What Workout Plan Is Followed by Giselle Machado? Get the detailed Insights.

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Giselle Machado

Giselle Machado, a Brazilian professional athlete, IFBB bodybuilder, and bikini model, includes many cardio, deadlifts, and squats in her workout plans. Her routines mainly focus on strengthing the core and maintaining the balance.

Machado, who was called Gi with the endearing nickname, has more than 400k followers on her Instagram. This social media has uplifted her career to the next level.

In the following sections, we will discuss age, height, parents, education, fitness career, and everything concerning Machado. Keep reading to discover.

Quick Facts

Name Giselle Machado
ProfessionProfessional athlete, IFBB bodybuilder, and bikini model
Nickname Gi
Date of birth11th August 1995
BirthplaceRio do Sul, Santa Catarina
Age 28 years old
Height 5 feet 8 inches (176 cm)
Weight70kg(154 lbs)
NetworthUnder Review
Social MediaInstagram, Tiktok

How old is Giselle Machado? Know her age, birthplace, and zodiac sign

Machado was born in August 1995. As such, she will be 28 years old in 2023. She was born in Rio do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Zodiac-wisel, Machado is a Leo. As a Leo woman, described with characteristics such as fierceness, boldness, charisma, and confidence, Machado also demonstrates similar behavioural patterns.

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Birthday Countdown

Born on 11th August 1995, Machado will soon celebrate her 29th birthday. Her birthday countdown is represented below for your preference.

Is Giselle Machado from an athletic family? Know her parents and siblings.

Though not many details are unfolded regarding the family of Machado, through some sources, we learned that her mother, whose name is still unknown, comes from Italian roots.

Her father’s name and any information related to him is not publicized yet. Also, there are no details on her siblings. This section will be updated when it is available.

Giselle Machado Body Measurements | Height, Weight, and hair

According to mustlehustle.com, Machado has an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches (176 cm). She is a bikini model with a delicate body and a slim-lean petite figure.

Talking about her weight, she is mentioned as weighing 70kg(154 lbs). This may vary according to her fitness routines. Also, she is well-appreciated for her blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes.

Which college did Giselle Machado attend? Education and universities

Machado has a well-built academic profile. She attended the nearby high school of her locality for her high school.

Brazilian fitness star Giselle Machado (Source: Instagram)

Brazilian fitness star Giselle Machado (Source: Instagram)

Later, she earned a degree in business administration; in the same field, she worked for four years. After this, she followed her passion and earned a bachelor’s degree in physical education. Moreover, she also earned a postgraduate certificate in bodybuilding and coaching.

Giselle Machado Career

Machado is a well-known fitness influencer now. Her career started when she began participating in several championships as a bikini fitness model.

In 2015, Machado became a part of the IFBB SC Rookie State Champion, where she gained the 4th position. Subsequently, she participated in the Santa Catarina IFBB SC Championship in her next year, gaining 8th position.

Giselle Machado before and after workout
Giselle Machado before and after workout

Her career turned fruitful when she made it to the Arnold Classic stage after three years of patience and hard work in 2017. Then, she slowly leveled up to the wellness category and focused on the bodybuilding part.

In 2019, she gained the third position in Sardine Classic tournaments. She is still active on the fitness championships and preparing for the significant plunge.

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How much net worth does Giselle Machado hold? Explore her income source.

Machado’s net worth is under review, but some sources estimate her net worth to be $1 million. It was just the estimation and required verification.

Giselle Machado endorses different brands through her Instagram (Source: Instagram)
Giselle Machado endorses different brands through her Instagram (Source: Instagram)

As a fitness star, Machado relies on her career as her primary income source. Moreover, her social media, where she has massive followers, helps her to collect significant money through brand endorsements.

Recently, she has been involved in advertisements for Darcsport, yavalabs, bikinibkb, mrolympiallc, and pharlabsbattle. Through this, she is compensating a large sum.

Giselle Machado Workout routines

Machado follows a series of fitness routines to keep herself in the right fit and shape. She works out five times a week. Her workout routine is mentioned below.

Monday: Chest/Shoulders

Workout RoutineSets
Incline Barbell Chest Press4 x 10-12
Press Ups Incline4 x 10-15
Cable Fly’s Incline4 x 8-10 (Last Set Drop Set)
Flat Dumbbell Press4 x 10-12
Machine Chest Fly’s6 x 10-15 (Last Set Drop Set)
Seated Lateral Raises4 x 10-12

Tuesday: Back/Abs

Workout RoutineSets
Pull Ups3 x Failure
Pulldowns5 x 10-12
Seated Cable Row4 x 10-12 (Superset)
Machine Pullovers4 x 10-12
One Arm Dumbbell Row3 x 8-10
Deadlifts3 x 8-10
Leg Raises4 x 15-20
Cable Crunches3 x 10-15

Wednesday: Shoulders

Workout RoutineSets
Military Press4 x 8-10 (Superset)
Barbell Front Raises4 x 8-10
Seated Side Lateral Raises5 x 10-15
Standing One Arm Lateral Raises5 x 10-12
Seated Dumbbell Rear Delt Raises4 x 10-12 (Superset)
Reverse Pec Deck Fly’s4 x Failure
Dumbbell Shrugs4 x 8-10

Thursday: Cardio/Abs

Workout RoutineSets
1 Hour Incline Treadmill (Steady State)
Decline Leg Raises4 x 12-15
Cable Crunches4 x 10-15
Hanging Oblique Knee Raises3 x 10

Friday: Quads/Calves

Workout RoutineSets
15 Minutes Warm Up Bike (Warmup)
Squats6 x 8-15
Narrow Stance Leg Press4 x 12-15
Leg Extensions6 x 10-15 (Superset)
Single Leg Extensions6 x 5
Standing Calve Raises5 x 16-18
Standing Calve Raises4 x 10-15 (Warmup)

Saturday: Arms/Abs

Workout RoutineSets
EZ-Bar Skull Crushers4 x 10-12
Rope Pushdowns5 x 10-15
Reverse Single Arm Extensions3 x 10-12
Barbell Curls4 x 8-10 (Superset)
Reverse Barbell Curls4 x 8-10
Seated Concentration Curls4 x 10-12
Air Bike4 x 15-20
Side Lateral Leg Raises4 x 10-12

Sunday: Hamstrings/Calves

Workout RoutineSets
Lunges4 x 10-12
High/Wide Stance Leg Press5 x 10-12
Seated Leg Curls5 x 10-12
Straight Legged Deadlifts3 x 10-15
Calf Press (Using Leg Press)5 x 10-15
Standing Calve Raises3 x 10
Reference: ahealthypoint.com

How healthy does Giselle Machado eat? Her diet plan

As for her diet plan, Machado usually has three meals daily: Breakfast, lunch, and snacks. For breakfast, she takes eggs and beef burgers; for lunch, she takes turkey sausage and oatmeal; and for Snacks, she takes a protein shake.

Except for this, she cuts down on unhealthy food and avoids cheat meals. She disregards the intake of junk food, processed food, deep-fried food, artificial sweeteners, and chemicals.

Instead, she adds supplementary products such as multivitamins and whey protein to her diet, furnishing her physical features.

Giselle Machado social media presence | Facebook, Instagram

Machado is available on Instagram and Tiktok. Except this, we couldn’t find her on other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

On Instagram, with the handle gisellemachadopro, she has 489k followers. She joined Instagram in May 2013. Through her Instagram, she endorsed several brands.

Just like Instagram, she is available on Tiktok with the handle gisellemachadooficial. There, she has 12.1k followers.

Final Words

Being recognized as the IFBB Pro Wellness champion, Machado is doing pretty well in her career as a fitness influencer. Fans are getting hooked over her illustrious body and staminal figures.

Machado’s unwavering dedication and passion for fitness resulted in her fame and glory. Her stardom is predicted to rise even more in the coming years as the waves of her followers increase. We wish her all the best for a bright future.

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