Get the Biography, Net Worth of Khushal Aqmal, Husband of Tamanna Roashan

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Khushal Aqmal

Khushal Aqmal is a famous family member of a renowned celebrity who is beautiful and intelligent. He is famous for being a gentleman and husband of popular makeup artist and beauty educator Tamanna Roashan. He stayed in Los Angeles, where he grew up learning to play his first instrument, the zerbaghali, at just five years old.

He has been attracting the interest of many people over social media in recent days. Get to know about this intriguing person by reading this article. Get his complete biography by reading this article till the conclusion.

Khushal Aqmal | Quick Facts

Full NameKhushal Aqmal
Date of BirthApril 17, 1984
Zodiac SignAries
Age39 years old
Birth PlaceKabul, Afghanistan
Marital StatusMarried
Wife’s NameTamanna Roashan
ChildrenAliya Aqmal and Riyan Aqmal
Net Worth$1-$5 Million

Khushal Aqmal | Age, Birthdate & Zodiac Sign

Aqmal was born on April 17, 1984, which verifies his current age to be 39 years old as of 2023. He was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, where he did not spend his early life. He moved to Los Angeles as a kid and was brought up there with his family.

He has been fond of music since childhood, which further changed his Career. He was so bright that he learned to play his first instrument when he was five.

As per his birthdate, which is on April 17, he falls under the zodiac sign of Aries, which we believe is intelligent, funny and kind nature of the person.

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Khushal Aqmal | Ethnicity, Nationality & Religion

No information has revealed the ethnicity of an artist, Aqmal. However, his nationality is considered Afghan since he was born in Afghanistan.

There are no resources available claiming the religion of Aqmal, but we assume that he comes from a religious family who follows the customs, traditions and culture of Islam religion.

Khushal Aqmal | Family and Siblings

Aqmal likes to respect the privacy of his family. Therefore, no details are available regarding Aqmal’s father and mother. However, his father-in-law is Mujtaba K Roshan, and his mother-in-law is Sujata Roshan. We can still assume that his father works as a businessman and his mother works as a housewife who looks after her family.

Regarding the information about his siblings, he has an elder brother who is also a celebrity musician named Fardeen Haqmal. He often seems to work with his brother in the Live music.

These two brothers are wise and powerful and have a strong bond as brothers.

Khushal Aqmal | Wife and Children

It is evident to us as a public that Khushal Aqmal is happily married to the famous certified makeup artist and beauty educator Tamanna Roashan.

Roashan and Aqmal married on October 10, 2010, after dating for more than seven years.

Khushal Aqmal with his wife Tamanna Roashan and their children

Khushal Aqmal with his wife Tamanna Roashan and their children (Source: Instagram)

After tying the knot for seven years, they gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Aliya on February 9, 2017, and later they had a cute son named Riyan in 2020.

Khushal Aqmal | Education

Khushal Aqmal is an educated musician who has always been the smartest, giving the best performances with excellent marks since childhood.

He joined high school at the age of 16 years old. After graduating high school, he attended a public US state university to complete his bachelor’s degree.

Khushal Aqmal | Career

Aqmal was born into a family of musicians, where his elder brother is also a musician. He has always been keen on musical instruments since his childhood. So that he even got the training to learn his first instrument, named zerbaghali, at the age of 5.

He was trained by the famous musician Ustaad Pravit Singh. He has now reached a considerable number of milestones throughout his career. He has worked doing collaborations and sponsorships with well-known companies.

Making a great transition from a social media influencer to a famous professional musical, we expect him to have a bright future in his career.

Khushal Aqmal | Income Source and Net Worth

His source of income primarily comes from his music profession and collaborations and sponsorships with other companies.

His net worth by the age of 29 years is estimated to be in the range of $1 Million to $5 Million.

Khushal Aqmal |Social Media Presence

Khushal Aqmal is quite active on his social media platforms, especially Instagram. He usually keeps updating his Instagram with his frequent posts.

Get the list of his social media handles and the number of followers he has gained with his charismatic presence as a musician on his social media profiles:


Khushal Aqmal is an Afghan-American musician who was born in Afghanistan but later moved to Los Angeles, where he grew up.

He is very popular as a musician and the husband of the famous makeup artist Tamanna Roashan.

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