Abi Carter’s Boyfriend, Cooper’s Support Was Her Boost To Success; Dating Details

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Singer Abi Carter posing with her boyfriend, Cooper

American Idol Season 22 winner Abi Carter’s boyfriend, Cooper McCollum, has always believed in her talent and has been her rock ever since. From appreciating her in her days of struggle to standing beside her as she held the American Idol title, Copper’s always been there.

The duo allegedly began dating in 2021 and is going strong with time. Even if they have diverse career paths, both have been supportive of each other choices.

Not only the duo but also their families seem happy with their relationship. Cooper can be seen in many of Abi’s family events and pictures. Let’s get a detailed overview of Carter’s boyfriend and their dating.

Quick Facts About Abi Carter

NameAbi Carter
Birth of DateJuly 31, 2002
Height5 feet and 4 inches (1.62 m)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
BirthplaceIndio, California
Sexual OrientationStraight

Abi Carter Has A Supportive Boyfriend, Cooper McCollum: When Did They Begin Dating?

Carter and her boyfriend, Cooper McCollum, have yet to confirm the exacts of their dating story, but they’ve been in a relationship for quite a time. Surfing through their Instagram profile, it seems it was in 2021 when the two bean dating actively mentioned & commented on each other’s posts.

So, it is likely that their relationship began in the early 2020s.

In October 2021, Cooper even attended Carter’s sister Ariel Nelson’s wedding to Ammon and shared snaps from the moment on Instagram.

In January 2024, Abi officially announced their dating life in her IG post after sharing a picture with her boyfriend. The carousel post’s caption read, “End of 2023 photo dump,” and McCollum commented, “You are absolutely stunning.”

Abi Carter and her boyfriend, Cooper McCollum
Abi Carter and her boyfriend, Cooper McCollum (Source: Instagram)

There is no denying that, along with Abi Carter’s family, her boyfriend, McCollum, is a key figure in her success. He has provided constant support and motivation throughout her American Idol journey.

The path of the competition was probably not easy for her to get through alone. Her partner provided her with emotional support, motivation, mindset, and guidance at such a crucial time.

While Abi was busy competing in American Idol, her boyfriend often posted pictures of themselves to show her love and support through social media.

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What Does Abi Carter’s Boyfriend Do? Is He Also A Singer?

Cater’s boyfriend, Cooper, is not a singer but is obviously a massive fan of his singer-girlfriend, Abi. Despite differences in their careers, their mutual support and respect for each other make their bond strong.

Professionally, Cooper McCollum is in the corporate field. A native of Allen, Texas, he works as an environmental project handler at UL Solutions in LA, California (October 2021- present). He is an environmental sustainability professional with a LEED Green Associate certification.

Abi's boyfriend, Cooper McCollum
Abi’s boyfriend, Cooper McCollum (Source: Instagram)

According to his LinkedIn profile, he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Environment Sustainability: Business and Management from the University of Oklahoma in 2021 with a 3.2 GPA.

While a student, he worked as a Sales Floor team member at Title Boxing Club LLC (2016-19). Then, he did a sustainability internship at the City of Oklahoma (October 2020- April 2021) before he became a manager at Volare (May 2019- May 2021).

Is Coope McCollum Active On Social Media?

Yes, McCollum is an avid user of social handles like Instagram and Facebook. Here are the links to his social profiles:

How Abi Carter Made Journey to American Idol?

She began sharing her music at street fairs and wherever she could sing. She soon realized her talent and wanted to do something big. She pursued a degree in psychology from California State University. Her dedication and hard work show her hunger to achieve greatness.

Abi sang Billie Eilish’s hit song ‘What Was I Made For? in an audition and made a positive impression in front of the judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. After the audition, Katy Perry hugged Carter, seeing her talent.

Abi Carter in Walt Disney World (Source: Instagram)

She advanced through and reached the finale, where she would compete against Will Moseley (runner-up) and Jack Blocker (third place).

In the finale, she sang three songs: Bed of Roses (by Bon Jovi), Somewhere (a song from the 1957 Broadway musical West Side Story), and her original song, This Isn’t Over. As the voting results came up, Abi became victorious and shed tears of joy on the stage.

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Abi Carter’s Social Media

Who Are In Abi Carter’s Family? Parents And Siblings

Abi was raised by a single mother, Andrea Carter. Her mom raised seven children, including Abi, by herself. There is no information about her father.

Carter has six supportive siblings. Her brother, Daniel Carter, was present during the ‘American Idol’ audition. Daniel was very emotional seeing his sister sing before the judges and get selected for the competition.

Daniel creates videos on YouTube, and his content is interesting. he has 6.7k subscribers, and his Instagram @danieldoesntlift has more than 7k followers. He is an adventurous guy who loves to travel and try new things.

Abi’s sisters are Anibel Carter and Ariel Nelson. Ariel is married to her video creator husband, Ammon Nelson. They have been happily married since October 2021.

How Has Abi’s Life changed after winning Season 22 ‘American Idol’?

For Abi, this is the most crucial win for her professional career. While appearing in the ‘American Idol’ audition, she grabbed the limelight, and judges immediately was her talent. The journey has shaped her vocal, mentality, and personality.

The platform has introduced Abi to a larger audience, which will help in her professional singing career. She has a fan base, and they are waiting for new music from her.

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Abi Carter’s Journey to winning the season 22 American Idol is about hard work, consistency, and talent.

Her boyfriend, Cooper McCollum, has been with her through thick and thin on her journey and is happy to see her win the competition.

Abi has a whole life to make a professional singing career, and her fans are waiting for some good music.

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