Overnight Millionaire Wesley Virgin’s Net Worth, The Genie Script, Age, Wife, Workout and Diet

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Wesley Million Dollar Virgin

Overnight millionaire Wesley Virgin, aka Wesley Million Dollar Virgin, is a famous American Entrepreneur, digital marketer, web content creator, fitness trainer and former Army serviceman. He is primarily renowned for his digital advertising partnership with Virgin Media, which is based in Texas.

He firmly believes that power is in the human mind and is grateful to god for everything he has achieved. He is also the owner and content creator of the company WV Media. Likewise, he is a writer who has written numerous eBooks on business and health/fitness topics.

To dig into this businessman’s details, please stay tuned and read this article to learn about his 20-word script, reviews, podcasts, and much more.

Wesley Virgin | Quick Facts

Full NameWesley Virgin
Famous asWesley Million Dollar Virgin
Date of BirthN/A
Zodiac SignN/A
Birth PlaceUnited States of America
CountryUnited States of America
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Fitness Trainer
Net Worth$10-$20 million (Approx.)
Height6’1″ (185 cm)
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

Wesley Virgin | Age, Birthdate & Zodiac Sign

Wesley Virgin’s date of birth is unavailable since he is very cagey about his details. As Virgin is private about his birthdate, we cannot determine his age, but we can assume that he is in his 40s-50s.

Unfortunately, we have no idea about his zodiac sign.

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Wesley Virgin | Ethnicity, Nationality & Religion

Wesley Virgin belongs to the black ethnic background. He was born in the United States of America. That’s why his nationality is considered to be American.

Sadly, the details about his religion are unknown, but we can predict that he follows the customs, traditions and practices of Christianity.

How Tall is Wesley Virgin? Height and Weight (Body Measurements)

Wesley Virgin is a highly stunning man who has a fabulous physique.

With his alluring personality, he has the perfect height and weight proportions. He has a tall height of 6 feet 1 inches, which is 185 cm. His weight details have not been disclosed yet, but he possesses a fit and healthy body that attracts many women.

He has a black-skin-toned complexion and bright, captivating black eyes, which make him look hot and dashing.

Wesley Virgin | Family and Siblings

Wesley Virgin is very private and lowkey regarding his family and siblings. Respecting the privacy of his family, he has not revealed their details.

Wesley Virgin's parents
Wesley Virgin’s parents (Source: Instagram)

However, it is believed that he makes sure to give enough time to enjoy with his friends and family, which makes him ecstatic.

Who is Wesley Virgin’s Wife and Children?

Wesley Virgin is a married man. He has a wife and children. He lives in Houston, Texas, with his lovely family. Sadly, no details are revealed about his wife and children.

Wesley Virgin with his son
Wesley Virgin with his son (Source: Instagram)

We expect that he is a great husband and father to his beloved ones.

Wesley Virgin | Career

Wesley Virgin is a college dropout student who joined the Army for about four years, where he fought in the war in Afghanistan. He then worked as a computer engineer and technician at a car dealership.

His first-ever business, which went top-notch, is the business of a health and fitness guru. He eventually started making many videos on the fitness YouTube channel, a 7-Day Fitness Program and eBook Fat Diminisher System: How to Lose Weight Quickly at Home, earning him thousands of dollars overnight.

He also worked as a content creator for the company WV Media, where he published content that covered topics relating to web marketing, online business, and self-development. Gradually, he started growing as a public speaker and podcaster. He also became an investor and serial entrepreneur, doing business projects and investments.

His publications include The Huffington Post, Forbes, the Los Angeles Herald, The Daily Herald, and the Chicago Chronicle, which you can read online.

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Wesley Virgin’s Diet Plan

The Wesley Virgin diet is a term that refers to a weight loss program created by Wesley Virgin, a fitness trainer and author. The diet is called The Fat Diminisher, a low-carb, high-fat diet that claims to help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism, reducing inflammation, and detoxifying your body.

The Wesley Virgin diet programs are not endorsed by scientific evidence or medical authority. They are based on Wesley Virgin’s personal experience and opinions. Some of the claims made by these diets are exaggerated or unsupported by research.

Therefore, before trying any of these diets, consult your doctor or a registered dietitian to ensure they are safe and suitable. You should also know the potential side effects and risks of following these diets, such as dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, fatigue, hunger, cravings, irritability, headaches, digestive issues, etc.

Wesley Virgin’s Chest Workout

Below is a YouTube video that shows Wesley Vissers, a classic physique competitor and friend of Wesley Virgin, performing a chest and tricep workout that he says is inspired by Wesley Virgin’s style. The video includes each movement’s exercises, sets, reps, and tips.

The workout consists of six exercises for the chest and four for the triceps, using various equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, machines, and cables.

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What is The Genie Script or 20-Word Script? Oprah Winfre’s Perspective

Wesley Virgin once overheard from his colleagues about the chant, which was the secret to wealth and power.

He got curious and started interviewing celebrities and business people who all told him the same thing about the Genie Script, which his colleague was talking about. He discovered the mantra “The Genie Script” used by wealthy people to attract wealth and happiness.

The Genie Script is a 20-word script, which is 20 20-second mantra we have to chant every day, which slowly sinks into our subconscious mind and programs us for a life of abundance.

Wesley tried the Genie Script and gained overnight success. So, he also made a complete course about the principles taught by The Genie Script, which consists of four modules that cost $1,500 since Welsey invited more than $7K while researching and studying the Genie Script.

You can also gain significant knowledge from Oprah Winfrey’s insights in combining Wesley Virgin’s Script.

How are the reviews on his Genie Script?

The reviews on Virgin’s The Genie Script are primarily favourable and appreciated. Many people have clarified its effectiveness in their lives and believe that it has helped them get closer to their dreams and have fulfilled their dreams and goals.

The Genie Script Reviews
The Genie Script Reviews (Source:bellevuereporter)

As per our research, many people have given the best reviews on the Gene Script, which has completely changed their lives.

The science behind the genie script is that it increases estrogen levels in a woman, which is beauty and physical appearance since estrogen helps to maintain skin elasticity and promote collagen. As per Huberman’s research, it also makes them rich, increasing confidence, motivation and passion.

Similarly, it can help to get relief from anxiety and heart disease since it provides a positive impact on mental health.

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Wesley Virgin | His Quotes and Marketing Program

Wesley Virgin often shares quotes on his social media handles, which helps to impact people’s lives positively and helps them gain motivation.

Virgin is an experienced entrepreneur and marketing expert. He has also made a program regarding affiliate marketing on which many people have given negative feedback.

There is also a video regarding him being exposed.

In Ruth and Eric’s YouTube video, it has been cleared that Virgin is a total scam trying to brainwash people’s minds on affiliate marketing.

Exposed reactions on Wesley Virgin
Exposed reactions on Wesley Virgin (Source: YouTube)

Wesley Virgin | Income Source and Net Worth

Wesley Virgin’s Main income source comes from his online courses, social media handles and also as an Entrepreneur.

His net worth is estimated to be around $10 to 20 Million dollars.

Wesley Virgin |Social Media Presence: Instagram, TikTok

His social media handles are listed below:


Wesley Virgin is known to be an entrepreneur, digital marketer and influencer. There are many supporters of him; meanwhile, he has many haters who do not like his idea of getting a millionaire overnight.

Some people believe he is an authentic influencer and guide, but others think he is just a scammer.

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