Who Is Erika Holguin? Know Her Age, Birthplace, Profession, and Facebook

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Erika Holguin

One influential fitness personnel, Erika Holguin, is taking the internet by storm, flexing her divine-like body. More than what she eats and what she does to remain that maintained, netizens are interested in learning about her age.

Profession-wise, Holguin describes herself as an Online Coach and Fitness model. She has vast followers on her Instagram. Now, not just as a fitness model, she is recognised as a media personality, too.

In the following section, we will cover the best possible details on Holguin. Keep reading to discover.

Quick Facts

NameErica Holguin
ProfessionOnline Coach, Fitness Model and Media personality
Date Of BirthN/A
Age Early-Mid Twenties
Net WorthUnder Review
Social MediaInstagram

How Old Is Erika Holguin? Where Was She Born?

Sadly, no details are available on the birthday and the birthplace of Holguin. Observing her picture, one can guess that she may be in her early to mid-twenties. This section will be updated on being available.

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Erika Holguin Nationality, Ethnicity, And Religion

It’s sad to know, but her nationality and ethnicity, like her birthday, are also unknown. Besides her picture on her Instagram page, there are no details on her.

Erika Holguin Body Measurements: Height, Weight, And Figure

Holguin’s body measurements are also unavailable, but observing and comparing her picture, we guessed her height to be 5 feet and weight between 60- 70 kgs. This is just an assumption only.

Though the measures are unavailable, one can see her muscles and perfectly fit body. She works out a lot to maintain what she has got. Her figure is so captivating that one can’t take one’s eyes off observing such a beauty.

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Who Are The Parents Of Erika Holguin? What Do They Do?

Holguin has not mentioned anything about her parents. Her modelling picture is preserved on her Instagram wall, and even there, she has not uttered a word or displayed anything about her family. Moreover, Erica’s parents, family and the related details are untraceable.

Erika Holguin Career: What Exactly Does She Do?

As already mentioned, Holguin is an online coach and media personality. She is currently working with the Gymshark, a fitness clothing brand.

Talking about the initial phase of her career, it was not easy for Erika to build what she is today. In an Instagram post, she mentioned going through depression and anxiety and relating to her drinking addiction in her early days.

Not her professional career as a fitness personnel, but she started working at 15. Back then, she used to work in the cellphone industry. She mentioned her life before, during, and after college as the lowest point as she lacked spark and motivation.

Later, acknowledging her strength and regarding fitness as her life motto, she shifted her attention to the gym and workout, through which she is gaining popularity worldwide. Now, she has got the followers behind her name.

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Erika Holguin Before And After

Holguin works out a lot. Her motto is hitting the gym whenever you feel low. Below is the picture of Holguin, where she has compared her body before and after working out.

Erica Holguin (Source: Instagram)

Erica Holguin (Source: Instagram)

One can easily see the difference through the picture. Moreover, she has completely changed herself with continuous dedication and demonstrated that nothing comes easy.

Is Erika Holguin Single? Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Being a young female with such a great body, there is likely a chance of Erika being in a relationship, but she has not made anything public yet.

Whether or not she is seeing anyone or staying single, no one knows besides herself, so until she speaks personally, no one knows what’s going on with her life. However, seeing her entirely focused on the career now, there might be a chance of her being single, too. This section will be updated later on being available.

Erika Holguin Workout Routine

Holguin keeps changing her workout regimen. One can look at her Instagram page to see her several workout plans. An instance of her workout regimen is mentioned below. You can take it as a reference.


  • Slide 1:Dynamic warm-up
  • Slide 2:Sumo deadlifts: 4×6 (challenging weight)
  • Slide 3: Smith machine split squats: 3×10
  • Slide 4: Smith machine split squats:3×10 each leg
  • Slide 5:Smith machine squats: 3×10 (Make sure your legs are in front of you)
  • Slide 6: SuperSetDB goblet squats: 3×10


  • Slide 1:Dynamic warm up, NEVER SKIP.
  • Slide 2:RDLS: 3×8-10(slow and controlled: focus on mind to muscle connection)
  • Slide 3:Hipthrust 3×10( 2-3sec hold on top)
  • Slide 4:Split squats: 3×10
  • Slide 5: Superset: B-Stance DB hip thrust: 3×10 each leg
  • Slide 6: Superset: One leg hip thrust: 3xmax on each leg

Upper Body

  • 1st Slide: Dynamic Warm-up
  • 2nd slide: Tricep dips or assisted: 3xamrap
  • 3rd slide: DB chest press: 3×10
  • 4th slide: Standing DB press:3×8-10
  • 5th slide: Upright row into a Military press: 3×6-8
  • 6th slide: Cable reverse flys: 3×10 slow and controlled
  • 7th slide: Tricep cable pulldown:3×8 each arm
  • 8th slide:Push-ups: 3xamrap

Erika Holguin Net Worth, Income Source And Assets

Holguin’s net worth is under review as of now, but it can be said that she is holding a large fortune, as evidenced by her trips and travels shared through her Instagram page.

Talking about her income source, she is an online coach by profession, and through it, she generates large amounts of money. Her website Evolve with Erika, through which one can purchase several fitness programs and meal plans, went live in May 2023. Now, she officially owns a business of her own.

Fitness model Erika Holguin (Source: Instagram)

Fitness model Erika Holguin (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she endorses various brands, some of which are the Onesol supplements, and Gymshark. Her fortune is expanding daily.

Is Erika Holguin On Facebook? What About Other Social Media?

Sadly, there is no trace of Erica on Facebook, but one can easily access her via Instagram, her website and TikTok.

On Instagram, she is present as erikaholguinn with 330k followers. She joined Instagram in January 2012. She shares her fitness routine and different meal plans through it.

  • Instagram- erikaholguinn (330k followers)
  • Facebook- N/A
  • Twitter- N/A

Final Words

Holguin, through her hard work and dedication, has achieved the figure through which she is getting global attention.

From being queried for her age to her life events, she has created a deep interest in the hearts of many. Her popularity, just like her followers, is rising exponentially. We wish her all the best for her coming pride and prosperity.

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