Exploring Kassandra Gillis’s Height, Weight, Husband, and Workout Routine

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Kassandra Gillis

Fitness model Kassandra Gillis has an impressive towering height of five feet and six inches, making her look tremendous and powerful.

Kassandra Gillis is a Canadian Bodybuilder, Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer who gives valuable guidance to many of us about fitness-related content. She gained acclaim due to her incredible physique, which amazed most people. Also, she has helped many people achieve their fitness goals via numerous workout tips in the gym.

This article provides an overview of her early life, fitness journey, Ethnicity, nationality, online popularity and net worth. To explore more about her, please stay tuned and read this article till the final words.

Bio & Quick Facts

Full NameKassandra Gillis
Date of BirthOctober 7, 1995
Zodiac SignLibra
Birth PlaceBritish Columbia, Canada
Current residenceMaple Ridge, BC, Canada
Weight65 Kg (Approx.)
Marital StatusMarried

What is the Nickname of Kassandra Gillis? And Birthplace

The name which the Fitness model’s parents gave her is Kassandra Gillis. Regarding the funny nickname, We guess that all of us have gotten it once in a lifetime, but we are unaware of her funny nickname. However, the known handle is Kassandra, her first name.

She was born and raised in Canada, where her parents originally belonged to. Her family’s nurture, care and love brought her up in Canada.

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Know Kassandra Gillis’s Age, Date of Birth And Zodiac Sign

The Fitness Coach Gillis was born in the year 1995. As per her date of birth, she is 28 years old as of 2023. Sadly, more details about her date of birth, such as the month and date she was born, are unavailable.

Therefore, her zodiac sign is Libra since we know her birth month and date, October 7, which makes her traits extrovert, hardworking and sensible.

Discover the Height, Weight, and Body Measurements of Kassandra Gillis

The gorgeous fitness model has the perfect physique that makes anyone fall in love with her appearance. She looks healthy, strong, fit and has glowing looks. Her height and weight are of perfect proportions since she has a towering height of five feet and six inches and weighs around 65 Kg.

Kassandra Gillis with towering height
Kassandra Gillis, with towering height (Source: Instagram)

In addition to her physique, she also has captivating brown eyes, which are mesmerising. She has naturally beautiful black hair, but she usually dyes her colour in different vibrant colours such as blonde, grey, pink, purple and ash grey, which makes her look even more gorgeous.

Ethnicity, Nationality and Religion of Kassandra Gillis

Kassandra Gillis comes from a decent and well-to-do family whose Ethnicity is unknown, but Gillis was born in Canada and holds citizenship of Canada. That makes her nationality to be Canadian.

In terms of religion, we have no idea which religion she follows. Still, we assume that she comes from the Christian faith and follows the customs, practices and traditions of Christianity.

Who Are the Parents of Kassandra Gillis? Complete Family Tree

Kassandra Gillis is quite a private person who is cagey when it comes to her personal just like other celebrities. She has not revealed any details about her father and mother, not even their name or profession, respecting her family’s privacy.

The only thing we know about her parents is that they are Canadian. She has not even talked about having siblings. So, we believe that she does not have siblings.

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Who is Kassandra Gillis Married To? Does she have Children?

Regarding the romantic life of Kassandra Gills, We researched her Instagram profile. We discovered that she is a married woman with a highly supportive husband named Damian Clarke, who has an Instagram under the username @dcp_clarke.

Kass Gills with her Husband
Kass Gills with her Husband (Source: Instagram)

As per Muscleinsider, it is said that she has a husband who has inspired her to be motivated since her husband had lost about 100 pounds. Also, as per Daily Mail, it is reported that she hated her body after having a baby boy in 2017 when she was 22 and struggled with postpartum depression, anxiety and negative body image. So, she started working out six times per week.

Explore Kassandra Gilliss’s Career And Bodybuilding Journey in Olympia

The gorgeous fitness model started her career as she began to maintain her body fit and healthy due to her husband’s motivation to join competitions and Bodybuilding. Lauren Simpson, Anita Herbert, Steph Sanzo and Vivi Winkler are the other female sports figures who inspired her to begin weightlifting.

She then started sharing her fitness journey on her social media handles, which got the hit popularity and gradually earned many followers. Eventually, she started participating in the fitness competition.

Likewise, her first competition was the Popeyes Fall Classic, in which she became the winner in 2008. Similarly, she joined competitions such as Chicago Pro 2021, Toronto Supershow 2021 and the South America Olympia Amateur Medellin in 2022, where she won those shows.

In the part of Wellness, her first-ever competition was held at the Milwaukee Pro show in 2021. In the same year, she was ranked 11th by judges in Ms Olympia 2021, and her weight was 143 pounds. She participated in the Toronto Pro Supershow Competition, where her weight was 141 pounds. In that competition, she placed in the first position.

Kassandra Gillis with her husband and son in the Toronto Pro Supershow Competition
Kassandra Gillis with her husband and son in the Toronto Pro Supershow Competition (Source: Instagram)

The Toronto Pro Supershow Competition was Grayson’s first time watching his mother in the competition, where he witnessed his mom winning the show.

Furthermore, She has wanted to get into the top five at the Olympia, and the previous year, in 2022, she got into the fourth in the world at Mr Olympia LLC.

Isabelle Nunes won the Wellness contest in 2022 but did not participate in 2023 due to a knee injury, which opened the door for Kassandra Gills to catch the 2023 Wellness International title. She did it in 2023 and got a spot to compete at the 2023 Olympia on November 2023 in Orlando, FL.

Besides her journey of Bodybuilding, she is an entrepreneur who owns a brand of jeans which offers comfort due to elastic waistband and stretchable fabric designed for athletes like her.

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How Much Net Worth Does Kassandra Gillis Have, and What is Her Income Source?

Kassandra Gillis has a net worth of around $1 Million; her income sources are Bodybuilding, business, advertisement, brand endorsements and sponsorships. The other sources of her income come from her social media platforms and herself as a Fitness Coach or the Personal Trainer.

Awards, Accomplishments, and Achievements of Kassandra Gillis

The names of awards, accomplishments and achievements with the accomplished year of Kassandra Gillis are mentioned in the following table below:

Popeyes Fall Classic (Winner)2008
Chicago Pro (Winner)2021
Toronto SuperShow (Winner)2021
South America Olympia Amateur Medellin (Winner)2022
Ms. Olympia (11th)2021
Toronto SuperShow (Winner)2022
Ms. Olympia (4th)2022
Ms. Wellness International (Winner)2023

Is Kassandra Gillis homosexual? Lesbian?

No, Kassandra Gillis is not homosexual since she is identified as a straight woman. Also, she has not revealed about her relationship with any other girl. Therefore, it is declared that she is not a lesbian.

How is the Online Presence of Kassandra Gillis?

Kassandra Gillis is a popular girl who has gained vast recognition worldwide. Many people are interested in her and even search for her exclusive content, such as her nudes, topless and bikini pictures.

Furthermore, they also searched for her OnlyFans account, but she does not seem to hold any statement on the OnlyFans platform; you can eventually find her bikini pictures on her Instagram handle.

Find Out Kassandra Gillis’s Workout Routines

Before starting her workout, she takes the pre-workout meal, including the Creatine supplement. She usually starts her training with a warmup on the abductor machine with some stretching and air squats.

Her workout for Glutes are:

Workout NamesSets to Reps
Abductor MachineFour sets and 12-15 reps
Hip Thrust MachineFour sets and 12-15 reps
Reverse Hack Squat4 sets and 12-15 reps
Cable Pull ThroughFour sets and 12-15 reps
Cable Kick Backs4 sets and 12-15 reps

Exploring Diet Plans with Kassandra Gillis

Her diet includes fresh cod (edible fish), a great lean protein used at the end of her prep since it has low calories and not much fat. Her favourite thing to eat during prep is almond butter, which she takes strictly, counting calories.

Her main protein is chicken breast, which she eats twice daily; her total meal is six daily. Her nighttime snack is Shreddies, which she takes with almond milk and a scoop of protein to complete her sweet tooth. Her first meal of the day is 40 grams of Oats, 30 grams of almond butter and a knowledge of protein. Her last source of protein is ground beef, extra lean ground beef, which she eats with rice and broccoli or green beans.

She mostly eats sushi rice for her meal plan, which helps her to last for quite a while. She also takes veggie beans, which are easy to cook in seven minutes. Her six meals in a day are shown below in the table in the proper manner:

Meal TypeMeal Name
First Mealcod with green beans and mustard
Second Meal150 grams of White rice and 150 grams of chicken breast
Third Meal100 grams of ground beef and 150 grams of White rice with some green beans
Fourth Mealcod with green beans and mustards
Fifth Meal150 grams of White rice and 100 grams of chicken breast, green beans
Sixth Meal40 grams of Oats, 30 grams of almond butter and a scoop of Isoform

List of Kassandra Gillis Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

Kassandra Gillis is a famous personality in the internet realm. She has gained massive recognition over social media platforms. The list of her social media handles is mentioned below, with the number of followers she has earned from her hard work and helpful fitness-related content:

  • Instagram: @kassgfit (240 K Followers)
  • Facebook: Kassandra Gillis (3.8 K Followers)
  • Twitter: N/A
  • YouTube: N/A
  • OnlyFans: N/A

Final Words

The fitness model Kassandra Gillis is an incredible fitness inspiration who has assisted many people in achieving their fitness goals.

She has earned many milestones of success due to her hard work, consistency and the mindset of never giving up, which is truly inspiring.

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