How Old Is Bodybuilder Tonio Burton in 2023? Know His Age, Height, Nationality, and Football

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Tonio Burton

As of 2023, Tonio Burton is a 32-year-old athletic personnel whose birthday has been none less than a riddle to resolve.

As fitness spreads among the youth, there is a significant splash ringing in the details of the bodybuilder. One such queried bodybuilder is the American-born Tonio Burton, whose age is much more queried than his professional achievements.

Tonio Burton is famous for his recent highlight, champion of the 2023 New York Pro, one of the significant events of the IFBB pro league. In every fitness geek’s words, Burton is after his victory at such an event.

In the following sections, we will detail the age, height, networth, social media, football and everything concerning Burton. Keep reading to discover.

Tonio Burton | Quick Facts

Name Tonio Burton
Popular asBodybuilder Tonio Burton
Nickname“The Predator”
Date of birthN/A
Age 32 years
Raised on Reno, Nevada
Current Residence Miami, Florida
Joined Bodybuilding2018
Height5 feet 8 inches (176 cm)
Weight185 lbs(83kg)
Marital StatusMarried
First CoachMike Courtney
Social MediaInstagram

Where was Tonio Burton born? Exploring his birthplace and Zodiac sign

Sadly, there are no details regarding Burton’s birthday. Netizens showed interest in learning how old this fitness influencer is but were disappointed as nothing was mentioned regarding his birth, but rest assured, we have got you now.

According to some sources, Burton is 32 years old in 2023. He was believed to have been born on or around 1991. Besides this, nothing is known, such as his Zodiac and all.

Contrary to his birthday, on a Q&A session with Dragon Pharma, Burton revealed that he was born in Louisiana but was raised in Reno, Nevada. He was the first athlete in his family.

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Know Tonio Burton’s Nationality, Ethnicity, and Religion

Burton was born in Louisiana, United States, granting him American nationality. He grew up in Reno, Nevada, where he got his early education. Now, he resides in Miami.

Unlike nationality, there is nothing known regarding his ethnicity and religion. This section will be updated on being available.

How tall is Tonio Burton? Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Burton has an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches(176 cm). He has built impressive muscles, weighing around 185 lbs(83kg).

American Bodybuilder, 2023 New York Pro winner Tonio Burton (Source: Instagram)

American Bodybuilder, 2023 New York Pro winner Tonio Burton (Source: Instagram)

Talking about his other body measurements, he is believed to have an arm size of 21 inches, a chest of 45 inches, and a waist of 30 inches. He looks bulky and fierce.

A Peek into Tonio Burton’s Parents, Family, and heart-wrenching Tragedy

Sadly, there are no details available regarding the parents of Burton, but details are available on his sibling, late brother, Trezelle Holloway. He was killed in an unfortunate incident in 2017.

Burton treats his nieces and nephews like his children, as his uncle and aunt were killed in the same incident in which his brother died. Two of Burton’s best friends were also killed in that incident.

Talking about his family, he resides now with his mother, wife and children. They are pretty close to each other and are supportive.

In an interview with Dragon Pharma, Burton mentioned that, while in 2019, Burton was listed on the finals, he didn’t expect it; at that time, his mother and his kids were very proud.

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Is Toni Burton also a father figure? Is he married?

Burton was long married to his wife, but the details of his marriage and wife are unavailable. The reason behind the silence interests the netizens even more.

Talking about his children, Burton is a father to two boys. One of his sons is 14, while another turned 13 in 2023. He described his son as having different traits and being unique.

His older son is a player engaged in football and basketball, while his younger son is more like him, a boxer. Burton was also a boxer while he was young during school.

Why did Tonio Burton choose Bodybuilding over a Football career?

Burton started his career as a bodybuilder in 2018. Now, he is the NY Pro Champion. Before bodybuilding, he was into football. He had done OATS with an NFL team, which he describes as his ultimate goal.

Unfortunately, Burton met a mishappening in early 2018, a Hamstring injury because of which he had to forfeit his football career.

After being advised by his well-wisher to pursue a bodybuilding career, he thought about it but was initially against appearing in front of the masses in underwear. It was his coach and wife who approached him and guided him along. His first coach was Mike Courtney.

His professional career started in 2019 when he became a part of the USA’s light-heavy division. For his first completion, he was against the Micheal Cleves.

His career took to the next height in 2021 when he secured 1st position on IFBB Indy Pro. Along with it, he participated in several contests such as NPC Mother Londe Championships, Men’s Light Heavyweight, Vancouver Pro Qualifier, Men’s Light Heavyweight, NPC Sampson Showdown, NPC USA Championships, IFBB Legion Sports Fest Pro, IFBB Mr. Olympia, 212 Division, IFBB California Pro Show, Men’s Open Bodybuilding. He is on the recent highlight for winning the IFBB New York Pro Show.

A Brief Look into Tonio Burton’s Daily Workout and Fitness Routines

Burton follows different fitness regimes to be in shape. An insight into his current fitness regime is mentioned below.

  • Monday- Quads, Hamstrings in the end
  • Tuesday- Back, Biceps in the end
  • Wednesday- Hamstrings, Quad
  • Thursday- Chest, Shoulders
  • Friday- Legs, Quads, and Hamstrings
  • Saturday- Shoulder, Chest
  • Sunday- Off

What does bodybuilder Tonio Burton eat in a day? Meal Plan, Supplements?

Burton restricts his diet in the off-season. During that period, he eats seafood as he likes it, but during the prep seasons, he is very clean and follows a particular diet, and he doesn’t mess, as he doesn’t want to face loss because of messing with the diet.

His diet includes lots of protein, fewer carbs, and more fibre. He usually takes lean meats, such as steak and chicken, for his protein intake, white or brown rice or sweet potato for carbs, and includes lots of nuts and dried fruits for healthy fats. Almonds are included in his everyday diet.

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Exploring Tonio Burton’s Networth And Income Source

Burton is estimated to hold a networth between $500k and $700k. His profession as an accomplished bodybuilder feeds him as the source of his income.

Moreover, being a renowned bodybuilder, he was approached by multiple fitness companies for the advertisements through which he generated significant wealth.

His past involvements include Celsius energy drink, Titan Nutrition, and aslanpharmaceuticals. Recently, he has been associated with Dragon Pharma.

Is Tonio Burton available on any social media? Instagram? Facebook?

Burton is available on Instagram with the handle mutant_tonio_burton and 2485 followers. His followers are rising daily as he expands his global reach. His Instagram wall is coloured with his body exposure and award shows.

On Facebook, there is the ID mentioned as him with the handle Tonio Burton Ifbb Pro, but it is yet to be verified whether it is the official one or just a fan page.

Besides this, we couldn’t find him on other social media. This section will be updated on its availability.


From being a football player to being a bodybuilder is a vast step anyone could count on. With the leap of faith and hard work, Burton has established himself as a prominent figure in the fitness industry. We wish him even more glam and glory in the coming days.

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