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Wesley Vissers

Wesley Vissers is a famous IFBB Professional bodybuilder based in Dutch, born on May 6, 1993; he is now 25. He originally belongs to the Netherlands, where he was born. He always had dedication, passion and patience to strengthen himself from childhood.

He is the one who earned 8th place at the Olympia 2022 against other great bodybuilders such as Chris Bumstead,  Ramon Rocha Queiroz, Urs Kalecinski, Breon Ansley, Mike Sommerfeld, Terrence Ruffin, and Fabian Mayr.

Please read this article to discover more about this fitness personality and know his details, from his age, height, and weight to his income source and net worth.

Wesley Vissers | Quick Facts

Full NameWesley Vissers
Birth DateMay 6, 1993
Age25 years old
Height6’2″ (188 cm)
Weight98 Kg (216 lbs)
BirthplaceOosterhout, Netherlands
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGreen
ProfessionIFBB Professional Bodybuilder
Net Worth$5 Million
Relationship StatusMarried-Marly Nooijen

Wesley Vissers | Age, Birthdate & Zodiac Sign

The fitness model Wesley Vissers was born on May 6, 1993, which means he is 25 years old as of 2023.

He was born in Oosterhout, Netherlands, where he spent his childhood. His zodiac sign as power his date of birth, May 6, is Taurus.

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Wesley Vissers | Ethnicity, Nationality & Religion

Wesley Vissers’s ethnicity is unknown since he keeps his details private. However, we know that he belongs to the Netherlands and was born there, so he holds Dutch nationality.

Wesley Vissers
Wesley Vissers

He comes from a religious family who believe in the god ‘Jesus’ and have faith in Christianity following the customs, practices and traditions of the Christian religion.

Wesley Vissers | Height and Weight (Body Measurements)

Wesley Vissers has maintained his physique, which makes him look attractive. He is tall, measuring 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm), and weighs around 98 Kg, 216 lbs in pounds.

He is a gorgeous man with a charismatic appearance, with captivating green eyes and blonde hair emphasising his handsome look.

Wesley Vissers | Family and Siblings

He originally hails from a family that belongs to the Netherlands. He is a private and lowkey person in his personal life; he has maintained to keep his family away from the spotlight.

Respecting his family’s privacy, he has successfully kept his father and mother’s details private. However, it is known that he has a sibling who is younger than him, a brother named Kane.

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Wesley Vissers | Husband and Children

Wesley Vissers is a married man who has a wife named Marly Nooijen. He has a gorgeous wife whom he loves deeply and immensely.

Wesley Vissers with his wife and daughter

Wesley Vissers with his wife and daughter (Source: Instagram)

He and his wife share beautiful, charming and cute children. They have two children: an adorable son named Dexter and a daughter named Lara, who is gorgeous, just like her parents.

They are a happy family who seem complete and positive whenever they are seen together on social media.

Wesley Vissers | Education

Wesley Vissers went to the local high school after completing his high school. He then decided to join a University named HAN University of Applied Sciences.

He studied for a bachelor’s at that university, majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. He completed his bachelor’s degree with a good grade from HAN University of Applied Sciences.

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Wesley Vissers | IFBB Pro to Mr Olympia Competing Chris Bumstead

Wesley Vissers has always been competitive and passionate about his profession as a bodybuilder and fitness model. He got his IFBB pro card by winning first place in the classic division of the Royal London Pro Qualifier in 2017.

After that, He went to the USA to participate in his first ever IFBB Professional competition named the 2018 Chicago Pro 2018, where he placed himself first among 18 men in the classic division.

In ‘2018 Mr Olympia’, Vissers competed against the top classic physique athletes, such as the past year’s top two, Breon Ansley and Chris Bumstead, where he finished tied for 16th place amongst 26 men.

Likewise, he again went to the stage the following year, the 2019 Arnold Classic, where he got placed in the top 6th of the classic physique division. He did not join the 2019 Mr. Olympia Competition but went to the Classic Physique pro stage later at the 2019 IFBB Romania Pro, which he won and qualified for the 2020 Mr. Olympia.

He consistently won the 2021 IFBB Poland Pro competition and the 2022 IFBB France Pro in the Men’s Classic Physique. Also, he got the 3rd position at the Arnold Classic UK Pro 2022 and 8th at the Olympia 2022.

Wesley Vissers placing 8th Position in Mr. Olympia LLC
Wesley Vissers placed 8th Position in Mr. Olympia LLC (Source: Instagram)

Recently, he won first place in the 2023 IFBB Europa Pro, heading to the Olympia.

Europa Pro Wesley Vissers

Europa Pro Wesley Vissers (Source: Instagram)

Wesley Vissers | Diet Plan

Wesley Vissers is a strict dietician as he comes from an educational background in Diet. The following are his diet routine:

  1. Meal 1: Cream of rice-150g, Blueberries-150g, 85% of Dark Chocolate, Authentic Whey ISO-60g and Water-43 ml
  2. Meal 2: It is a pre-workout meal which consists of Oatmeal-150g and Authentic Whey ISO-60g.
  3. Meal 3: It is a post-workout meal which consists of a Cream of rice-160g, Authentic Whey ISO-60g, One banana and 85% dark chocolate.
  4. Meal 4: Golden rice-150g, Barbequed veggies and Chicken, Olive Oil
  5. Meal 5: Skimmed French cottage cheese-300g, Authentic Whey-30g, Chocolate granola, Dark chocolate-25g and Blueberries-125g
  6. Meal 6: Whey Concentrate-65g, Whole natural peanut butter-40g

He takes around 4,890 Kcal in his diet routine to maintain his physique and support his intense workouts.

Wesley Vissers | Golden Era

Wesley Vissers, based in the Netherlands, is known as Mr Golden Era 2017. He was known as Golden Era because of his classic bodybuilding to the modern stage. He says, “Stay Golden,” which has reflected on him as a Golden Era boy.

Vissers amazingly embraces all the qualities of a classic Golden Era Bodybuilder. He won the title of Mr. Golden Era 2017 by the popular vote.

Wesley Vissers’s Back and Chest Workout Routine

Wesley Vissers follows a rigid workout routine like Wesley Virgin, making his physique look muscular and fit.

His workout routines focus on his leg, shoulder, back and bicep, chest and tricep in a 4-day split, such as:

  • Leg Day: On this day, he warms up with four sets and performs the following: lying leg curls, leg extensions, ATX belt squats, leg presses and calf presses.
  • Shoulders Day: On Shoulders Day, he does the following: Side dumbbell lateral raises, incline side dumbbell lateral raises, wide-grip upright rows, rear delt dumbbell flyes, rope attachment face-pulls, reverse pec decks, cable front raises and shoulder press machine exercises.
  • Back and Bicep Day: On this day, his workout consists of the following: Pull-ups, shoulder-width chest-supported cable rows, wide-grip T-bar rows, cable pullovers, reverse pec decks and close-grip preacher curls.
  • Tricep and Chest Day: On this day, he does the following: 4 sets before doing 25° incline Smith bench presses, chest presses, incline cable flyes, side lateral dumbbell raises, rope tricep pushdowns, and close-grip Smith bench presses.

Wesley Vissers | Income Source and Net Worth

The Dutch-based bodybuilder Vissers earns enough wealth as his primary source of income is his profession as a personal trainer and bodybuilder, and other sources from the competitions he has won and sponsorships and brand endorsements.

Therefore, his net worth is estimated to be $5 Million.

Wesley Vissers |Social Media Presence: Instagram

Wesley Vissers is a highly active personality on social media platforms. He is active on most social media handles, such as Instagram and YouTube.


Wesley Vissers, AKA Vintage Genetics, is a Dutch IFBB Professional bodybuilder who has won several competitions, including Mr Olympia.

He has influenced many people with his remarkable, aspiring and inspiring content on his social media handles, where he has gained an enormous fan following.

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