Find Out What Is Lucas Lakutsin’s Diet: Vegan or Non-vegan?

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Lucas Lakutsin

Many of you are curious to discover Lucas Lakutsin’s diet since he is known for his vegan diet, which can be utterly different from other fitness influencers.

Lucas Lakutsin is a popular, handsome guy originally from Italy, even though he was born in Moscow. His current residency is in the Los Angeles, CA, United States of America. He has become a burning sensation on social media platforms because of his height, weight and diet.

This article covers all the information about Lakutsin, including his vegan diet. To find out his age, height, weight, nationality, ethnicity, religion, parents, girlfriend, bodybuilding journey, workout routines and social media presence, please stay tuned and read this article until the final words.

Bio & Quick Facts

Full NameLucas Lakutsin
Nick NameLucas
Birth DateJuly 30, 1992
Age31 years old
Zodiac SignLeo
Birth PlaceMoscow, Russia
Weight345 lbs
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBrown
ProfessionFitness Model
Net worth$1 Million

Know Lucas Lakutsin’s Age, Date of Birth, Birthplace And Zodiac Sign

Lucas Lakutsin was born on July 30, 1992. He was born in Moscow, Russia, but his family are initially from Italy, and he is currently living in LA, CA, USA.

Since he was born on July 30, his zodiac sign is considered Leo, which means he possesses the traits of a leader and influential person.

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Discover the Height, Weight, and Body Measurements of Lucas Lakutsin and Arm and Shoe Size.

Lucas Lakutsin is a very handsome, giant and attractive man who can make any girl fall in love with him in an instant look. He has a powerful presence as he is very tall and has a muscular and robust physique.

Former Vegan Diet user Lucas Lakutsin
Former Vegan Diet user Lucas Lakutsin (Source: Instagram)

He is six feet and 10 inches tall and weighs around 345 lbs, about 152 Kg. In addition to his alluring body, he has captivating green eyes, which are gorgeous and brown-coloured hair that makes him even more hot and attractive.

Since he is a giant man, many of you are keen to determine his shoe and arm size. So, his shoe size is 15 in the USA, his arm size is 25 inches, and his body measurements are Chest- 60″, Waist- 42″ & Hips- 6″ 10″.

Who Are the Parents of Lucas Lakutsin? Complete Family Tree

Lakutsin is very intriguing; you are eager to know about his parents. Well, his parents originally belonged to Italy. He was born in Russia, meaning his parents are Italian Immigrants, or his parents might have ancestors from Italy.

We sometimes post pictures with his mother, but unfortunately, no information is available regarding his parents or siblings because he is a private person who likes to respect his family’s privacy. Still, as per some reports, it is known that he has a sibling sister in the family.

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Who is Lucas Lakutsin’s Girlfriend or Wife? Does he have Children?

Lucas Lakutsin’s girlfriend is a fitness trainer and influencer named Samantha Skolkin. They met through the social media platform Instagram and then began dating in 2020. His girlfriend Samantha is so tall, 6’5″ (195 cm), just like him, and weighs 70 kg, which is 155 lbs in pounds.

Lucas Lakutsin with his girlfriend working out together in the gym
Lucas Lakutsin with his girlfriend working out together in the gym (Source: Instagram)

They mostly post pictures and videos of them together on their social media handles, including Instagram and TikTok, which shows their immense love and affection for one another. Lakutsin and Skolkin are a power couple who are unmarried and do not have children.

Explore Lucas Lakutsin’s Career And Bodybuilding Journey

Lucas Lakutsin began his career at a young age when he was just 16. He always loved his Idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and was inspired to join the fitness field. So, he started hitting the gym and learned weight training, nutrition and supplementation from his trainer or coach.

After some time, he saw excellent results in his body and realised that he got his height, genetics and metabolism better, leading to a better physique. Eventually, he decided to participate in shows when he turned 18.

At 18, he won his first-ever competition in the Russian National Championship and placed second in the same category. That motivated him to continue in the fitness industry. Then, he continued participating in different national and international bodybuilding shows, where he got first place and achieved numerous trophies and medals.

He also got positive feedback from the judges. He started gaining attention from many people globally, which led him to huge acclaim and a fan following of over 1 million on his social media handles.

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How Much Net Worth Does Lucas Lakutsin Have, and What is His Income Source?

Lucas Lakutsin has a net worth of around $1 million, and his primary sources of income are bodybuilding competition shows, sponsorships, and brand endorsements from more prominent brands such as Muscletech, GASP, Gorilla Wear, Body Engineers and Iron Rebel.

Furthermore, he earns from his fitness modelling career as he models for various magazines, websites, commercials and campaigns. Additionally, he makes the money from his online classes and coaching services.

Find Out Lucas Lakutsin’s Workout Routines

Lucas Lakutsin is very strict regarding his workout plans since his discipline, dedication, and hard work have led him to have the fantastic body he has now. He primarily focuses on his weightlifting and other exercises in his training gym.

His workout routine is given below:

Monday for Leg Day Workout:

Before starting the workout, he does 10 minutes of warm-up on the treadmill and then starts his training as:

Name of Workout No. of SetsReps
Unweighted LungeTwo20
Front SquatFour10
Romanian DeadliftFour10-12
Leg ExtensionThree8-10
Leg CurlThree8-10
Standing Calf raisesFour20-25

Tuesday for Chest Workout:

Below is the chest workout, which is done on the Thursday:

Name of Workout No. of SetsReps
Bench pressFive5-10
Incline bench pressFive5
Dumbbell flyFour8-10
Push upFour8-10
Overhead pressFour8-10
Bent-over rowFour10-12
Lateral raiseFour8-9

Wednesday for Arms Workout:

He usually focuses on arms workouts on Wednesday, which are shown below:

Name of Workout No. of SetsReps
Hammer curlThree10-12
Triceps pushdownTwo15
Preacher curlThree10-12
Biceps curlThree10
Triceps extensionThree12-15
Skull crusherThree10-12
Concentration curlThree10-12
Reverse bicep curlThree10-12

Thursday for Abs Workout:

In the table below, you can find his abs workout, which is usually done on Thursday:

Name of Workout No. of SetsReps
Cable crunchThree10-12
PlankThreehold for 1 minute
Hanging leg raiseThree15
Medicine ball slamThree12
Reverse crunchThree12-15
Russian twistThree20
Side plankThree30 seconds per side

Friday for Shoulders workout:

On Friday, he focuses on the shoulders, so his Friday workout routine is like this:

Name of Workout No. of SetsReps
Arnold pressThree10-12
Cable lateral raiseFour12
Dumbbell Y-raiseTwo10-12
Overhead pressThree6-8
Front raiseThree12-15
Upright rowThree10-12
Cable rear flyThree10-12
Seated military pressThree8-10

Saturday for Back Workout:

Workout NameNo. of SetsReps
Wide grip pull-upThreeas many reps as he can
Cable pull-overThree12-15
Close-grip pulldownThree10-12
Smith machine rowThree6-8
Low cable rowThree12-15
Pull upThree10-12

Sunday for Rest Day:

He takes rest on Sunday to rest his muscles and to recover for the next week’s workout session. Rest is compulsory for every fitness influencer to stay healthy since constancy pressure on the body can badly impact their mental or physical well-being.

Exploring Lucas Lakutsin’s Diet and Find Out if He Is a Vegan

Lucas Lakutsin’s diet includes the following meals:

Breakfast Meal:

  • a cup of egg whites
  • two whole eggs
  • Cup of oats
  • a scoop of peanut butter

Lunch Meal:

  • Grilled Tilapia
  • Steamed Asparagus

Afternoon Snack:

  • Protein Bar

Dinner Meal:

  • Spinach
  • Cup of Broccoli

Pre-workout Meal:

  • Pre-workout shake
  • Dry Fruits

Post-workout Meal:

  • Protein Shake
  • Rice
  • Vegetables and fruits

Some of the supplements he takes are:

  1. Creatine
  2. BCAAs
  3. Whey Protein
  4. Fat Burner
  5. Carnitine
  6. Caffeine
  7. Turmeric

All his meals used to be purely plant-based, and he was a pure vegan who said that he made his muscular giant body take plant-based supplements only.

Lucas lakutsin's vegan update
Lucas Lakutsin’s vegan update (Source: Instagram)

But he is no longer a vegan since he needs more variety of diet for his body, which he discussed in his Instagram post above on December 5, 2022.

List of Lucas Lakutsin’s Social Media: Instagram, YouTube

The list of Lucas Lakutsin’s social media handles are:

Final Words

This article was all about his details and his workout and diet plan. We understand he is no longer vegan to prepare his body with enough protein and be even healthier.

We hope your curiosity about his impressive body has been cleared up, as we have mentioned every detail of his fitness career. We all should take the inspiration to stay vegan as much as possible to express our love for animals.

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