What Is the Age of Fitness Influencer Suelen Bissolati in 2023? Learn Her Height, Weight, Family, and Wiki

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Suelen Bissolati

Suelen Bissolati is 33 years old as of 2023. Suelen is a bodybuilder and motivational speaker from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who has created quite a buzz in the fitness industry. She got into the limelight after she won the WFBB Fitness Model Brazil in 2018. She was at the age of 28 years when she was awarded such an honour.

Bissolati is not just a fitness influencer; she has many followers on her social media, making her a renowned media personality. On her Instagram, she has more than 200k followers. Her motivational posts and training clips earned her popularity, collecting a significant fanbase.

In the following sections, we will discuss everything concerning Bissolati, such as her age, height, weight, family, career, networth, etc. Keep reading to discover.

Quick facts

Name Suelen Bissolati
ProfessionFitness model and Motivational Speaker
Date of BirthOctober 7, 1990
Age 33 years
BirthplaceSao Paulo, Brazil
Zodiac SignLibra
Height5 feet 5 inches (167cm)
Weight60 to 75 kg
Body measurements38-25-43
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandCarlos Cordeiro
Net Worth$1-$5M
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter

How Old Is Suelen Bissolati? Where Was She Born?

According to famousbirthday.com, Bissolati was born on 7th October 1990. As such, she is at the age of 33 years old. Her birthplace was Sao Paulo, Brazil’s most populous state capital.

Talking about the zodiac sign, she was a Libra. As Libra females are described for their joyful nature and charming and friendly personalities, Bissolati greatly appreciates this behaviour.

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Get To Know The Upbringings Of Suelen Bissolati: Nationality, Ethnicity, And Religion.

Bissolati, born in Brazil, undeniably holds the Brazilian nationality. Her ethnicity is not made available online yet. Moreover, Just like her ethnicity, nothing is known regarding her religious beliefs. This section will be updated on being open.

Suelen Bissolati Parents, Siblings, And Family

There is no trace of the family members of Bissolati online. To date, the name and profession of her parents and the details, such as having any siblings, are not yet available. Bissolati does not want her family dragged into the media; we respect her decision entirely.

Suelen Bissolati Body Measurements: Height, Weight, And figure

According to ifbbmuslce.com, Bissolati has a height of 5 feet 5 inches (167cm) with a weight of between 60 to 75 kg. Her body weight fluctuates by the seasons.

Suelen Bissolati  (Source: Instagram)

Suelen Bissolati (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, her additional body measurements are 38-25-43 taking breast, waist and hip, respectively. She wears the bra, a size of 42B. Her physiques are even more accentuated by her beautiful-looking hazel eyes and thick, dense black hair.

Is Suelen Bissolati Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Bissolati is married to her husband, Carlos Cordeiro. Carlos is a police inspector. Besides this, nothing is known regarding her husband and her married life. This section will be updated on being available.

Suelen Bissolati Career: A Detailed Guide

Bissolati got her career highlight after winning WFBB Fitness Model Brazil in 2018. Before fame as a fitness expert, she was a media personality as she had many followers on her social media, especially on Instagram.

Her followers appreciate her divine figure. Moreover, she initially hooked her followers by sharing workout routines, tips, and meal plans. Now, she has more than 200k followers on her Instagram page.

She made her first Instagram post in February 2016. The post was a photo of her at the Carnivale. Gradually, she started sharing many posts on her Instagram, getting accolades and extensive followers.

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Suelen Bissolati Awards and Achievements

Not just a fitness personal, but Bissolati is also a media personality. As for talking about fitness, her most celebrated accomplishment is winning the WFBB Fitness Model Brazil in 2018 and the WFBB Diva Figure Pro in 2023. This section will be updated later on.

Exploring The Net Worth, Income Source, And Earnings Of Suelen Bissolati

Bissolati’s net worth is between $1M to $5 million as of 2023. Her career as a professional bodybuilder and her social media are her income sources. We couldn’t find many details on her monthly allowance and expenditure. For now, her gross net worth is the only one we have access to.

Beautiful fitness influencer Suelen Bissolati (Source: Instagram)

Beautiful fitness influencer Suelen Bissolati (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, she has only fans accounts where she charges a certain amount for her content; through this, she generates considerable money. Recently, she has provided 70% off on her content. It’s valid only for 31 days.

Suelen Bissolati Workout Routines

Bissolati has a workout routine that helps to maintain her overall figure. It is designed to work for all her body parts, but primarily, she loves doing the leg session. She works out six days a week, two of which are complete for her legs only. She starts her workout by doing the warm-ups as everyone usually does.

She lifts heavy weights for her legs, followed by a high-intensity workout routine. Besides this, she includes other routines in her daily program, as mentioned below:

Wide-Stance Barbell Squat3  5-8 reps
Narrow-Stance Barbell Squat3  5-8 reps
Barbell Deadlift5 5-8 reps
Leg Press5 5-8 reps
Lying Leg Curls, superset with Leg Extensions38-12 reps

Suelen Bissolati Meal Plan, And Diet

Bissolati works out fiercely, so her diet balances her workout. She includes a lot of protein in her diet. As for protein, she takes fish, lean meat, chicken, and peanuts. Additionally, she includes brown rice, sweet potatoes, olive oil, bananas and broccoli on her diet.

Moroever, to keep herself checked and fit, she has Salmon, Turkey Breasts, Tempeh, Brown Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Walnuts, Chia Seeds, Spinach, and Kale daily. She is very conscious about her diet and doesn’t have that much of a cheat meal. If she has, it would be one or two times a month.

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Is Suelen Bissolati On Instagram? Social Media Presence

Bissolati is available on Instagram with the handle suelenbissolati. There, she has 276k followers. She keeps posting about her fitness journey, travelling, and modelling pictures there.

Just like Instagram, she is also available on Twitter. There with the handle, @BissolatiSuelen has 6178 followers. Besides this, we couldn’t find her on any other social media.

Final Words

Bissolati’s impressive body and dedication to the profession have crafted fame and glory for her. Now, she is one of the most respected and admired personalities in the fitness industry.

With social media proliferating, Bissolati’s presence is also expanding vigorously. We wish this rising star all the best for her bright future.

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