A Deep Insight into Bandman Kevo’s Wife Dyme Kevo: Age, Height, Affair, and Son

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Dyme Kevo

Bandman Kevo, a well-known American melodic craftsman, has been continuously on the buzz after he kicked his wife, Dyme Kevo, out of his house. Dyme Kevo, whose age is still a great mystery, is a mom to the child of Kevo, though they have not hitched yet.

Fans suspect the relationship between Kevo and his wife Dyme may have been interrupted after Kevo was seen in an extramarital affair with Kayla Nicole.

While Kevo asserts Dyme for not being a proper wife and feeding only on his money and diamonds, Dyme, on the other hand, blames him for having been involved with many individuals, jeopardizing their relationships.

Netizens are still in the dilemma of choosing between and knowing which one is the actual victim as both represent themselves vigorously; still, most of them are biasing towards the wife, Dyme Kevo.

In the following sections, we will discuss the life events of Bandman Kevo’s wife, Dyme Kevo, such as her age, height, Instagram, controversy, son, etc. Keep reading to discover the mysteries hidden under the names of the famous faces.

Dyme Kevo | Bio, Quick Facts

NameDyme Kevo
Popular asWife of Bandman Kevo
Marital StatusUnmarried
ChildrenA son
Birthday (Not confirmed)October 15
AgeLate Twenties

Dyme Kevo | Age, Zodiac sign, and Birthday

The exact date of birth of Dyme is not available, but observing her pictures, one can say that she may be in her late twenties. Moreover, through a video Kevo posted in 2020 on his YouTube channel, we discovered that Dyme’s birthday may be either October 15 or somewhere near it.

The video was featured on MIA in a big Yacht on a birthday occasion of Dyme. Along with Dyme, several other personalities like Suki and Kayla Nicole were a part of the celebrations.

Just like her age, Dyme’s zodiac sign is also anonymous. This section will be updated on being available.

Unlike Dyme, Bandman Kevo was born on February 16, 1990, making him at the age of 33 years as of 2023. He is Aquarius by the zodiac.

Dyme Kevo | Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

As Dyme is not that much of a media personality, there are remarkably fewer details about her on the internet. She came to fame via her husband, Bandman Kevo.

Observing the picture of Dyme, we assume her height to be within some range of 5 feet. She may be 5 feet 2 or 3. Weight-wise, she looks pretty fit for a mother of a son. She may weigh around 55-58 kgs.

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Dyme Kevo | Nationality, Ethnicity, and Religion

It is yet to be verified, but Dyme Kevo may belong to the American nationality, with the mixed ethnic background of African-Americans.

Bandman Kevo's wife, Dyme Kevo (Source: Youtube)
Bandman Kevo’s wife, Dyme Kevo (Source: Youtube)

Her religion is also not widely available, but fans suspect her of being related to the Christian philosophy; what the truth is remains disguised.

Dyme Kevo | Parents, Family

To date, no information is available on the parents, family, and upbringing of Dyme. This section will be updated on being open.

Just like her parents, nothing is known about her siblings, too. She may be the only child or has someone other than her; no one knows.

Dyme Kevo | Husband

Dyme has not officially tied the knot with the musician, but on the mention of a husband, Bandman Kevo is the one who always appears. They were in a relationship quite for a while after splitting in 2022, lighting a colossal gossip online.

After 2022, Dyme has been on several interviews regarding the conflict between her and her husband. What she is doing, if she got involved with someone else or returned to Bandman Kevo, is unknown.

Dyme Kevo | Children

Dyme Kevo has a son with Bandman Kevo, whose name and identity are not publicized yet. He may be around the age of 3 to 4 years as of now. This section will be updated on being available.

Contrary to Dyme, it was stated that Bandman Kevo has six children with four different women. He pays for the fees and the needs of children, considerably about $900 per month, according to his interview with blacksportsonline.

Dyme Kevo | Career, Early life

There is nothing known regarding the early life, family, career, and education of Dyme Kevo. The only known is that she was pretty active on Instagram and had quite a few followers. Besides this, there is nothing known.

Also, she has not been seen on Instagram after she was on the internet regarding her husband and friend Kayla Nicole.

Dyme Kevo | Networth, Income source

Contrary to Bandman Kevo, the networth of his wife, Dyme, is not disclosed yet. It may be because her career is not well-talked-about, or she wants to live privately away from the media.

Though her networth was not disclosed, Bandman fed Dyme all her necessities and requirements and never let her feel poor and helpless. He occasionally gifts her with the diamonds and sufficient cash.

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Dyme Kevo | Controversy

Dyme became a massive controversy after being kicked out of her husband, Bandman Kevo‘s house. In different media, she mentioned that Bandman cheated on her with YouTube star Kayla Nicole, and as such, to have relationships with other women, he kicked her out of the house.

Defending himself in the accusation, Bandman Kevo mentioned that all he did with Kayla Nicole was planned by Dyme herself and Nicole to get popularity and was helping his wife but got falsely accused instead.

Additionally, Bandman mentioned that he provided her with all the money and luxuries she requested, but she never became a good wife, as she never cooked and cleaned his house.

Dyme Kevo | Instagram

It was certain that Dyme Kevo was active on Instagram before the controversy, but after it, she disappeared from the social media. Several fake accounts are available in her name, but none are actual.

Dyme may have been away from the media for a while, maybe because she wants to have some alone time and to stay away from all the hate and disgust her husband Bandman’s followers are throwing at her.


Summing up, we can say that whatever Dyme have collected, whether it be fame or fortune, it was through her husband Bandman Kevo, and now, as they are separated, she is even more on the internet being queried for the reason of their separation, and all.

Netizens want to know if their dispute has been solved or if they are back together. Looking back at their debate entirely heated, there is the likely chance of them being split to date, too.

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