Get To Know the Workout Routine of Bodybuilder Andrei Deiu in 2023

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Andrei Deiu

Twenty-seven-year-old Romanian Bodybuilder Andrei Deiu follows a fierce workout routine throughout the week. Unlike other fitness personnel who take a day or two breaks, Deiu works out continuously using a regimen known as a split training program.

Deiu was born in 1996 in Romania and raised to fame after he began taking part in fitness competitions. He started his career early at the age of 17. He is also famous for his Instagram presence, with 6M followers.

In the following section, we will go into the details of this fitness star, such as his height, weight, age, parents, wife, biceps, and an overall look at his career. Keep reading to discover.

Quick Facts

Name Andrei Deiu
ProfessionBodybuilding, Media Personality
Date of birthMay 8, 1996
Age 27 years old
Zodiac sign Taurus
Height5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
Weight175- 185 lbs (79-84kgs)
Networth$5 million
Social MediaInstagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook

How old is Andrei Deiu? Learn his Age, Birthplace, and Zodiac Sign

According to famous birthdays, Deiu was born on May 8, 1996. As such, he is at the age of 27 years as of 2023. He was born in Romania, a country in Eastern Europe.

Talking about his zodiac, Deiu is a Taurus. As a Taurus, man is characterised by loyalty, faithfulness, hard work, and stability; Deiu also exhibits the following behaviours, making him renowned as one of many famous faces in the fitness industry.

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Birthday Countdown: Let the countdown begin

As mentioned above, Deiu was born on May 08. With 2024 approaching, he will celebrate his 28th birthday soon. To make it easier, his birthday countdown is mentioned below. You can give it a look.

Learn in detail about the body measurements of Andrei Deiu: Height, weight, and other metrics.

According to greatestphysique, Deiu has an impressive height of 5 feet 11 inches, equaling 180 cm if the metrics are regarded in centimetres. His weight fluctuates with time; he usually balances his weight in the range of 175- 185 lbs (79-84kgs).

Also, his other body metrics, such as his chest and waist, are available online. His chest is 44 inches, while his waist is 28 inches as of 2023. This may vary with the time.

Is Andrei Deiu available on Wikipedia? Wiki?

Andrei Deiu is not available on Wikipedia but has been listed on several other renowned sites such as Fitness Volt, Greatest Physique, etc. You can find the details regarding his career on such pages.

As Deiu’s popularity is massing the horizons, he will inevitably be briefed on Wikipedia and several other related sites one day. We are anticipated to have him mentioned on the page.

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From which country does Andrei Deiu hails? Know his Nationality, Ethnicity, and Religion

Originally hailing from Romania, Deiu possesses Romanian nationality. He is described as belonging to a mixed ethnic background, though there are few details.

Bodybuilder Andrei Deiu (Source: Instagram)

Bodybuilder Andrei Deiu (Source: Instagram)

Religion-wise, Deiu follows Christianity. His parents also hold the same religious grounds, beliefs and practices as some sources.

Is Andrei Deiu’s parents also a fitness personnel? An insight into his family

Though many details about Deiu’s parents are not available, some sources believe that his father was a chemistry teacher and his mother owned a pharmacy. This information is yet to be verified.

The descriptive detail regarding his family is only that he hails from a well-to-do Christian family and was raised by his parents; that’s it. Besides this, his parents or other family members are not mentioned.

Not much detail, but Deiu has posted a video on his YouTube channel where he was seen working out with his father. His father effortlessly looked young and fit, hinting that his family may have been from an athletic background. The video is mentioned below for reference. You can give it a look.

Andrei Deiu Early life | College, University, and Education

Just like his parents, there are not many details on Deiu’s academic involvement. It is known that he attended his early school from a local school in Romania.

Later, he enrolled in the University of Romania, where he graduated. The details of his major are yet to be revealed, and so is the name of his college.

Is Andrei Deiu a part of Olympia? Bodybuilding career

Deiu’s career as a bodybuilder started when he was at the age of 17 years. At such age, he participated in the 2011 Miami Pro Competition, in which he won the title of the pro winner. For the event, he flew to Miami. Several renowned participants were part of the program.

In the meantime, from 2011- 2020, Deiu invested his time and hard work into fitness and workout routines to enlist himself as the Pro Bodybuilding Competitor.

Successfully, in 2020, he was able to bag the fifth position in the renowned Men’s Physique Olympia 2020. These two events were the main career highlights.

Despite the championships, Deiu leapt into modelling too. He has been part of several brands and merchandise and featured in advertisements, making him famous worldwide.

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Andrei Deiu Holds Net Worth of $5 Million

According to several new portals, Deiu is estimated to hold a grand networth of $5 million as of 2023. He is the owner of his personal clothing brand, struttco. Moreover, he does brand endorsements for several renowned fitness-related brands and companies.

Bodybuilder Andrei Deiu, promoting  the brand 3dgains (Source: Instagram)

Bodybuilder Andrei Deiu, promoting the brand 3dgains (Source: Instagram)

Some of the brands Deiu endorses currently are evogennutrition, a vitamin or supplement-related company, boohoomanactive, and youngla, a man’s clothing brand; and the 3dgains, a coaching platform.

He holds a large fortune because he is involved in a campaign and owns a brand. His networth is estimated to increase even more.

A guide to Andrei Deiu’s Workout plan

Deiu follows certain workout routines and plans to stay fit and be the champion of Olympic events. He worked out for the whole week. A sample of his workout routine is mentioned below, taken through the reference of

Monday: Chest/Shoulders

Workout RoutineSets
Incline Barbell Chest Press4 x 10-12
Press Ups Incline4 x 10-15
Cable Fly’s Incline4 x 8-10 (Last Set Drop Set)
Flat Dumbbell Press4 x 10-12
Machine Chest Fly’s6 x 10-15 (Last Set Drop Set)
Seated Lateral Raises4 x 10-12

Tuesday: Back/Abs

Workout RoutineSets
Pull Ups3 x Failure
Pulldowns5 x 10-12
Seated Cable Row4 x 10-12 (Superset)
Machine Pullovers4 x 10-12
One Arm Dumbbell Row3 x 8-10
Deadlifts3 x 8-10
Leg Raises4 x 15-20
Cable Crunches3 x 10-15

Wednesday: Shoulders

Workout RoutineSets
Military Press4 x 8-10 (Superset)
Barbell Front Raises4 x 8-10
Seated Side Lateral Raises5 x 10-15
Standing One Arm Lateral Raises5 x 10-12
Seated Dumbbell Rear Delt Raises4 x 10-12 (Superset)
Reverse Pec Deck Fly’s4 x Failure
Dumbbell Shrugs4 x 8-10

Thursday: Cardio/Abs

Workout RoutineSets
Incline Treadmill (Steady State)1 Hour
Decline Leg Raises4 x 12-15
Cable Crunches4 x 10-15
Hanging Oblique Knee Raises3 x 10

Friday: Quads/Calves

Workout RoutineSets
Warm Up Bike (Warmup)15 Minutes
Squats6 x 8-15
Narrow Stance Leg Press4 x 12-15
Leg Extensions6 x 10-15 (Superset)
Single Leg Extensions6 x 5
Standing Calve Raises5 x 16-18
Standing Calve Raises4 x 10-15 (Warmup)

Saturday: Arms/Abs

Workout RoutineSets
EZ-Bar Skull Crushers4 x 10-12
Rope Pushdowns5 x 10-15
Reverse Single Arm Extensions3 x 10-12
Barbell Curls4 x 8-10 (Superset)
Reverse Barbell Curls4 x 8-10
Seated Concentration Curls4 x 10-12
Air Bike4 x 15-20
Side Lateral Leg Raises4 x 10-12

Sunday: Hamstrings/Calves

Workout RoutineSets
Lunges4 x 10-12
High/Wide Stance Leg Press5 x 10-12
Seated Leg Curls5 x 10-12
Straight Legged Deadlifts3 x 10-15
Calf Press (Using Leg Press)5 x 10-15
Standing Calve Raises3 x 10

Andrei Deiu’s Meal Plan

Deiu’s meal plan is mentioned below. Altogether, he has 6 meals a day along with the supplements BCAAs, fish oil, flax seed, multivitamins, fat burner, and CLAs.

  • 1st Meal: Breakfast- 2 Whole Eggs, separate 6 Egg Whites, one full cup of Oats, 2 ounces of Berries and 1 teaspoon of Peanut Butter.
  • 2nd Meal: Lunch- 7 ounces Chicken Breast for protein, 5 ounces White Rice as carbs and 1 cup Broccoli for nutrition
  • 3rd Meal: Afternoon Snack- 5 ounces Fish or Chicken as a protein intake, and 7 ounces Sweet Potato for carbs
  • Post Workout: 2 scoops of Whey Isolate and 1 ½ ounces of Dextrose as supplements.
  • 4th Meal: Dinner- 7 ounces Chicken as protein intake, 5 ounces Sweet Potato for carbs and 1 cup Vegetables
  • 5th Meal: Supper- 5 ounces Steak as protein intake and 1 cup Green Beans for micronutrients
  • 6th Meal: Late night- 1 cup Cottage Cheese or Greek Yogurt and 1 handful of Almonds as a complete meal.


Is Andrei Deiu married? Know his wife and children.

As of now, Deiu is not married but is rumoured to be in a relationship. He is linked with several personalities with whom he shares his fitness sessions. This section will be updated when it is available.

Neither Deiu has a wife nor children. He is suspected of dating, but the details are scarce. Moreover, nothing is mentioned on his social page to hint at his love life.

Andrei Deiu on Social Media | Instagram, Facebook

Deiu is available on Instagram and several other social platforms. He is also present on Facebook and Tiktok and has a YouTube channel.

On Instagram, he is available with the handle andreideiu_, with 6.1M followers. His Instagram is the one which led him to immense stardom.

On Facebook and Tiktok, with the username Andrei Deiu’, he has 232k followers and 1.1M followers, respectively. Moreover, he has 1.13M subscribers on his YouTube channel, @AndreiDeiu, which he created in November 2016.

Final Words

Summing up, we can say that, through hard work and dedication, Deiu has built an empire known as the 6M family on his Instagram. Securing such milestones is a great success one can have as a fitness influencer.

Now, not only as a fitness expert, Deiu is also marching his web on to the business and is on the path to becoming an entrepreneur. We wish him all the best for his coming prosperity, fortune, and popularity.

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