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Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov is a bodybuilder from Bulgaria who transformed his basketball life into the Army. He is now a bodybuilder who follows an intense workout from Monday to Friday and has a diet plan including six meals daily.

He is mainly known as the Instagram star, bodybuilder and personal trainer who started his bodybuilding competition in 2006 and always takes the prize higher than the bronze from the competitions. He has earned a private training certificate from the National Sports Academy.

To find out more about this famous bodybuilder or personal trainer, please read this article till the final words so that you will find out about his workout routines, diet plans, height, weight, nationality, net worth, social media presence and many more which you indeed will find fruitful to know about.

Bio & Quick Facts

Full NameLazar Angelov
Known asInstagram Star and Body Builder
BirthdaySeptember 22, 1984
Birth SignVirgo
Birth PlaceSofia, Bulgaria
Age39 years old
Height5’9″ (175cm)
Weight205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg)
ProfessionBodybuilder, Model and Personal Trainer
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth$2 Million

Know Lazar Angelov’s Age, Date of Birth, Birth Place And Zodiac Sign

Lazar Angelov was born on September 22, 1984, in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he originally hailed from and spent his childhood.

As per the date of birth, September 22, his zodiac sign falls under the Virgos, which ingrains innovative, patient, picky, intelligent and reliable traits.

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Ethnicity, Nationality, and Religion of Lazar Angelov

The fitness icon Angelov was born in Bulgaria and declared his nationality Bulgarian because he holds Bulgarian citizenship.

Unfortunately, the details about his ethnicity are unavailable, but his religion is known as Christianity as he follows the customs, practices and traditions of the Christian religion.

Discover the Height, Weight, and Body Measurements of Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov is a muscular man who has impressive height and weight measurements. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs around 94 kg, which is the perfect proportion of height and weight.

He accomplished such an outstanding physique with his years of training and hard work, which has paid off. With captivating brown eyes, he looks even more handsome and dashing with his buzz-cut shaved black hair.

Does Lazar Angelov have a Girlfriend? Does he have Children?

Yes, Lazar Angelov has a girlfriend he has been dating for over three years. He has a very adorable girlfriend named Zari Na, a beauty blogger and a Gymnastics or fitness influencer. His girlfriend is also an AI, MRX, and UX Conferences expert.

Lazar Angelov with his girlfriend in France
Lazar Angelov with his girlfriend in France (Source: Instagram)

This beautiful couple often travels together in different countries such as Dubai, France, the USA, the UK, etc. They make a solid couple as they both are independently influential individuals.

How is Lazar Angelov’s Valentine’s Day?

Lazar Angelov is a severe bodybuilder and a funny, humorous man who has posted funny video content based on Valentine’s Day with other content creators. On February 14, 2015, he posted a video of his Valentine’s date with his girlfriend, but then the girlfriend turned out to be his dumbbell.

His Valentine’s video became viral, and he has more than 76 K likes on that particular video on his Instagram. Even recently, on February 14, 2021, he posted a picture of his girlfriend and a dumbbell on Instagram, but then he held the dumbbell with a bouquet with the caption, “Some things never change 😁 Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️”.

Explore Lazar Angelov’s Career And Bodybuilding Journey

There is no wonder that Lazar Angelov is a strong man who went from being a pro basketball player to an army in a short time. He has faced many challenges and hurdles in his life but kept going on and moving in his career.

He grew up watching many movies based on action and fights, which made him want to be like those on-screen superheroes. He started playing basketball and joined the weight training as well. To manage their time well, he joined basketball training in the morning and afternoon and weight training in the middle of the day. During those training days, he passed out a couple of times due to being unaware of the nutrition.

He joined the Army for a year and realised his direction to get into strength training and bodybuilding. But it was not easy for him since he did two jobs, personal trainer in the day and security guard at night, which did not pay him well, but he continued to improve his physique. He then started training himself with heavy weights and high intensity to make excellent muscle mass.

Subsequently, he started working as a bodybuilder in 2006, even participating in competitions and has won almost all of them. Eventually, he started getting huge attention when he began posting on his social media handles because of his iconic abs and beard and presently, he has more than six million followers on his Instagram handle.

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How Much Net Worth Does Lazar Angelov Have, and What is His Income Source?

Lazar Angelov has a net worth of around $2 Million. As you have read about his bodybuilding journey, you must have known how hardworking, motivated and enthusiastic he is.

He is the most influential nutrition expert. He works as a personal trainer for many clients and posts many motivating YouTube videos viewed by millions of people. The other sources of his income are from the brand endorsements and his online courses, which he sells on his website, trainwithlazar.

Furthermore, he owns a business based on nutrition products and supplements, such as Lazar Angelov Nutrition. Also, he holds a gym or physical fitness centre named LA7.

Lazar Angelov on Men’s Health Magazine

As he grew his passion towards fitness and got huge recognition, he also got approached by prestigious magazines. Therefore, he has appeared on the cover of Men’s Health and many global magazines.

Lazar Angelov on Men's Health Middle East Magazine Cover
Lazar Angelov on Men’s Health Middle East Magazine Cover (Source: Facebook)

Lazar Angelov Had an Elbow Injury

In January 2021, bodybuilder Angelov revealed that he had not been training before due to health issues on his Knee and Elbow.

He had operations on his knees and elbows due to the constant stress on the joints and ligaments from many years of heavy lifting. But as of 2023, he has recovered and is back working out and helping people get their dream physique and abs.

Lazar Angelov Books on Abs and its Review.

Angelov has written a book titled “ABS: The Secret Revealed”, with a complete abs training workout costing $8.31. This book has primarily favourable rates. In total, 4 out of 5 stars have been rated.

Review of Lazar Angelov's book
Review of Lazar Angelov’s book (Source: Amazon)

Is Lazar Angelov Natty/ Natural or Not?

Many people online have been asking a question on the internet if he is natty/ natural or not since he gained muscle in just two years, from 2004 to 2006. Mane claims it’s all because of the steroids, but Angelov has not confirmed it.

However, we believe he achieved such a muscular body with his constant hard work, workouts, and diet plan. He has no steroid symptoms such as bloating, acne, red skin or Gynecomastia.

Find Out Lazar Angelov’s Workout: Chest, Arms, Tricep, Bicep

Lazar Angelov is a disciplined man who works consistently. If you follow his workout, you might get an iconic abs like his. So, here are his workout routines on his chest, arms, tricep, bicep, abs, etc.:

For Monday: Chest and Abs

  1. Flat Bench Press: 4 sets x 8 to 10 reps
  2. Incline Dumbbell Press: 4 sets x 8 to 10 reps
  3. Decline Bench Press: 4 sets x 8 to 10 reps
  4. Dumbbell Pull Over: 3 sets x 10 to 12 reps
  5. Hammer Press: 3 sets x 10 to 12 reps
  6. Weighted Sit-up: 4 sets x 12 reps to failure
  7. Hanging Leg Raise: 4 sets x 12 reps to failure
  8. Side Bend: 4 sets x 12 reps to failure
  9. Side Crunch: 4 sets x 12 reps to failure

For Tuesday: Back or Triceps

  1. Bent Over Row 4×8
  2. Deadlift 4×8
  3. Pulldowns 4×8
  4. Pull Ups 4×8
  5. Cable Row 4×8
  6. Shrugs 6×10

For Wednesday: Forearms or Abs

  1. Military Press Behind The Neck 3×8
  2. Machine Press 4×8
  3. Lateral Raises 4×8
  4. Weight Plate Front Raises 4×10
  5. Dumbbell Front Raises 4×8
  6. Reverse Pec Deck 4×10
  7. Reverse Fly’s (on incline bench) 4×8
  8. Weighted Sit Ups 4x failure
  9. Hanging Leg Raises 4x failure
  10. Side Bends 4x failure
  11. Side Crunches 4x failure
  12. Wrist Curl Behind Back 4x failure
  13. Reverse Wrist Curl Over Bench 4x failure

For Thursday: Triceps and Biceps

  1. Close Grip Bench Press 4×8
  2. Pushdowns 4×8
  3. EZ Bar Skull Crushers 4×10
  4. Cable Kickbacks 4×8
  5. EZ Bar Curls 4×8
  6. Wide Grip Curls 4×8
  7. Hammer Curls 4×8 (each hand)
  8. Concentration Curls 4×8

For Friday: Legs

  1. Squats 4×12
  2. Squat (to bench) 4×12
  3. Bulgarian Squat 4×12
  4. Quad Extensions 4×16
  5. Stiff Leg Deadlift 4×12
  6. Leg Curls 4×16
  7. Glute Kickbacks 4×20
  8. Calf Machine Raises 4×20
  9. Seated Calf Raises 4×20
  10. Leg Press Calf Raises 4×20
  11. Weighted Sit up 4x failure
  12. Air Bike 4x failure
  13. Side Bends 4x failure

Saturday and Sunday rest days are for the rest so she can be prepared for the next week of workouts.

What can be in Lazar Angelov’s Diet?

Angelov is as strict in his diet as his workout plans. He keeps low carbs and fats high, saturated and unsaturated, which helps to keep his testosterone high and helps to burn fat and gain muscle mass.

His diet plan has six meals in a day, which are like:

Meal NumberMeal Name
Meal 1Oatmeal, Eggs, Peanut Butter & Grapefrui
Meal 2Rice, Chicken & Broccoli
Meal 3Pasta, Tuna Fish & Avocado
Meal 4Rice, Chicken
Meal 5Salmon and Green Salad
Meal 6Cottage Cheese and Broccoli

List of Lazar Angelov’s Social Media: Instagram, Youtube

The list of his social media handles are:

Final Words

The bodybuilder Lazar Angelov is an inspiring bodybuilder, entrepreneur and motivational speaker who always tries to push people forward to achieve their goals.

He is the most muscular man who went through many but still is going on to the successful path through his positive attitude.

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