Get To Know the Bodybuilder Kendyl Nicole: Ifbb, Instagram, Workout Routine, Ad Fitness Journey

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Kendyl Nicole

Kendyl Nicole, an IFBB figure pro, is renowned worldwide as an inspirational female bodybuilder for her divine figure and illustrious body, which she received through her hard work. She has a large fanbase on her Instagram account.

Nicole, an injured runner during her college days, got up to the stage of IFBB. Through this, she shows the world an example of hard work, diligence and dedication. Now, Nicole is in the hearts of all fitness lovers.

In the following section, we will discuss the age, height, birthplace, career, and everything that concerns Nicole. Keep reading to discover.

Quick Facts

Name Kendyl Nicole
Popular asIFBB Figure Pro
ProfessionBodybuilder, athlete, and coach
Date of birthN/A
BirthdayApril 9
Age36 years as of 2023
Height5 feet 4 inch
BirthplaceUnited States
SiblingsSister- Ashley (died)
Networth Under Review
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter

How old is bodybuilder Kendyl Nicole? Know her age, birthplace, and Zodiac Sign.

Sadly, no details are available on Nicole’s birth year, but through an Instagram highlight she posted, we learned that she may be 36 years old as of 2023. In the highlight, she mentioned her age as 31 years in 2018. Also, through her Twitter, we learned that her birthday was on April 9.

As the information regarding Nicole is relatively scarce, nothing is known about her birthplace, too. The only thing that is known is she is from the USA, and that’s all. This section will be updated on being available.

Like her birthplace, her zodiac sign is a complete mystery. No matter which zodiac she belongs to, she has represented herself as an influential figure in the fitness industry through her hard work.

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How Tall is Kendyl Nicole? Height, Weight, Figure And Body Measurements

Nicole is 5 feet 4 inches tall, which equals 164 cm if the metrics are considered centimetres. She looks lean and thin with such height.

Taking about her weight, her actual weight as of 2023 is not available, but she was considered to have weighed 131 lbs with just 8% fat in 2015. Before this, she mentioned weighing 118 lbs in 2013.

Bodybuilder Kendyl Nicole before and after (Source: Instagram)
Bodybuilder Kendyl Nicole before and after (Source: Instagram)

Her other body measurements are not yet available, but it is evident that she fits into the model category with striking physical features. She looks radiant with her curly black hair and beautiful doe eyes.

Explore the early life of bodybuilder Kendyl Nicole: Parents, family, and siblings

After continuous web browsing and fiddling through several web pages, we still couldn’t find any trace of Nicole’s early life and parents. It was sure that she belonged to the American household; besides this, nothing was known about her parents.

Unlike her parents, Nicole mentioned having a sister named Ashley. Sadly, she died because of cancer, evidenced by the Instagram post-Nicole made in July 2022.

A look into the bodybuilder Kendyl Nicole’s nationality, ethnicity, and religion

Nicole was born in the United States, granting her an American Nationality. Besides this, there is nothing known regarding her ethnicity and religion. This section will be updated on being available.

When did Kendyl Nicole start her career as a bodybuilder? Career highlights

Nicole’s career started in 2013 when she became part of several events as a Bikini model. Back then, she had her body weight as 118lbs with a body fat of 11%. Later, when she became an IFBB figure pro, she weighed 131 lbs with just 8% fat.

Career-wise, Nicole was highlighted after winning the Figure Class C Open at North American in Pittsburgh. This same competition later earned her the IFBB pro status in the best bodybuilding organization held in 2015.

Achieving the IFBB pro status is a milestone for Nicole as she has seen this dream since her competition on NPC. She competed for NPC for 10 months.

IFBB figure pro Kendyl Nicole (Source: Instagram)
IFBB figure pro Kendyl Nicole (Source: Instagram)

In the career path of becoming a successful bodybuilder, Nicole has gone through numerous ups and downs. Thanks to johny_d_ casalena, who instructed her nicely in 2014 to figure out her career.

She is now known worldwide through her successful history as an IFBB figure pro. She is still active in bodybuilding and will participate in several competitions later.

Here’s the table where she participated and reached a notable position:

  1. 2018 – IFBB Pro League, New York Pro Show, Women’s Figure, 14th
  2. 2017 – IFBB Pro League, New York Pro Show, Women’s Figure, 5th
  3. 2017 – IFBB Pro League, St. Louis Pro, Women’s Figure, 13th
  4. 2016 – IFBB Pro League, Europa Dallas Pro, Women’s Figure, 9th
  5. 2015 – NPC, North American Championships, Women’s Figure – class C, 1st
  6. 2015 – NPC, Europa Dallas, Women’s Figure – class B, 2nd
  7. 2014 – NPC, Nationals, Women’s Figure – class C, 5th

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Kendyl Nicole Networth as of 2023

Nicole’s networth as of 2023 is under review. She may have accumulated quite a fortune as a fitness personnel and model, but it has not been disclosed yet.

However, she endorses several brands through which she generates substantial money. One of the infamous brands she endorsed is the ISO Splash.

In 2018, she mentioned marketing for Nike is one of her dream jobs. It is still unknown if she has got her dream job or not.

Breakdown of Kendyl Nicole’s workout routines: What does she follow daily?

Though the detailed workout plan is not mentioned yet, we learned that she includes various exercises in her workout regimen. A video of her working out is discussed below as a reference.

Kendyl Nicole Meal Plan and Supplements

Nicole follows a strict meal plan throughout. She avoids cheat meals and is very much conscious about her body and what she eats.

She includes chicken, fish, turkey, jasmine rice, sweet potatoes, and many proteins. Her detailed meal plan is not yet available. This section will be updated on being available.

While asked by the NPC news online what her nutrition tips are, she suggested not eating bland prep food and being creative with it. She recommends eating the same food available in everyone’s kitchen but in a different way.

Is Kendyl Nicole present on Instagram? Social media presence

Nicole is present on Instagram. It was the one social platform in which she was very active. There, with the handle kendylnicole_ifbbpro, she has 5844 followers. She is not available on Facebook.

Like Instagram, Nicole is also on Twitter with the handle Kendyl Nicole. There, she has just 266 followers. Her popularity is rising day by day. Besides this, she is not available on any other platforms.

Final Words

Before becoming a bodybuilder, Nicole was just a high school runner who was injured badly during high school. After being betrayed by fate, she remained dedicated and became a champion.

Nicole motivates all people to follow what they truly desire with dedication, and one day, they will be granted their wish only through hard work, not just through prayer. We wish her even more victory in the coming years.

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