A Comprehensive Guide to Bodybuilder Dan Decker’s Age, Biceps, Ifbb, Training, and Net Worth

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Dan Decker

Dan Decker, often confused with the popular series Lucifer’s character, is a bodybuilder from Indiana, United States. His age and birth year are highly debatable, yet some believe he was born in 1974, housing the age of 49 as of 2023.

Decker is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder who appeared in several renowned magazines for his sculpted physiques and body. He is also the winner of the 2012 IFBB league.

In the following sections, we will discuss the age, height, biceps, body measurements, career, net worth, and family of this fitness star. Keep reading to discover.

Dan Decker | Bio, Quick facts

NameDan Decker
Popular as Bodybuilder Dan Decker
ProfessionBodybuilding, professional athlete
Date of BirthAugust 10, 1974 ( Not confirmed)
Age49 years
BirthplaceGranger, Indiana, United States
Current residenceFountain Valley, California
Height5 feet 11 inches (155 cm)
Weight245 lbs (111 kg)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
Siblings3 half-sisters, one brother (adopted)

Dan Decker | Age, Birthplace, and Zodiac Sign

According to Networthpost.org, Decker was born on August 10, 1974. As such, he will be 50 years old in August. He was born in Granger, Indiana.

Also, through a blog post on the website modelmayhem, we learned that he might be in his late forties, which may be close to the fifties as of 2023. This verifies that his birthday mentioned above might be valid.

Born on August 10, Decker has the zodiac sign as Leo. Decker exhibits the following traits: the Leo males are confident, charismatic, and attractive.

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Dan Decker | Height, Weight, and Biceps

Decker has an impressive height of 5 feet 11 inches. He looks bulky with his defined biceps, abs, and massive weight of 245 lbs (111 kg).

Talking about his other physical features, he has beautiful blue eyes and tanned skin, complimented nicely by his short brown hair. He looks incredibly handsome with such striking features. He does not have any piercings on his body.

Who Are Dan Decker’s Parents, Siblings, and Family?

Though not many details were available regarding Dan’s parents, we learned he was born to American parents through an Instagram post Dan made on March 28, 2018. His mother, whose name is still unavailable, passed when she was 37 years old when Decker was just 1.5 months old.

Unlike his mother, his father is still alive and living in the Upstate, New York. On his father’s side, he has three half-sisters. Dan was adopted at a young age by amazing parents. From his adopted parents, he got a brother, Alan, who died in 1987 from a heart condition.

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Dan Decker | Education

It is still unknown if Decker is a university graduate or a high school dropout. He has remained entirely private far after the popularity and media.

His dedication to bodybuilding as he developed his passion in college is the only known regarding his early life and education.

He spent his entire sophomore year focusing on putting on much weight. For this, he didn’t even play football for a year. In the meantime, he participated in the local bodybuilding competition in 1993- the NPC South Bend, where he secured fourth place. Besides this, there is nothing known regarding his education.

Dan Decker | Career

Decker began his weightlifting voyage as a teenager in his parent’s basement. After playing football in high school, he got attached to bodybuilding as he saw its quick results. He competed locally in 1993 for the first time, securing the fourth position.

Later, he joined the US Navy Seabee veteran, after which he got even more hooked on bodybuilding. Following the training, he returned to bodybuilding, winning awards in 1994.

In 2003, he won at the Musclemania in Chicago, later gaining a Musclemania Pro card, but he opted for the NPC. In 2006, he shifted to California. This marked a turning point, as he gained worldwide recognition, landing magazine covers and ads.

It was mentioned that he was featured in 25 magazines. In the same year, he ranked 7th at the USA Nationals.

In 2007, Decker aspired for the USA Nationals again, placing his sights on a shredded 220-225 pounds. His journey in California proved to be rewarding later.

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Dan Decker | Awards, Accomplishments

Decker’s major accomplishments throughout his career are mentioned below. You can give it a look.

2016 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy13th
2014 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro8th
2012 IFBB1st
2012 IFBB NPC USA Bodybuilding4th

Dan Decker |Training And Workout Routines

Decker trains intensely. Though the detailed workout routine is not mentioned yet, through some videos, we learned that he involves five minutes of prep before every workout.

He usually starts with the reverse grip and bench press. It is a part of his chest exercise, and he does it daily. This helps him to gain muscle in the upper chest area.

Also, he has mentioned that it has resulted quite nicely for him as he saw the quick results through the practice of it.

After the prepping, he usually goes for Hammer strength wide grip press. He does it for about 4 to 5 minutes. After completing it, he inclines dumbbell flies for two to three minutes. He considered this exercise the one people entirely skip, finding it hard.

After this, he does some additional weightlifting and completes his routines. A video of him being involved in the workout session is provided below. You can give it a look.

Dan Decker | Mealplans And Diet

Decker does not have a specific meal plan; he tries to include as much protein in the diet as possible, with a slight moderation of carbs. Also, he includes lots of veggies and seasonal fruits to make his diet a healthy habit.

Moreover, he also takes multivitamins and minerals needed for his body, which he endorses via his Instagram. One supplement he never forgets to put in his diet is the Whey protein. It is his everyday nutrition.

In 2018, he was associated with Blacklionresearch and started using their products, such as Vector, Letrone, Follidrone, Viron, and Exotherm. He mentioned their benefits as legendary bodybuilding supplements on his Instagram.

How Much Net Worth Does Dan Decker Have? Income Source And Assets

According to the network post, Decker holds a net worth of around $2M as of 2023. His involvement in the fitness industry is the source of his income.

Moreover, being a public figure, he advertises for several fitness-related companies and brands, which gives him a significant fortune. One of the well-known brands he advertises is the black lion research, which is associated with bodybuilding supplements. Like this, he is involved with several other associations.

Dan Decker | Facebook, Social Media

Decker is widely available on Instagram with the handle ifbbdandecker and 17.3k followers. He keeps posting about his fitness regimes, routines, and workout practices there. Not only this, but he also mentions some of his family moments on Instagram.

Besides Instagram, we couldn’t find Decker on other social platforms. This section will be updated when it is available.

  1. Instagram- ifbbdandecker (17.3k followers)
  2. Facebook- N/A


Decker has gained global fame and reputation by holding renowned awards such as the IFBB league. Still, his name appears on the list of most accomplished bodybuilders. With fitness expanding its reach to the youth, his popularity is rising.

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