How Old Is Bodybuilder Ana Cozar In 2023? Know Her Age, Height, Weight, Fitness Journey, Net Worth And Biography

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Ana Cozar

Ana Cozar is 42 years old as of 2023. Ana Cozar is a renowned fitness model and brand ambassador endorsed by the Certified International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). At 42, she inspires many with her fitness journey and dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Based in Madrid, Spain, Ana has gained international recognition for her achievements in the fitness industry.

Cozar secured triumph in the 2009 Ms Rio competition, through which she gained global popularity. After this victory, her presence on Instagram skyrocketed, amassing over 100k followers on her ana_cozar account, turning her into a social media sensation.

In the following sections, we will discuss everything concerning this fitness sensation, such as her age, height, weight, family, etc. Keep reading to discover.

Quick Facts

Name Ana Cozar
ProfessionFitness personnel, Insatgram Star
Date of birthSeptember 27, 1981
Age 42 years
BirthplaceMadrid, Spain.
Height 5 feet 5 inches (167 cm)
Weight135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)
Body Metrics34-24-40
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net Worth$1-$5M
Social MediaFitness personnel, Instagram Star

Explore The Age, Birthplace, And Birthday Of Ana Cozar. What Zodiac Sign Is She?

Cozar was born on September 27, 1981, to her parents in the land of Football, Madrid, Spain. As such, she is at the age of 42 years as of 2023. Despite such age, she looks effortlessly young and beautiful today, too.

Talking about her zodiac sign, she is a Libra. As Libra female are characterized by their calming ambience, enthralling beauty, and friendly personality, Cozar is also appreciated for exhibiting such behavioural patterns.

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Ana Cozar Height, Weight, And Body Measurements

Cozar has a medium height of 5 feet 5 inches. Additionally, she has a body weight of 135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg). Moreover, she has an impressive physique of 34-24-40, measuring as Bust, waist, and hips.

Who Are The Parents of Ana Cozar? Does She Have Any Siblings?

Cozar is not very vocal about her parents. The only thing known is that she was raised in Madrid by her parents and siblings. Also, there are no details available regarding her siblings. This section will be updated on being available.

Ana Cozar Nationality, Ethnicity, And Religion

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Cozar belongs to the Spanish nationality. Ethnic-wise, she is from a Latin background. Her religion is yet to be known. This section will be updated on being available.

Is Ana Cozar Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Cozar is not married yet but is rumoured to be in a relationship with one of her trainers. The person is not yet known, but there are several gossip simplifying her being in a serious relationship. The details on her partner will be updated on being available. Till then, keep reading about her career.

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Ana Cozar Early Life And Career

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Cozar maintained an innate enthusiasm for physical fitness. Her fitness journey began at 16 in 1997 when she embarked on kickboxing.

Unfortunately, her petite stature hampered her from competing effectively against her fellow athletes. This setback motivated her to venture on a weightlifting regimen at the gym. Despite being excluded, she concentrated on her goal and developed a passion.

Ana Cozar (Source: Instagram)

Ana Cozar (Source: Instagram)

Over the following decade, Cozar dedicated herself to intense training, powerfully highlighting the strengthening of her hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Each year, her physique evolved, garnering alert on social media.

In 2009, Cozar transformed her body into an exceptional shape that filled her with pride, provoking her to contemplate a career as a Bikini Athlete. At 28, she joined her first competition, the 2009 Ms Rio show. Remarkably, she participated and appeared victorious, setting her sights on seeking a professional career.

During the remainder of 2009, Cozar dedicated herself to further improving her physique, fueled by an unwavering perseverance to succeed.

In 2010, at 29, she debuted in the Physique class at her first IFBB show. Her rigorous training and hard work were exhibited to the judges, yielding substantial results.

Ana secured a 1st place finish in her second tournament and achieved an even more fantastic milestone that night. Within a year of starting her competitive journey, she earned her Pro Card, discovering her dream of becoming a professional athlete.

Around this time, Cozar amassed a substantial following on social media, earning recognition for possessing one of the most impressive female physiques worldwide.

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Awards And Accomplishments Triumphed By Ana Cozar

Cozar has been honoured with several glory and prestige. Some of the prestigious awards and achievements received by Cozar are mentioned below. Please give it a look below.

20092009 Ms Rio1st
20102010 IFBB, Physique1st (Pro Card)
20152015 Arnold Classic BrazilN/A

Ana Cozar Before And After Fitness

Over the period, Cozar has been through enormous transformations. In November 2021, she made an Instagram post comparing her before and after pictures. She looks like a completely different person from her previous pictures.

Ana Cozar Before and After (Source: Instagram)

Ana Cozar Before and After (Source: Instagram)

The Picture is about her in her swimsuit. Posing the way precisely with similar costumes, she looked fierce, bulky and muscled in her afterpicture. She must have gone through hell to achieve what she demonstrates. Only hard work and consistency can grant such.

What Is The Net Worth of Ana Cozar In 2023? What Are Her Income Source

Cozar’s actual networth is under review for now, yet some sources believe her net worth is between $1-$5 million. Her profession as a fitness influencer and the collective followers on her social media is a source of her income.

Moreover, she endorsed various brands, including Muscletech, via her social media. Not just the other brands but also formed her brand named corset_espana. Through this, she, too, earns in figures as it has gained quite the public eye now.

Ana Cozar Workout Plan

According to greatestphysique, Cozar has no particular routine as she manually changes her workout plan. Typically, her routine covers hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

Talking more about her workout, she does glutes twice a week. It is one of her favourites. Squats, deadlifts, barbell glute bridge, glute kickback, and lunges follow this exercise. One can look at her workout routine through her YouTube channel. There, she covered all her workout routines.

Ana Cozar Meal Plan And Routines

Talking about Cozar’s meal plan and diet, she is very strict regarding it. She never includes any cheat meals in her meals and is pretty conscious about what she is having.

IFBB pro card holder, bodybuilder Ana Cozar (Source: Instagram)

IFBB pro card holder, bodybuilder Ana Cozar (Source: Instagram)

Precisely, she takes protein-rich foods and fibres with a balanced diet proportion aided by the supplements. Some popular supplements she usually has are the BCCA and Whey Protein. These are the must to build the muscles that she proudly flexes.

Is Ana Cozar On Instagram? What Is Her Insta Handle?

After being awarded the IFBB pro card, Cozar has been much known among the crowd. Now, with huge followers on her Instagram handle as ana_cozar_espana, she is also known as an Instagram celebrity.

Like Instagram, she is also available on Facebook with the ANA COZAR Espana927 corp handle. There, she has a massive group of followers. Moreover, she has a YouTube channel, ANA COZAR Espana927, with 12.9k subscribers.

Final Words

From being mocked at the body to being known as the woman with the impressive physiques, Coozar has come through the longest path ever. Her dedication and consistency are a testament to her journey through the struggle.

She never let herself down because of the mockery and always maintained a brave look; through it, she sets an example to the outside world to always look forward to the best and keep pursuing what you have thought of achieving. She is a role model to the girls out there to be proud of their body they have.

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