Exploring the Age, Height, Weight and Ifbb Journey of the Fitness Influencer Anastasia Korableva

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Anastasia Korableva

Anastasia Korableva, a famous bodybuilder and fitness model hailing from Russia, is at the age of 26 years as of 2023. She was born in the year 1997, reports the media.

Korableva is a celebrated figure in the fitness world, acclaimed globally, and admired for her impressive physique, even inspiring fellow bodybuilders. At just 26 years old, she has created a history under her name, widely known as the She-Hulk.

The following sections will discuss the age, height, career, parents, and everything concerning this inspirational figure. Keep reading to discover.

Quick Facts

Name Anastasia Korableva
ProfessionBodybuilding, Fitness Model
Date of birth1997
Age26 years
Height5 feet 6 inches (170 cm)
Weight75kg (165 lbs)
Bust, Waist and Hip 35-24-42
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Social MediaInstagram, Tiktok, Twitter

How Old Is Anastasia Korableva In 2023? Where Is Her Birthplace?

According to IFBBmuscle.com, Korableva was born in 1997 to Russian parents. Though her birthplace is not yet known, it was made public that she was born in some parts of Russia. This section will be updated on being available.

Sadly, her birthday is still unknown. As her birthday is unknown, there is no talk regarding her zodiac sign either. She must have possessed the vital sun sign as reflexive because of her fierce personality.

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A Look At The Nationality, Ethnicity, And Religion Of Anastasia Korableva

As already mentioned, Korableva was born in Russia holding Russian nationality. She is mentioned as belonging to a white ethnic background. Besides this, there is nothing known regarding her religion. This section, just like her birthday, will be updated later on.

How Tall Is Anastasia Korableva? Know Her Height, Weight, And Body Measurements.

Korableva is mentioned as having a height of 5 feet 6 inches (170 cm). She looks even more intriguing to the other bodybuilders with a weight of 70 kg.

Though her foot size is not yet available, it is made online that she has the body metrics as 35-24-42 as bust, waist and hip, respectively. Besides her body, she is appreciated for her dense black hair and beautiful black eyes.

Let’s Get To Know The Upbringings Of Anastasia Korableva: Parents, Family, And Siblings

Sadly, there are no details available on the parents of Korableva. Korableva has led her parents and family away from social media as she wants them to have a private life.

Anastasia Korableva (Source: Instagram)

Anastasia Korableva (Source: Instagram)

It is still not sure if she has any siblings above or beneath her as she has not uttered a word regarding her siblings. This section will be updated later on being available.

Anastasia Korableva Career: A Brief Detail

In her childhood, Korableva did not show any particular interest in competing. But later, things changed when she became thin and was bullied most of the time by a classmate because of her poor body weight. 

Therefore, she decided to sign up for at the local gym. In a time when many teenagers were buried in TV and phones, Korableva chose to follow a different way of life – the one committed to personal development.

She was only 17 when she started working out toward developing muscles. In less than two years, she had developed a robust body, which saw her being booked by other individuals as they hired her as their trainer. Many people appreciated her physical transformations. As a result, she stepped up her training before the upcoming contest.

However, she made incredible transformations in her body, which was the beginning of her body-building career. 

Korableva initially placed favourably in her first competition, inspiring her determination to follow what she liked doing. She is more than just a female bodybuilder and fitness model who is a reputable athlete and powerlifter. 

She has a broad fan base and is respected in her career. Her plans are even more significant than her current demeanour.

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Anastasia Korableva Before And After Workout

Korableva has been fond of fitness since her young age. No matter what others tell her, she never let others’ opinions affect who she is and become what she always wanted.

Anastasia Korableva before and after (Source: Instagram)

Anastasia Korableva before and after (Source: Instagram)

In an Instagram post, she shared the abovementioned picture and stated that people judged her as a man for having such solid muscles, but she never let that get to her. Moreover, she said she was more like a tomboy before working out and having the figure she has today. Still, now she feels differently about her body.

Elaborating more, she mentioned now she feels more comfortable with her body. She stated that now she has a body like a man and a natural female essence, making her feel even more proud.

Has Anastasia Korableva Received Any Significant Awards and Accomplishments?

Though there are few details on Korableva’s accomplishments, we learned that Korableva was awarded the IFBB pro card through some sources. She has participated in several Women’s bodybuilding Competitions through which she has gained a global reputation.

Moreover, she has also performed well at the România Muscle Fest. The details related to the event will be updated upon becoming available.

Anastasia Korableva Net Worth and Income Source

According to some sources, Korableva holds a grand networth of $1.5 million as of 2023. Her income source is her professional involvement as a fitness personnel, trainer, and coach. Moreover, she has only fan accounts through which she generated large sums of money.

As her popularity is increasing daily, it is evident that soon her fortune will surpass the millions. We wish her all the best for her coming glory.

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Does Anastasia Korableva Have A Specific Workout Plan?

Though a detailed description of her workout regimen is not yet mentioned, it was stated that she takes her workout and fitness very seriously. According to IFBBmuscle, she starts her workout by hitting the cardio first.

Additionally, it was made online that she works out six times a week and takes Sunday as her rest day. Her workout is all about glutes, hamstrings, biceps, cardio, squat, deadlift, dumbbell and leg press.

Anastasia Korableva Meal Plan And Diet

Just like Korableva is conscious about her workout, she is also very concerned about her meal plan. Korableva includes lean protein in her diet as much as possible. For the protein source, she usually has chicken breast, fish, oats, and tons of eggs.

Russian Bodybuilder Anastasia Korableva (Source: Instagram)

Russian Bodybuilder Anastasia Korableva (Source: Instagram)

As protein is a must but not the only requirement for the body, she also includes carbs and fibre in her diet. She uses sweet potato and brown rice for carbs, mainly followed by some supplements such as Whey Protein. Also, she includes plenty of fluids in her diet.

Anastasia Korableva On Instagram: Social Media presence

Korableva is on Instagram with the handle korableva.10_ifbb_pro. There, she has 38.8k followers. She joined Instagram in October 2017. There, one can have a look at her professional achievements.

Also, she is available on Tiktok with the handle Anastasia KORABLEVA. Compared to Instagram, her followers on Tiktok are pretty few but growing gradually. Moreover, she is also on Twitter with the handle Anastasia Korableva. There, she has the same number of followers as her Tiktok.

Final Words

Being listed as one of the most influential female bodybuilders, Korableva has paved a long road to her success. Now everyone knows her by her prominent physiques, more likely as she Hulk.

Though she sometimes gets remarks about being a man, she takes it as a compliment and justifies that even some males are afraid of her physique. Through such an attitude, she sets an example to the world to be bold in whatever you do to achieve your goals.

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