognise her grandchildren and asked her daughter who they were. Disturbed by such events, Mead has expressed extreme sorrow for her mother’s deteriorating condition.

Jade Mead (Source: Instagram )
Jade Mead (Source: Instagram )

Besides her mother, there is no mention of other family members of Mead, such as her father and siblings. This section will be updated on being available.

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Delving Deep Into The Body Measurements Of Jade Mead: Height, Weight, And Figure

According to several sources, Mead has a medium height of 5 feet 4 inches (164 cm). Similarly, she has a weight between 61 to 66kg. Whilst she is preparing for some competition, her weight is 61 kg, while during off-season, her weight is in the range of 66 kg.

Is Jade Mead A High School Graduate? Early Life And Education

Sadly, not many details are available about Mead’s early life. It is still unknown which university Mead attended and what degree she achieved. This section will be updated on being open.

A Look Into The Family Of Jade Mead: Husband And Children

Mead is a married woman now. She wed her husband, Ryan Mead, in May 2013. Before tying the knot, they dated pretty for almost six years. Recently, they celebrated the 10th year of their marriage, as evidenced by Mead’s Instagram post. In the post, Mead has expressed how happy she is to have him as the love of her life and wishes to stay the same for a lifetime.

Jade Mead celebrated her 10th year anniversary with her husband on May 2023 (Source: Instagram)
Jade Mead celebrated her 10th anniversary with her husband on May 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Now with her husband, Mead shares two children, Marli, a three-year-old, and Lottie, the three-month cutie. As such, Mead lives happily with two princesses and a loving husband. We wish this family all the happiness.

Jade Mead Career: Journey To Stardom

Mead has had a massive interest in fitness since her young age, as she used to participate in several sports. As a child, Mead showcased amazing sporting ability with unique talents in track and field events and dancing. This is phenomenal as she had not considered a career in the fitness sector then. Her official journey began after she started to hit the gym.

Initially, she started with the basics as she did not lift weights at the gym until she was old enough, but she developed a passion for it that grew stronger as she wanted to shape her dreamy figure.

In 2005, when she was only 18 years old, Jade started pursuing a career as a fitness instructor. She subjected herself to severe workouts at the gym for four years continuously to achieve what she wanted physically. By age twenty-two, she had acquired a good-looking body that earned her some recognition.

Her close peers and relatives motivated Jade to engage in the fitness contest. Listening to them, she participated competitively as a sports model in the 2009 IFBB WA State Championships.

At her debut competition, she did not win first place but came third, which was still significantly appreciating. Such experience motivated Jade to go into a fitness career even more.

After competing for the first time, Jade took two years off as a career gap to perfect her physique and win that initial title. At the age of twenty-four in 2011, she decided to come back on stage in the category of sports model competition held by NABBA/WFF WA State. She presented even better posing skills than before.

Impressed by her performance, the event judges appreciated her as she ranked first in the tournaments. Not satisfied with this, she again took part in the national Australian Championships a few months later, winning her second trophy the same year.

Clients are pretty satisfied with the workout routines and meal plans Jade Mead Shares (Source: Jade Mead Website)
Clients are pretty satisfied with the workout routines and meal plans Jade Mead Shares (Source: Jade Mead Website)

Later, when she got large queries from her followers on her training sessions and techniques, she started providing personalized training. Now she is a professional trainer too. She has her website,, from where she provides her services. She has got quite an excellent review on her website.

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Jade Mead Awards, Achievements And Competition History

As mentioned in the career section earlier, Mead has been through a series of competitions, sometimes topping the chart and sometimes learning the lesson from the failure. Below is a list of the events she has participated in and the awards.

2015 Arnold Classic Australia Figure Novice 6th Place
2015Arnold Model Search – Presented winning trophies on stage at the Australia Pro Show with Arnold Schwarzenegger
2nd Place
2015IFBB WA O’Mara Classic Figure Novice
2nd Place
2013 IFBB WA State Championships Bikini Open
3rd Place
2012WA State Arm Wrestling Championships
1st Place
2011NABBA/WFF Australian Championships Sports Model
1st Place
2011NABBA/WFF WA State Championships Sports Model
1st Place
2009 IFBB WA State Championships Sports Model
3rd Place

Jade Mead’s Qualification And Specialist

Mead specialises and qualifies in different sectors. For better understanding, by taking a reference from her official website, her expertise is broken down into two consecutive parts: Specialist In and Qualifications. Please give it a look.


  • Pregnancy And Postpartum Fitness And Nutrition.
  • Fat Loss/Weight Loss.
  • Muscle Growth.
  • Body Transformation/Body Sculpting.
  • Bodybuilding/Competition Preparation.
  • Nutrition.
  • Support And Mentoring.


  • Certified Functional Fitness for Pregnancy And Postpartum Balance Fitness And Nutrition.
  • Certificate III in Fitness.
  • Certificate IV in Fitness.
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.
  • National Women’s Fitness Academy – Master Female Trainer – pre and postnatal (currently studying).
  • Australian Strength Coach Strength System Level 1.
  • Pad Work Cardio Fitness Trainer.
  • Nutrition for Exercise And Sport – Sports Dieticians Australia.
  • Recomp Registered Trainer.
  • Provide First Aid And CPR.

What Is The Net Worth Of Jade Mead In 2023? What Is Her Income Source?

Though her net worth varies by some sources, most believe it to be $5 million. Her social media is the primary source of her income, through which she generates substantial money.

Moroever, being a personal trainer, coach, and ambassador of the @milkygoodness, she has collected a large fortune. Additionally, she also endorses several brands through which she earns a handful.

Is There Any Workout Routine Jade Mead Follows? What Is It?

Mead works out 5-6 days per week. Notably, she enjoys weightlifting but includes all other routines for different body parts. Her favourite workout routine is of legs and abs. A brief detail of her workout plan is mentioned below. You can give it a look.

MondayUpper Body Weights And HIIT Cardio
TuesdayLegs And Abs
Wednesday Back And Shoulders
ThursdayLegs And Abs
FridayChest, Arms And HIIT Cardio
Saturday Rest Day or Abs And Cardio
SundayRest day

Jade Mead’s Meal Plan, Diet, And Intermittent Fasting

Mead has a continuous meal plan, which she includes daily. On a day, she has five meals altogether. Moroever, she also takes supplements such as L-carnitine, BCAAs, Protein powder, and Glutamine. Her diet routine or the meal plan is mentioned below.

  1. Breakfast- Mead takes Protein Pumpkin Pancakes with Berries and Peanut Butter for breakfast.
  2. Snack- As a snack, she takes Protein Balls or protein Bars.
  3. Lunch- She takes Chicken, Avocado, Vegetables, and Rice for lunch. This is one of the most fulfilling meals of her.
  4. Snack- She takes rice Cakes with Peanut Butter and Peanut Shake for a snack. Peanut is the most for her snack.
  5. Dinner- She takes Chicken and Vegetables with Potato or Rice as her dinner. With this, she ends her day-to-day diet.

An Easy Reachout To Jade Mead: Her Website

Mead has a website through which she provides different facilities. A review of her website has been mentioned in the career section; You can look at it. Furthermore, her website is named

She provides online coaching, overall comp prep, posing prep, diet/meal plans, workout plans, weight training, and group classes. Moroever, through her website, she has provided access to ebooks and online fitness programs. People appreciate her for the varying services as they don’t have to roam multiple places in search of their desired service. Not just the service, she has also provided blogs related to fitness and diet through her page.

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Is Jade Mead On Instagram? What About Other Social Media?

Mead is available on Instagram with the handle jademead1. There, she has 97.2k followers, which she joined in February 2012. On her Instagram, one can see her moments with her family. Also, she shares the fitness tips through it.

Just like Instagram, Mead is also available on Tiktok. With the handle the same as her Instagram, she has 39.7k followers. Her Tiktok playlist is categorised into different sections such as workout, pregnancy, mother, family, and so on.

Though few subscribers, Mead is also available on YouTube with her channel, Jade Mead. She joined the YouTube community in August 2015. Now, she has 594 subscribers.

Final Words

Mead has gone through several ups and downs in her career. Regardless, she stood firm and raised each time she was pulled down. She sets an example to never give up on what you truly desire to have.

Now, she is not just an athlete or a trainer but also a mother. Despite this, she has balanced a rational work-life balance and is doing well in her career. We wish her all the best for her upcoming future.

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