How Old Is Haddy Abdel in 2023? Know His Age, Height, Networth, Ethnicity, and Birthday

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Haddy Abdel

With Fitness rushing into the young blood, netizens are rooting to know the age of one of the fitness influencers, Haddy Abdel.

Haddy Abdel, a renowned fitness expert, is in the hearts of many. He has gained enormous attention recently because his age is more than his professional career. The Internet is flooded with queries regarding his age and birthday.

In the following sections, we will cover all the details of this fitness personality, such as his age, birthday, height, nationality, workout routine, etc. Keep reading to discover.

Quick Facts

Name Haddy Abdel
Popular as Fitness Expert
BirthdayOctober 14th
Age33 years (Not confirmed)
BirthplaceUnited States
Height6 feet (182 cm)
Weight185 lbs (83kg)
Social MediaInstagram, Youtube, Tiktok

Is Haddy Abdel on Wikipedia?

Despite his immense popularity, Abdel is still not available on Wikipedia. His followers and fan groups are increasing, and with such, one day, it is evident that he will be enlisted on Wikipedia, too. For now, he is not at Wikipedia.

Also, Abdel is slowly expanding his reach to global stardom as a media personality, not just as a fitness personnel. He is now mainly famous for his Instagram and Tiktok presence.

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Explore the age, birthplace, and zodiac sign of Haddy Abdel.

It is yet to be confirmed, but some sources state that Abdel will be 33 years old in 2023. Abdel personally has not mentioned a word regarding his age, and no other source has verified it. So, his age is still a mystery unraveled.

Though his exact age, as mentioned above, is not available, through his picture, anyone can guess that he may be in his late twenties or early thirties.

Unlike his birth year, it was mentioned that he was born on October 14th in the United States. The particular birthplace within the state is yet to be unfolded.

Haddy Abdel (Source: Instagram)

Haddy Abdel (Source: Instagram)

Also, somewhere, it was mentioned that he is a Capricorn by the zodiac. As a Capricorn man, he exhibits dimensions such as a strong, wise, and free nature kind.

How Tall is Haddy Abdel? Height, Weight, And Physical Measurements in Feet

Abdel has an impressive physique with a height of 6 feet (182 cm) and a balanced weight of 185 lbs (83kg). He looks ravishingly handsome with broad shoulders and a prominent chest. He has a symmetrical body and a whole athletic appearance.

Besides this, his other body measurements are not available. Still, through the pictures he has exposed online, we noticed that he has a broad back, ripped abdominals, sculpted arms, and firm muscular legs.

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From where does Haddy Abdel belongs? A look into his nationality, ethnicity, and religious beliefs

Abdel hails from the United States, a country with fun and opportunities. As such, he holds the American nationality. Currently, he is moving from New Jersey to New York.

Just like his birth year, there is nothing known regarding Abdel’s ethnicity. Moreover, his religion is also untraversed, while some believe he is a Muslim. This section will be updated when it is available.

Haddy Abdel Upbringings Family and Parents

Sadly, no details are mentioned regarding Abdel’s parents. The name, age, profession, and everything about his parents are unavailable.

Unlike his parents, through a tiktok post of Abdel, we learned that he has a sister whose name is again a big mystery. Like Abdel, she is also into fitness, as she was seen lifting heavy weights in the video.

How did Haddy Abdel rise to fame? A guide to his career

Though Abdel is now known as a fitness influencer, he has started his career as an Instagram star. Most people still know him as an Instagram star.

Before entering fitness, Abdel was a soccer player, which he later forfeited for personal reasons. He is mainly famous for his five-year transformations.

Haddy Abdel, five years transformations, before and after (Source: Instagram)

Haddy Abdel, five years transformations, before and after (Source: Instagram)

Though he left soccer, it was the one that directed him into bodybuilding, as initially, he started weightlifting to improve his soccer performance. He has a masculine body with bulky muscles, six packs, boulder shoulders, and an impressive stoned chest.

Abdel follows the TTD mentality, “Till The death” concept, where he mentions that if you are eager to make a divine body, you must work out hard.

Haddy Abdel Workout Routine: Know what he mainly focuses on

Abdel covers the entire body during his workout. His primary focus remains on his chest. Abdel’s workout routine day-wise is mentioned below. You can give it a look.

Monday: Leg Day

Workout RoutineRepsSets
Unweighted lunge202
Front squat104
Romanian deadlift84
Leg extension83
Leg curl83
Calf raise204

Tuesday: Chest Day

Workout RoutineRepsSets
Bench press55
Incline bench press55
Dumbbell fly84
Push up84
Overhead press84
Bent-over row104
Lateral raise84

Wednesday: Arms Day

Workout RoutineRepsSets
Hammer curl103
Tricep pushdown153
Preacher curl103
Biceps curl103
Tricep extension153
Skull crusher123
Concentration curl103
Reverse bicep curl103

Thursday: Abs Day

Workout RoutineRepsSets
Cable crunch103
Plank (Hold for 1 minute)Hold for 1 minute3
Hanging leg raise153
Medicine ball slam123
Reverse crunch123
Russian twist203
Side plank (30 sec per side)30 seconds per side3

Friday: Shoulders Day

Workout RoutineRepsSets
Arnold press123
Cable lateral raise124
Dumbbell Y-raise122
Overhead press63
Front raise153
Upright row123
Cable rear fly122
Seated military press83

Saturday: Back Day

Workout RoutineRepsSets
Wide grip pull-up (AMRAP)As many reps as possible (AMRAP)3
Cable pull-over123
Close-grip pulldown103
Smith machine row103
Low cable row103

Sunday: Rest Day

Reference: jacked

What does Haddy Abdel include on his meal plan? Diet routines

Abdel avoids cheat meals and keeps his meal plan clean. He has four meals daily: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner.

He takes a cup of egg whites, two whole cups of oats, and a scoop of peanut butter for breakfast. For lunch, he takes grilled tilapia and steamed asparagus. He takes a protein bar as an afternoon snack, grilled chicken, and a cup of broccoli for dinner.

Moreover, as for supplements, he takes Creatine, BCAAS, Whey protein, Fat Burner, Carnitine, Caffeine, and Turmeric. Overall, he consumes a nutritious meal.

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How Much Net Worth Does Haddy Abdel Have? Income Sources And Assets

It is yet to be confirmed, but Abdel’s networth as of 2023 is predicted to be within $1 million. Different brands flock to him because of his large number of followers on social media, garnering him a gross fortune.

Some of Abdel’s recent involvements with the brands are TTD Athletics, youngla, and Alpha. Lion. Amidst this, some are clothing brands, while some are related to supplement chains.

Not just this, he also has a YouTube channel where he has a large number of subscribers. Through the view count on his video, too, he earns a large sum.

Is Haddy Abdel present on any social media? Instagram, YouTube, Facebook?

Abdel is present on several social media. Currently, he is active on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Youtube.

On Instagram, with the handle haddy_abdel, he has a large fanbase. There, he keeps flaunting his body and some moments with his friends. On Tiktok, Abdel is famous as haddy_abdel, with 1.3M followers.

Similarly, on YouTube, with the username Haddy Abdel, he has 37.1k subscribers. He joined Youtube on June 21, 2104. Up till today, he has posted 121 videos so far. He is not available on Facebook.

Final words

Starting a career as an Instagram star, Abdel has now made his firm position in the fitness industry as a fitness expert, coach, and mentor. He runs an online fitness program that motivates the youth to pursue fitness as their passion.

With his firm beliefs and practices, Abdel regards fitness as an integral part of his daily life. His dream to achieve the Olympia seems nearer as he is dedicated to his regimen. We wish him all the best for his upcoming success.

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