How Tall Is Sabrina Nic Fit? Explore Her Height, Weight, Age, and Instagram.

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Sabrina Nic

Sabrina Nic, a social media influencer, fitness and bikini model, stands bold and 5 feet 6 inches tall. She hails from the United States Of America.

Nic is famous for her cheeky body and intriguing appearance. Through her YouTube channel, she mentioned being a part of some bodybuilding championships soon.

In the following section, we will look at this fitness influencer’s life. Please keep reading to find out who she is, what she does and what her plans are.

Quick facts

Name Sabrina Nic
ProfessionSocial media influencer, fitness and bikini model
Date of BirthJanuary 5th, 1998
Age 25 years old
BirthplaceUnited States Of America
Zodiac SignN/A
Height5 feet 6 inches (170 cm)
Weight (Approx)64 kg (141 lbs)
Social MediaTiktok, Youtube

A Look Into The Age, Birthplace And Birthday Of Sabrina Nic

Nic was born in 1998 to American parents. As such, she is currently thriving at the age of 25 years, celebrating her birthday every year on January 5th.

At just 25, Nic has accomplished many more milestones, which may seem impossible for many. Now, she is one of the youngest but wealthiest female fitness models and entrepreneurs owning a business.

The details, such as the exact birthplace and zodiac sign of Nic, are not accessible to date. This section will be updated later on being available. Till then, please keep reading the other details.

Dig Deeper: How Tall Is Sabrina Nic Fit? Explore Her Height, Weight, Age, And Instagram.

From Where Does Sabrina Nic hails? An Insight Into Her Nationality, Ethnicity, And Religion

As mentioned in the above section, Sabrina hails from America, hence bearing American nationality.

Unlike her nationality, there is quite a confusion regarding her ethnicity, while some believe it to be mixed. There is nothing known regarding her religion, either. This section will be updated later on being available.

Sabrina Nic Parents, Siblings, And Family

Sadly, not many details are made available to the public regarding Sabrina’s early life. The name, profession, and anything related to her parents and family is kept secret.

American fitness influencer Sabrina Nic (Source:
American fitness influencer Sabrina Nic (Source:

Whether it may be because of security or personal reasons, we entirely respect the choice of Sabrina. No matter to which and what kind of family she belongs, she has demonstrated herself as a capable, hardworking and well-mannered individual. Her charm can pull a big laugh in anyone’s face.

Is Sabrina Nic A University Graduate? Which University Does She Attend?

Just like her family, there are no updates on the university and education of Sabrina. To date, it is still a big mystery if she has attended any university or is just a high school graduate.

As her participation is only a big riddle to know, there is no way we could get in touch with what her major was. Whether or not she has gained success through her educational career, she has found success.

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Sabrina Nic Body Measurements: Height, Weight, And Figure

Sabrina has a well-sculpted, defined figure with a height of 5 feet 6 inches (170 cm) and 64 kg (141 lbs). Despite this, her other physical measurements, such as her bust, waist and hip size, are not accessible online.

The measurements will be available after her appearance in a bodybuilding show. Hopefully, in the coming season, she could be a part of it.

What Exactly Does Sabrina Nic Does As Part Of Her Career? A Brief Understanding Towards Her Career

Currently, Sabrina is a social media personal, fitness and bikini model. She has not yet kickstarted her career in bodybuilding.

Sabrina Nic Fit flexing her body after working out (Source: TikTok)

Sabrina Nic Fit flexing her body after working out (Source: TikTok)

Through a video posted by her on her YouTube channel, we learn that she suffered from hypothyroidism, which affected her physical health, preventing her from participating in the championship.

As of now, Sabrina is a media personality. She has a massive fanbase on her social media. It was rumoured that she is collaborating and endorsing ten different brands. This pinpoints how big her professional career as an influencer has become. Her stardom is yet to flourish.

Sabrina Nic: Net Worth, Income Source, And Assets

According to, Sabrina has a collusive net worth of $400k as of 2023. Her being a media personality and endorsing different brand feeds as the source for her grand wealth.

She actively engages with popular brands Darcsport, Wolfpak, Get Raw Nutrition, Revive MD, Hummusfit, and Squeeze Me Skinny. You can access all of those mentioned above through the linktree sabrinanicfit.

Moroever, Sabrina has her app through which she provides customized workout routines and meal plans, weighing all the macro nutrition. She gives a range of exercises, and one can ask her to customize their routine as per their preferences, for which she will charge a certain amount.

One can get a seven-day free trial before officially starting the package. To join the community, one has to pay $14.99/ month or $99.99/year, as described on her home page.

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What Is The Workout Routine Of Sabrina Nic? Get An Insight

Sabrina works out six days a week. She gives equal credit to all of the body parts. Amidst all her workout routines, leg day is her personal favourite. She admires lifting the heavyweight to shape her legs and booty significantly.

She collaborates with different fitness personnel and trains along. This is reflected in her posts on her social media. For legs, she mainly includes the repetitive sets of glutes and hamstrings.

One can find several clips of her working out on her YouTube channel. Through that, you can get an overall guide. Her detailed workout routine is yet to be made available online.

Sabrina Nic Meal Plan And Diet

Talking about the meals she takes, Sabrina has a fixed schedule she follows. She is in partnership with a fitness meal company called Humusfit. She prepares and has most of her meals from this platform.

Talking about her favourite, she chose sticky rice, flank, fresh grilled veggies, jasmine rice, paprika, Spanish onions, chicken kebab, potatoes, low-fat yoghurt and spinach as a daily meal plan.

Moreover, she includes different multivitamins and supplements to aid her physical growth. She has provided a link to what she has through her social media. You can give it a look.

Is Sabrina Nic On Instagram? What Are Her Other Social Media

Sabrina used to be available on Instagram, but unfortunately, we couldn’t access her. Her other social media are her Tiktok, YouTube channel, and official app. A link to each of her social media accounts is mentioned below. You can access it via the link.

Final Words

Sabrina is on her way to make history for herself. Though she has not achieved any renowned accomplishments till now, with the hard work she is doing and the dedication she is pouring, it is evident that she will one day indeed house the IFBB Wellness Pro.

The lesson Sabrina teaches to all the fitness geeks out there is to be considerate about the meal plan and have a dedicated workout routine and consistency, eventually granting you the dream body you dreamt of having. As such, She is an inspiration to many.

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