Who Is Bodybuilder Jill Vadala? Know Her Age, Height, Instagram, Reviews, and Workout Routines

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Jill Vadala

Jill Vadala, famous as the bodybuilder Jim, is the IFBB Pro Physique Competitor, bikini figure, physique competition prep coach, personal trainer, and nutrition consultant.

Jill is a master’s degree graduate in educational technology and owns a fitness company named “Team V Fitness”, which she opened when she was at the age of 37 years. Moreover, Jill is not just a bodybuilder; she is the mother of the two. Despite this, she has maintained a prominent athletic figure, making herself renowned worldwide.

In the following sections, we will discuss age, height, weight, Instagram, children, and the bio of this fitness personality. Keep reading to discover.

Jill Vadala | Bio, Quick Facts

NameJill Vadala
ProfessionBodybuilder, Personal trainer, and coach
Zodiac SignN/A
Height5 feet 2 inches (158 cm)
Weight (Not confirmed)79 kg (175 lbs)
BirthplaceScranton, Pennsylvania
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandJoe Vadala
Social MediaN/A

Jill Vadala | Age, Birthday, and Zodiac Sign

The information based on jilvadala’s official website, jilvadala.com, shows that she was born in 1973. Her birthday is still unknown.

As regards 1973, she is at the age of 50 years as of 2023. Just like her birthday, her zodiac sign is still not known.

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Jill Vadala | Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

This is yet to be confirmed, but some source believes her height is 5 feet 2 inches (158 cm). Through the same, her weight was predicted as 79kg (175lbs).

As her height and weight are still debatable, no other physical measurements are available online, such as her hip size, breast size, feet, and waist. This section will be updated on its availability.

Jill Vadala | Parents, Siblings, and Family

Though her parents’ names are not available online, it was stated that she was born into an athletic family.

Jill was introduced to fitness by her parents at an early age, at four; since then, she has taken ballet, tap and dance classes till she turned 20. Moreover, her father encouraged her to play softball, and she later played it as a pitcher.

Jill and her father used to run or walk about three miles near the lake in their neighbourhood while her mother exercised in her house. This shows her family’s involvement in fitness, which inspired her to pursue it as her career.

Bodybuilder Jill Vadala (Source: Facebook)
Bodybuilder Jill Vadala (Source: Facebook)

Talking about her siblings, Jill had a brother named Jay. Their parents used to train them both while they were young.

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Jill Vadala | Nationality, Ethnicity, and Religion

Jill was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States; hence, she is of American nationality. Her parents are also believed to hold the same.

No details on her ethnicity or religion, and likewise are available except for her nationality.

Jill Vadala | Early Life, Education

It is well known Jill is a master’s graduate with a degree in educational technology. The name of the university is not revealed yet. Also, there are no details available regarding her high school; the only thing known is that she was a cheerleader in her high school.

Moreover, it was mentioned that she was involved in ballet and tap dance classes at her high school.

Jill Vadala | Husband, Children

Jill was married to her husband, Joe Vadala, in 2001. They met in 1996 while Jill was teaching in Washington, DC, and Joe has also been transferred there recently. By profession, Joe was in the Secret Service in the motorcade support unit.

Bodybuilder Jill Vadala with her children (Source: Team V fitness)
Bodybuilder Jill Vadala with her children (Source: Team V fitness)

Jill was a mother to two children. After some years of marriage, she welcomed their first child, a son, Nico, on March 3, whose birth year has not yet been publicized. Later, on October 06, 2006, she gave birth to her second child, Chiara.

Jill Vadala | Career

Jill was into fitness from an early age; as discussed earlier, officially, she rolled into the journey after being part of several events starting in 1996. She opened he own fitness company in 2010.

1996 marked the beginning of her career; she then secured the fifth position on NPC Pocono Classic​ Fitness. Then, she had a career gap because of her pregnancy and surgery. Though she paused in her professional career, she is building herself for the significant plunge.

Later, in 2008, she participated in several events, gaining several positions and prestige. Some of these are the OCB Pride of the Atlantic​ Figure Novice Short, ​where she secured 1st Place. Overall Winner ​Figure Open, and Masters​ Figure Open Short ​, where she attained the second position. Similarly, she got 1st position in the NPC East Coast Tournament of Champions​ Figure Masters in the same year.

After such glory, she became part of several events in the following years. In the meantime, she was awarded several awards, such as NPC National Women’s Physique, IFPA Yorton Cup Pro Division​ Figure, and many more. This took her reputation to the next level.

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Jill Vadala | Awards, Accomplishments, and Achievements

Jill has received several awards and nominations. Her achievements are presented below in the table. You can give it a look.

1996NPC Pocono Classic​ Fitness 5th
2008OCB Pride of the Atlantic​ Figure Novice Short ​1st Place & ​Overall Winner ​ Figure Open2nd
2008Masters​ Figure Open Short 2nd
2008NPC East Coast Tournament of Champions​ Figure Masters 1st
2008OCB Nationals / Yorton Cup​ Figure Masters ​1st place1st
2008Women’s Open Figure ​Overall Winner Earned IFPA Pro Figure Car
2009OCB​ ​Rookie of the Year for 2008Winner
2009Arnold Amateur​ Figure Open Short ​11th
2009IFPA Yorton Cup Pro Division​ Figure ​2nd
2009NPC Eastern USA’s​ Figure Masters ​2nd
2009NPC Nationals​ Figure B class ​11th
2010NPC Team Universe​ Figure Masters A class ​5th
2011NPC JR USA’s​ Figure ​11th
2011NPC Team Universe​ Physique ​6th
2012NPC Max Muscle​ Women’s Physique ​2nd
2013NPC Nationals Women’s physique4th
2014Pro Debut- The Ferrigno Classic 11th
2014NPC Jr. USA’s Women’s Physique2nd

Jill Vadala | Fitness, Workout Routines

Jill follows a specific fitness regimen and practices. The list of her fitness routines is mentioned below.

  • Monday: Off; Jill takes her day off on Monday. She gives her time to her family during this day.
  • Tuesday: Legs; Tuesday is when Jill focuses on her Legs. Her entire workout is related to the leg this day.
  • Wednesday: Shoulders; Wednesday is the day for shoulders. Jill performs the routine related to the movement and flex of the shoulder on this day.
  • Thursday: Back: Jill’s most stubborn fitness regimen is on Thursday, when she focuses on her back. A short video of her back workout is mentioned below.
  • Friday: Chest, Biceps, Triceps; Jill focuses on three different parts on Friday: Chest, Biceps, and Triceps.
  • Saturday: Hamstrings: More than the body part, Jill’s Saturday is related to the strings and chords, the Hamstrings.
  • Sunday: Off: Just like Saturday, Jill regards Sunday as her day off.   

Jill Vadala | Diet plans, Supplements

Jill includes everything on her diet and maintains a balanced diet throughout. Her diet rule is to eat everything but work out extra later.

As for reference, her meal plans are mentioned below. This is just a reference and doesn’t have to be the same; one can add extra vitamins and supplements as needed.

  • Meal 1: Flank steak or chicken with cream of rice
  • Meal 2: Egg whites, spinach and diced tomatoes
  • Meal 3: Tuna, sweet potato and green beans
  • Meal 4:  Chicken and grapefruit
  • Meal 5:  Parrillo Optimized Whey Protein shake 
  • Meal 6: Orange Roughy or Alaskan Cod with asparagus 
  • Meal 7: Large salad with almonds and raisins 

Jill Vadala | Instagram, Social Media

Sadly, we couldn’t find Jill on any social platforms. She may be present in some media but may not have made it public or do not have any; no one knows. We could only access her through her official page and website, Team V Fitness.


We can say that Jill has achieved significant glory in the fitness industry. Not only is she a professional bodybuilder, but she is also a devoted wife and caring mother. Through it, she teaches everyone that if a person has a will, he/she can handle multiple things simultaneously, whether it be the profession or family.

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