Find Out Ifbb Pro Bodybuilder Elisangela Angell’s Height

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Elisangela Angell

Elisangela Angell is a prominent figure in the bodybuilding realm who has achieved many accolades in the fitness industry.

She is originally from Brazil and is popularly known as an IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete. She participated in many Bikini IFBB competitions, impressing many and winning their admiration.

Stay tuned to this article to discover more details about this renowned athlete, including her background, achievements, and personal life.

Bio & Quick Facts

Full NameElisangela Angell
Nick NameElisangela
Date of BirthN/A
Zodiac SignN/A
Birth PlaceCampo Grande, Brazil
Height5’6″ (approx.)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
ProfessionIFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Parent’s NameN/A

What is the Nickname of Elisangela Angell? And Birthplace

Nicknames are often linked to a person’s personality or given as a sign of affection. Unfortunately, Angell has not disclosed details about her nickname but still has the beautiful name ‘Elisangela’, which is unique and unforgettable.

She was born in Campo Grande, Brazil, where she spent her early life. The place where she was born is also her hometown, where she grew up with her loved ones in a happy family.

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Know Elisangela Angell’s Age, Date of Birth And Zodiac Sign

Elisangela Angell is a very private person and rarely discusses her details. Her age is unknown since there are no details regarding her date of birth, which would have been helpful to find out her age and zodiac sign.

Discover the Height, Weight, and Body Measurements of Elisangela Angell

Elisangela Angell has not revealed her body measurements. However, based on her public appearances, she seems tall. Therefore, we assume her height to be five feet and six inches. In terms of her weight, she has not revealed it in detail.

IFBB Pro Champion Elisangela Angell
IFBB Pro Champion Elisangela Angell (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, She has a well-proportioned height and weight, giving her a muscular and toned physique. In addition to her impressive physique, she has a beautifully structured face with captivating features of mesmerising black eyes and shiny black coloured hair that makes her look prettier with her sexy figure.

Who Are the Parents of Elisangela Angell? Complete Family Tree

The parents of Elisangela Angell are proud members as they have raised the thriving and robust daughter, the Olympia Master. She often shares the pictures with her family but has not talked about them in detail, nor has she shared her parent’s name or their professions.

Below are some pictures of her with her family and friends, which she posted on her Instagram handle:

Elisangela Angell with her family members
Elisangela Angell with her family members (Source: Instagram)

The above picture seems to be an image of her with her boyfriend and family, all smiling in a lovely picture frame.

Elisangela Angell with her friends in her birthday party
Elisangela Angell with her friends at her birthday party (Source: Instagram)

Angell shared this picture on her birthday on March 28, 2021, when she and her friend celebrated her birthday with fun and enjoyment.

Elisangela Angell with her father, mother and grandma
Elisangela Angell with her father, mother and grandma (Source: Instagram)

In the picture, Angell stands behind her mother, with her father on the left and grandma on the right. They all seem to be enjoying vacation with the coconut juice in their hand.

Who is Elisangela Angell Married To? Does she have Children?

While Elisangela Angell is private about her personal life, she frequently shares photos with a man believed to be her boyfriend. She often shares pictures with her boyfriend, and at times, she posts images of him meeting her family.

No details in any resources have revealed whether she is married. So, we think she is not married but has a boyfriend named Sam.

She often shares a picture with her handsome boyfriend. Sometimes, she shares images of meeting her family with her adorable boyfriend.

Elisangela Angell with her boyfriend, Sam in her hometown
Elisangela Angell with her boyfriend, Sam, in her hometown (Source: Instagram)

The above picture was shared on December 30, when the beautiful couple seemed to be together in the swimming pool in Campo Grande, Brazil.

Explore Elisangela Angell’s Career And Bodybuilding Journey

Elisangela Angell’s career has been blooming as a fitness model and bodybuilder. She has been a part of the Bikini Masters Olympia event and got the chance to share the stage with other talented competitors, where she got into the top 5 in August 2023. On July 16, 2023, she won the IFBB Pro in Team Elite Physique.

Elisangela Angell in Bikini IFBB Pro Show
Elisangela Angell in Bikini IFBB Pro Show (Source: Instagram)

In the Bikini IFBB Pro show, she placed in the 7th position among other notable athletes. In the NPC News Online, she had a great experience as a participant but unfortunately did not place the way she wanted to since it was during May 2021 when she had a lot of room to learn and improve with her coach, Ryan Hinton.

In August 2019, she placed third in Main and got the opportunity to Sacramento Golden State, where she reached the first position in her master’s and second call out in the open. In May 2019, she placed 9th among 32 girls at the Puerto Rico Pro Show.

In 2018, she participated in the Muscle Contest among other IFBB Bikini Girls and got second place in the masters. Likewise, in the same year, she won the 2018 San Antonio Classic. She has won numerous achievements throughout her career. However, we understand that she has achieved many accolades in her fitness career and has won the medals and the hearts of many.

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How Much Net Worth Does Elisangela Angell Have, and What is Her Income Source?

Elisangela Angell has a net worth of around $1 Million, and her primary sources of income come from her profession as an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and fitness model and also as the winner of many shows, such as IFBB Bikini Master, Olympia Masters and Team elite Physique. She also sponsors and endorses brands such as Get Flawless Hair, which she has kept on her bio.

Awards Achieved By Elisangela Angell

There are many awards which are achieved by the fitness bodybuilder Angell, but some of the prominent awards won by her are:

  • Bikini Masters Olympia (Top 5) in 2023
  • IFBB Pro in Team Elite Physique (Winner) in 2023
  • Sacramento Golden State (3rd) in 2019
  • San Antonio Classis (Winner) in 2018

Find Out Elisangela Angell’s Workout Routines

To find out the workout and diet of Elisangela Angell, you can follow her Social media handle, especially Instagram, where she shares her workout videos based on:

  1. Legs Workout
  2. Hamstring Workout
  3. Triceps Workout
  4. cardio
  5. Kickbacks
  6. Abs Workout
  7. Lunges and Rope Jumps

List of Elisangela Angell’s Social Media: Instagram, Youtube

The list of her social media handles are:

Final Words

Elisangela Angell is a beautiful fitness influencer who has participated in many events and won awards. She symbolizes perseverance as she continues striving even after initial setbacks.

She has become a renowned female athlete, earning accolades and respect from many in the fitness industry.

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