Truth On Amandla Stenberg’s Alleged Boyfriend: Dating History With LGBTQ Partners


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The Acolyte actress Amandla Stenberg

The Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg seemingly does not have a boyfriend officially, though there are rumors that she is dating an actor named Ethan James. So, what’s up with her relationship status?

An LGBTQ+ icon, Stenberg has identified herself as gay since 2018; she previously came out as bisexual in January 2016 and then as non-binary in March that year. Throughout these years, she has had a few failed relationships- she dated every gender spectrum.

‘The Acolyte’ actress’ famous ex-partners include Jaden Smith, King Princess, and Snail Mail.

So, coming to 2024, fans are curious about who Amandla is dating now. Read further for details on her relationship and sexuality journey.

  • Amandla Stenberg, an LGBTQ+ rights activist, is well known for her role in The Hunger Games (2012).
  • After being disappointed in various relationships, Amandla allegedly dates her new boyfriend, Ethan, but no proof of their relationship exists.
  • Sources report that she and her new boyfriend, Ethan, met at a joint project and share similar interests, which has yet to receive an official confirmation.
  • She’s been in relationships with high-profile celebrities like Jaden Smith, King Princess, and Snail Mail.
  • Amandla uses she/her and they/them pronouns and raises her voice about the challenges of being black and queer in Hollywood.
  • In 2018, Stenberg came out as gay- she previously identified as bisexual and then as non-binary.

Is Amandla Stenberg’s New Boyfriend Ethan James?

The California-born actress (born October 23, 1998) has yet to make her relationship status official, but rumors are already circulating that she has a new boyfriend. Some tabloid sources report that her boyfriend’s name is Ethan James, famous for his work in Indie drama Midnight’s Dream.

Even if sources allege that Stenberg and her lover, Ethan, are committed in a relationship for two years, having met at a joint project, there is no evidence of that.

Amid dating rumors with Ethan James, no proof on Amandla Stenberg having a boyfriend is out
Amid dating rumors with Ethan James, no proof of Amandla Stenberg having a boyfriend is out (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Amandla’s social profiles point to no hint that she is in a relationship, and also, no PDA of the actress has been out since her split with her lesbian girlfriend, Snail Mail.

She is alleged to be single, and there are no factual reports on her dating life. But some gossipmongers are not buying it and speculate if the claim about her relationship with her boyfriend, Ethan, is true. Is it? Well, that is the time to decide.

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Amandla Stenberg’s Sexuality: Is She Bisexual?

Stenberg was fascinated by women from an early age but didn’t realize what it meant. In January 2016, Amandla publicly addressed her sexuality as bisexual in a Snapchat video for Teen Vogue. However, by March of that year, she came out as non-binary but preferred she/her and they/them pronouns.

Later, in 2018, when King Princess interviewed her for an international magazine, She confirmed that she was gay, “Yep, I am gay, not bi, not pan, but gay— with a romantic love for women.”

Stenberg had a few big Gay Sob moments when she realized she was gay. The actress stated, “They were joyful and overwhelmed sobs — socialization is a bitch and a half and kept me from understanding and living my truth for a while. I was so overcome with this profound sense of relief “.

Instagram story of Amandla Stenberg
Instagram story of Amandla Stenberg (Source: Instagram)

Amandla has been vocal about her views on sexuality and identity. In the conversation with hairstylist Vernon François, Stenberg addressed, “Because I am a gender fluid and queer person, I feel like the way that I want to express my identity through my hair can change a lot.”

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Amandla Stenberg Was In A Relationship With Jaden Smith Before Coming Out

Amandla and Jaden Smith were longtime friends before hooking up. Jaden is an American actor, rapper, singer, songwriter, and the son of Hollywood A-lister Sam Smith and his estranged wife, Pinkett Jada-Smith.

As reported, the duo began dating in around 2014/15. They even attended prom together in May 2015, and Stenberg took to her Instagram to share the now-deleted pictures.

Amandla Stenberg with Jaden smith
Amandla Stenberg with Jaden Smith (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

However, their relationship did not last long, and they eventually parted ways.

Relationships After Coming Out As A LGBTQ Icon

After breaking up with Jaden, she began dating director Tucker Tripp. They met in 2016 during the filming of the music video Blood Orange. The two even appeared in a 2017 interview with Vogue, where she gushed that their passion for photography brought them together.

At that time, she identified herself as bisexual and pansexual. However, the duo’s relationship ended in 2017.

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Amandla Dated King Princess Briefly In 2018

Then, in 2018, there were reports of Amandla Stenberg’s relationship with genderqueer singer-songwriter King Princess (real name: Mikaela Mullaney Straus). They went public about their romance in July that year.

Amandla Stenberg with king princess
Amandla Stenberg with King Princess (Source: Instagram)

The couple then used their platforms to influence young people within the LGBTQ+ community. They even attended the 2018 MTV VMAs. However, by the end of 2018, the two split. They deleted pictures of each other from their social media accounts, indicating the end of their relationship.

However, they remained tight-lipped about the reason.

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Stenberg’s PDAs With Snail Mail Hit Headlines: Why Did They Break Up?

Amandla was in a relationship with openly lesbian musician Snail Mail. Her real name is Lindsey Erin Jordan, and she is the lead singer of the band Snail Mail. Although the exact details of their courtship are unknown, reports suggest that they began dating in 2019.

Amandla Stenberg with her ex-beloved Snail Mail
Amandla with her ex-beloved Snail Mail (Source: X)

However, by 2020, fans began to speculate that they had broken up.

Moreover, in an article by The Daily Mail, Amandla was seen comforting Snail Mail, who was in tears, which many assumed was the moment of their split. Also, the article’s title stated them as “friends,” raising speculation about separation.

In addition, many referred to Snail Mail’s 2021 album Valentine as about her relationship with Stenberg, and the lines of the song were about their alleged public break up (from Daily Mail’s article of 2020).

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Who Is Amandla Stenberg?

Amandla is an American actress and singer, an LGBTQ+ icon who identifies as gay. She is a talented artist who has captivated audiences with her realistic performances. She began acting as a child artist in Colombiana’s film (2011) and initiated a breakthrough role as Rue in The Hunger Games (2012).

Then, it followed her appearances in films like Everything, Everything (2017), The Darkest Minds (2018), The Hate U Give(2018), Dear Evan Hansen (2021), and Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022).

In parallel, she has worked on notable TV series like Sleppy Hollow, Mr. Robinson, and The Eddy. In 2024, Amandla landed another prominent TV role (dual role) as Osha and Mae in the Star Wars franchise series The Acolyte.

In addition to her acting, Stenberg is also known for her outspoken advocacy on issues such as LGBTQ+ rights and intersectional feminism.

In 2016, she was honored with the “BET Awards 2016,” the Young Stars Award, and the “Feminist Celebrity of the Year” along with Rowan Blanchard.

The actor was listed in Time Magazine’s 30 Most Influential Teens in 2015 and 2016, announced one of W Magazine’s Royals (2017), and was featured in Forbes 30 (2017).

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