Exploring Amina Dembele’s Age, Height, Instagram and TikTok

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Amina Dembele

Amina Dembele is a celebrity TikTok star born in Ukraine on October 3, 1990. As of today, she is 32 years old.

Amina Dembele is a prominent TikTok star and fitness trainer primarily known for sharing fitness-related content, including workout videos and posting informative supplement product reviews or feedback whose age looks like she is in her 20s.

With her fantastic content, she has gained wide acclaim globally and gathered many followers on her social media handles. Belonging to Ukrainian and West African descent, she is of multiracial descent.

She began her TikTok venture in March 2020, now having more than 915 K followers. Once, she posted a fitness video on the song “Chicago” by Michael Jackson, Sienna Walker, Lana Rae, and Sunnyxmisty, who were her friends.

To explore more about her, including her age, height, weight, Instagram, TikTok, and workout-related information, please stay tuned and read this article, where you will learn many things about her.

Quick Facts

Full NameAmina Dembele
Date of BirthOctober 3
Birth PlaceUkraine
Zodiac SignLibra
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
SiblingsBrother (Zak) and Sister

What is the Nickname of Amina Dembele? And Birthplace

The nickname of Amina Dembele is Amina, which is a name given by her parents, and she might indeed love it.

She was born in the country often called the “Breadbasket of Europe”, Ukraine. She was born and raised in Ukraine by her supportive and lovely family.

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Know Amina Dembele’s Age, Date of Birth And Zodiac Sign

Unfortunately, there is no accuracy regarding Amina Dembele’s date of birth, which makes it challenging for us to know her age, but by looking at her, she seems like a 20s lady.

Since she was born on October 3, her zodiac sign is claimed to be Libra, which makes her personality traits quite sensitive, intelligent, and friendly.

Discover the Height, Weight, and Body Measurements of Amina Dembele

Amina Dembele has fantastic physical features since her body is curvy and hot. She is very gorgeous and appealing via her superficial presence.

Amina Dembele
Amina Dembele (Source: Instagram)

Regarding her body measurements, we do not know the size of her hips, chest, and bust. Still, it is evident that she has an hourglass figure, and her height is five feet and eleven inches. Her weight is 180 lbs, but again, to remind us about her beauty, she has a fabulous physique, which is quite muscular and hot.

Who Are Amina Dembele’s Parents and Siblings?

Like other celebrities, Amina Dembele is also very conscious about her personal life and likes to keep it private. She has not revealed any details about her father and mother, not even their name or profession.

But as per the famousbirthdays, it is reported that she has two siblings, one of them is a a brother named Zak. The other one is my sister, who has a colossal age difference from her, over decades younger than Amina.

Who is Amina Dembele’s Boyfriend? Does she have Children?

Amina Dembele is very cagey when it comes to her romantic life. She has not introduced her fans to her boyfriend, but she once posted on TikTok with her boyfriend.

In the above TikTok., you can see that her boyfriend is filming her, and she has put the POv as ” Your bf is your biggest supporter”, proving that she has a boyfriend and her boyfriend is a very supportive man. However, she has not revealed his name. We believe she will reveal his identity when the right time comes.

In that TikTok, many of her fans commented appreciation and the sweetest comments, such as:

Amina Dembele's Fans comment on her TikTok with her boyfriend

Amina Dembele’s Fans comment on her TikTok with her boyfriend (Source: TikTok)

Explore Amina Dembele’s Career And Bodybuilding Journey

Amina Dembele started her career when she decided to join the fitness industry. She decided to join the gym when she realized she was not fit and just fat. So, she started sharing her fitness journey on her TikTok, then went from 190 lbs to 175, again skinny and not so fit to the healthy curvy 180 lbs.

We believe that her fitness journey was not easy. However, she did not give up and continued sharing her fitness-related content on her Instagram, where she gained attention from many people. Now, she has more than 223K Followers, which is incredible. Many people love her because she shares detailed workout tips with them.

Amina Dembele Big Bank

Many people often search for Amina Dembele’s big bank, which some of you might know and others do not.

Some of you might get confused with her with a big bunch of money, but it means she has big buttocks.

How Much Net Worth Does Amina Dembele Have, and What is Her Income Source?

There is no information available regarding Amina Dembele’s net worth. However, her income source comes from her profession as a model, TikTok, Instagram Influencer, and brand marketer who does collaborations.

Is Amina Dembele homosexual? Lesbian?

We believe that the Fitness Influencer Amina Dembele is not homosexual, and she is not lesbian. Since she is already in a relationship with a man, her sexuality is straight.

Find Out Amina Dembele’s Workout Routines

Amina Dembele has particularly shared her workout routines in her Instagram posts. However, to make it easy for you all, here we have:

Abs Workout:

Name of Workout No. of SetsReps
Bosu Mountain Climbers320
Ab Hold345 sec
Side in and outs310
Heel Touches340

Glutes and hamstring Workout:

Name of Workout No. of SetsReps
BB RDL’s48
BB Hip Thrust410
Seated Hamstring Curls410
Bulgarian split squat48

Full Body workout:

Name of Workout No. of SetsReps
Squat x front raises315
Renegade rows320
Sit up and press up320
Bench dips315
Seated Hamstring Curls315

Quads and Glutes Workouts:

Name of Workout No. of SetsReps
Goblet Squats410
Split Squat410
Hip Thrust410
SL Leg Press48-10
Leg Extensions410

Back and Biceps Workout:

Name of Workout No. of SetsReps
BB Rows48-10
Close grip rows410
Incline Bicep Curls410
Alternating Bicep Curls410

Likewise, there are many workouts she has shared regarding core abs workouts, Home full-body workouts, lower-body warm-up routines, Upper-Body workouts, Beginner-friendly back workouts, and many more.

Explore Amina Dembele Mealplan and Diets

Amina Dembele’s daily meal plan is shared on her Instagram as follows:

While taking protein iced coffee, where ts are:

  1. Frozen banana
  2. Cold brew
  3. Almond milk
  4. Ice coffee protein powder
  5. Ice

Her top four supplements which she takes are:

  • Creatine
  • Greens and Superfoods, Coconut
  • Pre-workout-High Energy Sour Peach Ring
  • Protein powder Isolate Protein, Iced Coffee.

List of Amina Dembele Social Media: Instagram, Youtube, Twitter

The list of Amina Dembele’s social media presence are:

Final Words

Amina Dem bele is an inspiring fitness influencer who has successfully helped others achieve their dream body.

She is a fitness trainer who shares helpful content related to workouts and diets among her followers.

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