Controversial Pastor Robert Shinn Has Had Four Wives: Insights On His Married Life & Children

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Pastor Robert Shinn

The founder of Shekinah Church, Robert Shinn, lives with his fourth wife, Hannah Shinn (nee Grace Lee). From his previous three failed marriages, Shinn is the father of four children: three sons and a daughter.

Over the years, regarding their Shekinah Church, Shinn’s family has been in controversies of harassment, fraud, and brainwashing, though Robert and his wife have denied the allegations. As a result, his children left the church, and some of them stopped speaking to him.

The controversial pastor is also the founder of the 7M Films Talent Management Company. His children are in diverse professions and successful in their own right.

Get more on Robert Shinn’s family- his wives, married life, relationships, and children.

Robert Shinn Has Had Four Wives: Is He Still Married?

Shinn has reportedly been married four times, with the first three marriages failing. Currently, Robert lives with his fourth wife, Hannah Lee. Let’s take a look at the roller coaster of his relationships.

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Shinn Became Parents Of Two From First Marriage

As reported, Robert married his first wife in Canada but didn’t specify her details or their wedding. While together, they welcomed two children: a son named Robert Jr. and a daughter named Kloe.

Robert founded Shekinah Church With His Second Wife, Esther Shinn

After ditching his first wife and kids (who would reunite with him as an adult), Robert moved to California and married his second wife, Esther. They started the Shekinah Church in 1994 and became parents to two children, Isaiah and Conrad.

However, their relationship ended in divorce in 2005. According to court documents, Robert was cheating on Esther with his then-girlfriend Shirley Kim, who would later become his third wife. There were allegations that the pastor even used his church money to pay for his girlfriend’s law degree.

Shinn Separated With His Third Wife, Shirley, After Two Years Of Marriage

Robert shared vows with Shirley Kim in 2009. Shirley is smart and independent: She holds a BA in speech communication from Cal State Fullerton, a Master’s degree in Entertainment-Media Transactions, and a juris doctorate from Chapman University School of Law.

Robert Shinn is the founder of 7M
Robert Shinn and Shirley got married in 2009 (Source: People)

As it turns out, Shirley played an essential role in Robert’s domestic affairs and ministerial duties. She was his wife, but more so, she served as the ‘clerk to the church,’ notarising the documents that recorded the church’s meetings with and without Robert’s involvement.

Despite this seemingly strong bond between the former partners, the ex-couple divorced two years after their marriage in 2011. Of course, the reasons are anybody’s guess, but the actual reason might differ.

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Robert Found His Solidarity In His Fourth Wife, Hannah Lee

After parting ways with Shirley, Robert married his fourth wife, Hannah Lee. Hannah lived in Santa Ana, California, and became an important member of Shekinah Church, eventually becoming the Chief Financial Officer.

Rober Shinn and his wife, Hannah
Rober Shinn and his wife, Hannah (Source: The Sun)

Over the years, Hannah’s skillful handling of church-related business and accounts won Robert’s full confidence, and she became known as ‘Woman of God,’ even before she was his wife, for her prominent role in the church’s affairs.

Hannah also maintains a stable of dancer clients for the film company 7M Films, looking after their availability, scheduling, etc.

Shinn’s Daughter, Kloë Shinn, Has Made Her Career In Music.

Despite being the daughter of a famous personality, Kloë has made a name for herself in the music industry. She is a Korean-Canadian singer and songwriter. Although she is his only daughter, she is not the only child. She has two siblings, Conrad and Isiah.

Kloe Shinn has made a name for herself in the music industry
Kloë is a singer and a songwriter (Source: Hype Magazine)

Kloë showed her hard work and talent at a very young age. She taught herself to play the piano at the age of 10 and guitar at the age of 13. This dedication to music at a young age nourished her into the beautiful singer she is now. Shinn currently lives in Los Angeles.

Kloë Shinn’s Accomplishments In Music

Kloë has been very creative since childhood and wanted to pursue a music career. She grew up around good music being played. She was inspired by artists like Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Leonard Cohen, and Joni Mitchell.

Kloë has worked with major studios like Disney and Universal throughout her career. Her music has been played on numerous TV shows, including Dancing With The Stars, Love and Hip Hop, and many more.

She is now shifting her focus from a playback singer to a solo recording artist.

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Robert’s Daughter Kloë And Son-In-Law Left Shekinah Church And 7M

Robert’s only daughter, Kloë, and her husband, Daniel Joseph, have left Shekinah Church and 7M. In August 2022, she confirmed it via an IG post.

She and Daniel have been married since 2015. Joseph began working with the church in 2000, served as the secretary of Shekinah Church, and directed and produced 7M dance videos.

Daniel And Kloe got married in 2015
Kloë and her husband, Daniel, left Shekinah Church and 7M (Source: Instagram)

Daniel’s family was also a founding member of the Shekinah Church. However, they cut ties with the organization after disagreeing with Robert about Shekinah’s finances. Joseph was second in the organization to Robert, and it was shocking that he left.

After leaving the organization, the couple released a statement stating they would prefer a private, personal, and professional life. They understood there was a lot of interest due to media coverage regarding 7M films.

They parted ways with 7M Films Management at the beginning of May 2022. They have cut all their connections and have no business with 7M, its associates, or its clients.

Robert Is Also The Father Of Three Sons

Robert has three sons, Robert Jr., Isaiah, and Conrad, alongside his only daughter Kloë. Nothing much is available about his eldest son, Robert Jr.

His son, Isaiah, started his career in commercials and dance videos, where he developed a high-energy shooting style that best suited social media. After working as a teenage production assistant for his father’s films for some years, he opened his own company, HIFreq Films, in 2018.

On the other hand, Conrad had a different story. Conrad claimed their father disowned him because he never conformed to their church beliefs.

Robert Shinn had two sons.
Conrad Shinn was kicked out of the church.

Furthermore, he also refuted claims of any sexual misconduct by Robert, stating that he might have autism just like himself.

On the part of his brother Isaiah being accused as a cult recruiter, Conrad made it clear that this was not true. Rather, he was an ambitious filmmaker who used to assist dancers without pay so that he could learn more about his profession. At the same time, he can widen his connections within the industry.

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