Robyn Cara’s Mother Paved Stepstones To Her Acting Career: Parents And Ethnicity

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Robyn Cara, an English actress

Ackley Bridge actress Robyn Cara became an actor after her mother, who loved theater, influenced her. Cara’s mom used to take her to theater plays and later enrolled her in drama classes.

In her interviews, she often talks about her family but does not mention much in detail about them. Robyn seems to hail from a family with South Asian roots, so fans are also eager about her ethnicity aside from her family.

Cara, a British actress, graduated from Birmingham School of Acting in 2016 and got into acting subsequently. Having made her breakthrough as Kayla Afzal in Ackley Bridge (2021-22), she landed another notable role as Emmy in Bodkin.

This article explores more about Robyn’s parents, family background, and journey to acting.

Robyn Cara’s Mother Used To Take Her To Theater

Cara was born on August 2, 1995, in Clapham, London, England, to her English parents. However, the Doctor Jekyll actress never opened details about her father or mother. Having said that, she does not shy away from mentioning her supportive family, especially her mother in interviews.

In May 2024 during an interview with Numero Magazine, Robyn stated that she was grateful to her mother for being the influential figure who introduced her to local theatre and drama schools. This means that her parents were financially well enough to give the best to her child at an early age.

Moreover, the actress added that her mom owned a complete box of set of Friends, and she would watch episodes after episodes.

English actress Robyn Cara's mom influenced her to acting
English actress Robyn Cara’s mom influenced her to acting (Source: Instagram)

Cara was more practical than the kid of her age. She bought stuff suitable for her to run around and get messy.

Her early exposure to local stage theater fostered her love for the stage, ultimately leading her to an acting career.

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Robyn Has Dyslexia: Another Push Factor To Acting

The National Youth Theatre alum is dyslexic- meaning, she has difficulty in reading and decoding the combination of letters. So, one of her teachers suggested that she try read drama scripts which ultimately propelled her to acting.

Robyn’s supportive mother also took her daughter’s interest and enrolled her in drama classes. Later, she joined the National Youth Theatre, and graduated from Birmingham School of Acting (now the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire).

What Is Robyn Cara’s Ethnicity? Portrayed A Mixed Ethnic Student In ‘Ackley Bridge’

Even if Cara has yet to address her ethnic background, it’s evident from her appearances that she has mixed roots. In the British drama series Ackley Bridge, she portrays one of the main casts, Kayla Afzal, a mixed-race student.

Her biracial character was born to white English mother, Jules Perry, and a traditional Pakistani father, Mo Afzal. Robyn’s character, Kayla, deals with complexities of her family peace struggle and her mixed heritage that made her face many challenges.

Robyn portrayed a character with mixed ethnicity in the series Ackley Bridge
Robyn portrayed a character with mixed ethnicity in the series Ackley Bridge (Source: Instagram)

Since, the TV series these days casts actors in such characters that nearly matches their actual ethnic heritage, many allege if it was same from Robyn. However, so far, she has yet to address it.

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Cara’s Career Achievement From Stage To Stardom

Robyn was exposed to theatre in her childhood and has been part of many stages since then. Her passion for theatre led her to choose her passion for a career. After her graduation from Birmingham School of Acting, one of the most renowned schools, she made her debut with stage theater, Much Ado About Nothing, in 2016.

Working concurrently in stage productions like The Importance of Being Earnest and Oliver Twist, she also earned on-screen roles. In 2018, she made her TV debut through Hounslow Diaries, which followed her film appearances in We Die Young (2019).

Afterward, she would work in TV series Life (2020) and Trying (2020-22), which gave her further exposure in the industry.

Cara with her Bodkin co-stars
Cara with her Bodkin co-stars (Source: Instagram)

In 2021, Cara got her acting breakthrough after landing the role of Kayla Afzal in Ackley Bridge. She was one of main casts through Season 4 and Season 5. Then, in 2022, she worked in other two series: The Rising and Red Rose.

Robyn’s another major acting recognition came in 2024 as Emmy in the Netflix series Bodkin co-starring Chris Walley, Siobhán Cullen, and Will Forte.

Robyn Cara’s Relationship With Seán Óg Cairns: Are They Dating?

Robyn and Seán’s characters in Bokdin were in an on-screen romantic relationship. With strong on-screen chemistry, there are no signs of a breakup in the storyline. They both seem happy together and enjoy each other’s company.

However, their reel roamnce led to confusion among the viewers about their relationship. However, they mentioned being just friends who love each other’s company.

Furthermore, digging up her Instagram page, we can see a glance at her with her other male co-stars Karan Gill and Nikhil Parmar. But she does not seem to have a romantic relationship with them. They seem to be close friends.

Overall, Robyn has successfully maintained her private life outside of media attention. However, her on-screen romances have always been a hot topic of discussion.

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