Find Out Yanyah Milutinovic’s Height, Weight, Nationality, Husband

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Yanyah Milutinovic

Yanyah Milutinovic has the height of an average man as she is five feet 10 inches tall and can be six feet 2 inches taller in heels.

The gorgeous-looking Milutinovic is an award-winning bodybuilder who is a published fitness model and sponsored athlete by Performix and NG who has been declared the Sebarian Queen of Fitness by the Sebarian tabloid newspaper BLIC.

She is a Swedish fitness model currently residing in the heart of many people and physically staying in New York. She is an excellent example of an inspiration to many women who want to start their fitness journey.

To explore more about Milutinovic, please stay tuned and read this article until you find out her information, including her height, weight, birthplace, date of birth, zodiac sign, ethnicity, nationality, religion, husband, bodybuilding journey, net worth, income source, and many more.

Bio & Quick Facts

Full NameYanyah Milutinovic
Date of BirthJuly 26, 1986
Zodiac SignLeo
Birth PlaceSweden
Weight84 Kg
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
ProfessionBody Builder and Social Media Personality
Net Worth$1 (Approx.)

What is the Nickname of Yanyah Milutinovic? And Birthplace

The nickname of Yanyah Milutinovic is Yanyah itself. Still, the name she is popularly recognized is yanyahgotitmade, which is also the username of most of her social media platforms.

She originally hails from Sweden, where she spent her early life with her loved ones. She was raised in Sweden by her parents with love and care. But she also faced many challenges and hard times at age 4, being the victim of domestic violence.

Know Yanyah Milutinovic’s Age, Date of Birth And Zodiac Sign

The gorgeous Milutinovic was born on July 26, 1986, and her age as of 2023 is 37, but no wonder she still looks like she is in her early 20s with her extraordinary beauty and grace.

As per her date of birth, July 26, her zodiac sign is Leo, which denotes her personality traits to be leader, extrovert, friendly, and loyal.

Discover the Height, Weight, and Body Measurements of Yanyah Milutinovic

Milutinovic is a beautiful model who is also a mother. Even after being pregnant, she has successfully maintained her physique.

Gorgeous Yanyah Milutinovic with towering height
Gorgeous Yanyah Milutinovic with a towering height (Source: Instagram)

She has a high cliff, taller than the average woman as she is five feet 10 inches tall and weighs approximately 84 Kg. She has the perfect figure and an eye-catching beauty as she has mesmerized blue-colored eyes and shiny blonde hair that makes anyone drop their jaw.

Who Are the Parents of Yanyah Milutinovic? Her Ethnicity, Nationality, and Religion

A Serbian-Montenegrin father and a Finnish-sami mother in Sweden raised Milutinovic. Therefore, she belongs to a mixed ethnic background due to her parents. She also has a sibling sister.

Since she was born in Sweden, she holds the identity ban citizenship of Sweden, which ultimately makes her nationality Swedish—the details about her following the religion are yet to be known.

As per ifbbmuscle, it is reported that her biggest supporter and mentor in her life is her father, who always supported her like a friend and motivated her to solve every single problem of her and her siblings. Unfortunately, more details about her family are not available.

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Who is Yanyah Milutinovic Married To? Does she have Children?

Yanyah Milutinovic is married to a Fitness Coach named Risel Martinez, who is 34 years old. She has a very supportive husband who has been through thick and thin.

Yanyah Milutinovic with her husband and children
Yanyah Milutinovic with her husband and children (Source: Instagram)

And yes, she has two adorable children. Milutinovic and Martinez share a beautiful six-year-old daughter named Smiljana and a baby boy of two years old who was born in 2021.

They have a lovely family of four, but Milutinovic has not revealed their faces yet since she constantly blurs out their faces in her Instagram post. She might respect her children’s privacy and allow them to enjoy their childhood with fun rather than popularity.

Was Yanyah Milutinovic Pregnant?

Milutinovic was pregnant in 2018 and 2021 with a lovely daughter and son. When pregnant, she worked consistently, focusing on her workouts, weightlifting and deadlifting. She kept following her passion for working out.

Furthermore, she used to post videos of herself deadlifting 315 lbs during seven months of pregnancy. She received comments ‘crazy’ and ‘attention seeker’ in her content. At that moment, many people accused her of trying to harm an unborn child, which is not true because Physical activity does not increase your risk of miscarriage, low birth weight, or early delivery, as per ACOG.

Yanyah Milutinovic being asked by her fans about her pregnancy transformation
Her fans are asking Yanyah Milutinovic about her pregnancy transformation. (Source: Instagram)

And now she receives lots of queries to make a body like her after the pregnancy, which can be seen in the above picture of Milutinovic during one week to year two after the pregnancy due to her workouts.

How did Yanyah Milutinovic’s brother die?

2018, on August 24, Yanyah Milutinovic shared a post about her brother’s death. She posted a black picture, which denotes how sorrowful and black day it was for her to lose her very brother.

She shared a black picture with the caption,

m going home.
After 10.5 very long years I have finally been granted permission to travel home to now bury my younger brother.
The price I payed for my freedom was high, higher than what I ever expected or was ready to pay.
I never imagined my homecoming to be so painful or that my brothers death would lose my shackles and set me free.
This past week have been the most difficult time in my life and I am far from ready to share my experience with you, but hopefully one day I will be stable enough to do so.
For now, I just want to thank every single one of you for all the support and love me and my family have received during this very difficult time.

-Yanyah Milutinovic on August 24, 2018
Yanyah Milutinovic's statement on her brother's demise
Yanyah Milutinovic’s statement on her brother’s demise (Source: Instagram)

Her caption expresses heartwrenching suffering as she lost a brother and returned home after about 11 years to bury her younger brother. Unfortunately, the exact reason for her brother dying is unknown.

Quote by Yanyah Milutinovic

“The challenges in my life have made me more understanding of situations and people, but more importantly, the understanding of myself.”

-Yanyah Milutinovic

Explore Yanyah Milutinovic’s Career And Bodybuilding Journey

Yanyah Milutinovic had a challenging and complex life from her early life and has the strength to overcome those hurdles fully. She has always been fond of sports and started playing soccer at four and then played on the boy’s team at 6.

She even joined playing Karate at ten years old and became the champion of The Open World Cup for children at 15. She had to immigrate to the USA in 2008 and suffered from feeling left out, drinking daily, and losing her athletic version. She also suffered from domestic violence. But one day, she decided it was time for a change, which turned her life into a new path.

She grew her passion for adapting to physical activity, ultimately showing her a fitness pathway. She started working out more, and her father has always been the most excellent support for her, who helped her to always stay motivated even in the dark times.

Her two karate coaches, Shihan Johan Lindqvist and Shihan Ingo de Jong, guided her. She started hitting the gym more often and sharing her fitness journey on social media platforms, which gained quick recognition. Many people know her today, with more than 364 K Followers on her Instagram.

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How Much Net Worth Does Yanyah Milutinovic Have, and What is Her Income Source?

Yanyah Milutinovic has a net worth of approximately $1 Million, and her primary sources of income come from her profession as a fitness coach, Personal Trainer, and fitness model. Her other income sources come from social media, brand endorsements and sponsorships.

Awards, Accomplishments, and Achievements

The fitness model Milutinovic’s award, accomplishment, and achievement is the title of an Absolute Strongest Woman in 2022, and she also earned first place in her first-ever powerlifting competition.

Yanyan Milutinovic after winning the competition, posing with her family
Yanyan Milutinovic, after winning the competition, posing with her family (Source: Instagram)

However, she does not seem to have participated in other events as she had primarily accomplished the fitness goal as the mother of two children.

Find Out Yanyah Milutinovic’s Workout and Diet Plans

To discover Milutinovic’s workout, you can look at her Instagram page, where she often shares knowledgeable content related to workout and exercise routines.

Know what she eats in a day, which includes 1969 Kcal in a day, a diet focused on lean protein and healthy carbs.

To get her proper workout, diet, and supplement plan, you can pay and reach her dreams on the website of stan, where you can find workout challenges, pregnancy coaching, and many more.

How is Yanyah Milutinovic’s Online Presence?

As a famous personality, Milutinovic is loved and adored by many globally. Her fans searched for exclusive content regarding her nude, naked, and topless pictures. Well, She does not share such kind of exclusive content publicly.

Yanyah Milutinovic in a Adriatica Restaurant, Grill & Beach Club in a Bikini Outfit
Yanyah Milutinovic in an Adriatica Restaurant, Grill & Beach Club in a Bikini Outfit (Source: Instagram)

However, you can find her bikini posts on her social media handle under the username @yanyahgotitmade.

List of Yanyah Milutinovic’s Social Media: Instagram, Youtube

The list of her social media handles are listed below with the number of her followers that she gained with her incredible online presence:

Final Words

Finding someone like Yanyah Milutinovic in today’s generation is relatively rare since she is a bright, hardworking, and sensible person who has gone through hard times, struggled with their inner demons, and overcame them.

She is not only about a pretty face and great figure but also about the symbol of strength, inspiration, and determination to always accept the challenges and move forward to positivity.

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