Know About Kolly Amandine’s Height, Weight, Nationality, Ethnicity

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Kolly Amandine

Pro-female fitness model, bodybuilder and athlete Kolly Amandine is five feet six inches tall, or one hundred sixty-three (163) cm tall.

The fitness model Amandine is an IFBB Pro athlete, sportsperson, fitness trainer, and coach. She is also the strongest competitor who has participated in many bodybuilding competitions. She is the one who has earned name and fame on her own with her hard work, consistency, and dedication towards her passion for the fitness industry.

She has assured many people of achieving their fitness goals as a great fitness coach and via the social media platforms where she shares fitness-related content. To learn more about this incredible fitness coach, please read this article until the final words.

Bio & Quick Facts

Full NameKolly Amandine
Date of BirthN/A
Age26 years old
Zodiac SignN/A
Birth PlaceSwitzerland
Height5’6″ (163 cm)
Bust size34
Waist size34
Hips size37
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown

What is the Nickname of Kolly Amandine? And Birthplace

The nickname of Kolly Amandine is Kolly, which is her first name, and she is renowned primarily under the username’ Kolly Amandine’, which we believe is the name kept by her family.

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She is very private and likes to keep her personal information confidential. Therefore, the details about her birthplace are unknown, but we believe she was born in Switzerland, as per Muscle Hustle.

Know Kolly Amandine’s Bio: Age, Date of Birth And Zodiac Sign

As mentioned previously, Kolly Amandine is very cagey regarding her personal life. So, she has not disclosed the details about her date of birth, but on one of the Muscle-female pages on Facebook, it shared that she was 24 years old in 2021, which means as of 2023, she is 26 years old.

Kolly Amandine in her 24
Kolly Amandine in her 24 (Source: Facebook)

Regarding her zodiac sign, we are very sorry that we cannot provide it since she has not discussed the details about her date of birth; it is impossible to find out what exactly her zodiac sign can be since the zodiac sign comes from the details of a birthdate.

Ethnicity, Nationality and Religion of Kolly Amandine

Kolly Amandine is a white woman with a white ethnic background, and her nationality is Swiss since she was born in Switzerland, which means she holds citizenship in Switzerland.

In terms of religion, we believe that she follows the Christian religion’s customs, practices and traditions of the Christian faith.

Discover the Height, Weight, and Body Measurements of Kolly Amandine

Kolly Amandine is a pleasant-looking fitness model with a solid and muscular physique, which is very attractive. She has a towering height of five feet and six inches (163 cm). She has the perfect height and weight proportions as she weighs 75 kg, which is 175 lbs in pounds.

Kolly Amandine with an impressive height
Kolly Amandine, with an impressive height (Source: Instagram)

She has well-built curves and a toned muscular structure; her body measurements are 34-34-37. Just like the saying Ice on the cake, with her fantastic figure, she also has a beautiful face and features as her brown eyes are mesmerizing with her beautiful black shiny hair.

Who Are the Parents of Kolly Amandine? Complete Family Tree

The parents of Kolly Amandine must be very proud of her achievements. In every child’s success, there is the support of parents’ love and care, and just as said, we assume that her parents support her as the backbone for her career.

Unfortunately, the details about her parents are vague since she has not openly discussed their names or professions. Neither did she mention about having a sibling.

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Who is Kolly Amandine Married To? Does she have Children?

Kolly Amandine is not married yet. She has not shared anything about having a romantic relationship with anyone since she likes to keep the details of her romantic life private.

She neither has a boyfriend nor children. So, we must assume that she is currently focusing on her fitness career. Nevertheless, she often shares pictures with her male friends and coach, to whom she mainly expresses her deepest gratitude as a best friend. But who knows what their relationship is beyond the coach and the Model as much as they do not share.

Explore Kolly Amandine’s Career And Bodybuilding Journey to IFBB

Kolly Amandine has always been interested in fitness to maintain her body. She began joining a gym, and one day, one of her gym friends, Nicolas Vullioud, motivated her to participate in the competitions. He also wanted to see her getting success in the sport. She has expressed that he is her number-one inspiration to win the matches.

Similarly, she has participated in many events and won many accolades, such as becoming the San Marino Pro Qualifier winner. Furthermore, she has also achieved an IFBB Pro Card in November 2020.

Before that, she won the Sheru Classic 2019 Female Model. She made a pro debut at the Mr Big Evolution Portugal Pro in July 2021 but only made the last callout, making her WPD debut at the same competition in 2022, making her first-ever callout in the 6th position.

Recently, she made her first callout and got third place in her fourth show and second as a WPD at the IFBB Pittsburgh Pro on May 13. She placed third position at the Toronto Pro Supershow on June 4, for which she is very thankful towards her coach, Justin Jacoby’s guidance.

She is also serving as an IFBB contest prep expert, Training educator, Nutrition Trainer, and Model, which is truly inspiring for many of us. She often shares her fitness-related content, which gained the attention of many people, and now she has more than 115 K Followers on her Instagram Handle.

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How Much Net Worth Does Kolly Amandine Have, and What is Her Income Source?

Kolly Amandine have a net worth of approximately $1.5 Million, and her primary sources of income are her fitness coaching and sponsorships. The other sources of her income are participating in events and winning awards and trophies. She also earns as a fitness coach and businesswoman through the website ‘‘ where she sells clothing items and online classes.

Awards, Accomplishments, and Achievements

Sheru Classic Female Model (Winner)2019
IFBB Pro Card November 2020
Mr Big Evolution Portugal Pro (Pro debut as a figure)July 2021
Mr Big Evolution Portugal Pro (Pro debut as a WPD)July 2022
Toronto Pro Show (3rd)June 4, 2023
IFBB Pittsburgh Pro (2nd as WPD)May 13, 2023

Find Out Kolly Amandine’s Workout Routines

Coach Justin Jacoby trains Kolly Amandine. Some of the workout trainings performed by Kolly Amandine taught by Jacoby are:

Hamstring Workout:

Big Addutors6 Minutes
High and Wide Leg Press3 minutes
Seated Hamstring Curl Adductir Single Leg3 minutes

Hamstring Session Workout:

  • Calves variation: Three sets of 20
  • Adductors: 3 warm-up sets – 2 sets of 8 – backoff set 15
  • Seated leg curl: 3 warm-up sets – 2 sets of 8-10- backoff 5/10/15 set (5 reps 5″ squeeze- 10 reps- drop- 15 reps)
  • lying leg curl: 1 warm-up set – 3 sets of 12
  • leg press: 3 warm-up sets – 2 sets of 8- backoff drop set (4x)
  • inverse curl: Four sets of 8-10
  • Dumbbells stiff: Two sets of 10

Some lifts of her last pull delts session, full training are:
-SM Shoulder Press
-laterals machine
-Lat pulldown
-Barbell Row
-Machine Row
-Illiac Latpulldown
-pullover cable rope

She used to do 2 top sets where she worked groups to fail in a 5-15 reps range. If you want to see more of her workouts, you can see them under the username @kolly_amandine. Additionally, she takes the proper diet to maintain her body fit and healthy and never skips her meals.

How is the Online Presence of Kolly Amandine?

Kolly Amandine is the strongest in the fitness industry and has gained wide popularity worldwide. Many people know her, and they even search for her exclusive content, including her nude, naked content, which is not legal.

Kolly Amandine with tall height in Bikini
Kolly Amandine with tall height in Bikini (Source: Instagram)

However, she has not shared such exclusive content, but she has shared some bikini pictures on her Instagram account.

List of Kolly Amandine’s Social Media: Instagram, Youtube

The list of her social media handles are listed below:

Final Words

The Kolly Amandine is an inspirational figure who has achieved many milestones in her fitness journey and is continuing it.

She has inspired many people to achieve their fitness goals and helped them achieve their dream of getting fit and healthy.

–Special Announcement– Is Kolly Amandine Trans?

Many people often search if she is trans or not. Well, to clear up your query, we are here for you.

“Kolly identifies herself as straight.”

We recently reached out to her, and she informed us about her sexuality, and we appreciate her trust in sharing this with us. Her initiation to share personal information is significantly respected. The gorgeous Amandine has not only self-identified as straight, but her social media posts also emphasize her embrace of a usual, everyday life as a Bold, Wise, Humble and phenomenal woman.

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