Oakes Fegley’s Actor Parents’ Influence Landed Him To Acting At 7: Siblings Are Also Actors


Oakes Fegley in the release of Dark Matter

Oakes Fegley was born to American actor parents, Michael and Mercedes, whose influence inclined him to the vibrant acting world. Fegley is not the only one who has carried the family legacy of acting- his two siblings are also in the film industry.

The Goldfinch actor is grateful for his parents’ influence and support from an early age. In addition to being guardians and mentors, his parents and siblings are his co-actors who have worked together in stage productions.

  • Both of Oakes Fegley’s parents, Michael and Mercedes, are actors.
  • Michael Fegley is famous for his Potato Chip Man role in “Margarita Happy Hour.”
  • At an early age, Oakes Fegley was portrayed as Tiny Tim in “A Christmas Carol” with his parents and elder sister at Civic Theatre.
  • Oakes Fegley is best known for his role as Pete in the Disney film “Pete’s Dragon” (2016).

Okaes Fegley’s Father, Michael Fegley, Is A Versatile Actor

A graduate of DeSales University, Michael (Oakes’ father) is an American actor known for his film roles and active engagement in the local theater. Born on November 5, 1969, the Pennsylvania native is 54 Years old now.

Immersed in stage production, Michael made his on-screen debut in 2000 in the documentary drama Escape to Life: The Erika and Klaus Mann Story. Then, it would follow his minor roles in Margarita Happy Hour (2001) and Tracks (2005).

Following a nearly decade-long hiatus, he made an on-screen comeback in 2013 with the short film Children of the Moon. It saw him short-film approaches in The Last Night, The Final Mission, and The Billboard Sitters.

He most recently portrayed The Jester in the 2024 film Mr. Blue Shirt: The Inspiration.

Oakes Fegley's father, Michael
Oakes Fegley’s father, Michael Fegley (Source: Facebook)

Even if he has a limited on-screen appearance, Michael Fegley has over two decades of theater history- performing in classical to the avant-garde. He has collaborated with esteemed theater-maker Thaddeus Phillips in productions such as “The Earth’s Sharp Edge” and “A Billion Nights on Earth.”

A member of the Actors’ Equity Association (AEA) and SAG-AFTRA, he dedicates himself to the welfare of art and artists.

The Potato Chip Man also frequently posts about his children’s achievements and promotes their work on social media to encourage them.

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Meet Oakes’ Mother, Mercedes Tonne Fegley: What Does She Do?

Fegley’s mother, Mercedes “Merce” Tonne Fegley, is an occasional American actress but is more into her corporate job these days. She was raised in Pueblo, Colorado, and attended Centennial High School and Colorado College.

She was into performing arts from a young age, with roots in music and theater. During her theater journey, Merce met her husband, Michael (Oakes’ dad). The duo would later marry and work together in community theater scenes.

She has also made an on-screen appearance—she portrayed a librarian in the 2014 film Samuel’s Game.

Parents of Oakes Fegley
Oakes Fegly’s parents, Merce and Michael Fegley (Source: Facebook)

Having obtained an Anthropology degree 1991 from Colorado College, Mercedes worked in theaters while pursuing her corporate career in parallel.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she works as a receptionist at First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union (2020- present). She started her career in corporate as an executive assistant at the Walt Disney Company from 1997 to 2004.

Mercedes has also been an executive administrative assistant at esteemed institutions like DeSales University.

Even as an actor, Merce chooses to stay away from the limelight; she connects with friends and family and shares insights from her personal and professional life on her Facebook Page.

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Oakes Fegley Has Two Siblings: Sister And Brother Are Also Actors

Allentown’s Oakes Fegley grew up with his two siblings: an elder sister, August Kiss Fegley, and a younger brother, Winslow Fegley. Their parents’ careers influenced all three of Fegley’s siblings—they were actors.

August Kiss Fegley, the elder sister of The Good Doctor actor, is a multi-talented individual. Since 2008, she has been deeply involved in theater, a passion that has led to numerous accolades.

In 2017, the Lehigh Valley Press recognized her with the Best Actress in a Musical award for her role in Carrie the Musical. She also won the Best Scene in the 2017 PA Shakespeare Festival Competition and was named the Best Emerging Artist by the City of Allentown’s Arts Ovation Awards.

According to August’s Facebook profile, she worked at Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York (2021-2022), Artistic Director at Black Box Players (2021) and Community Folk Art Center (2020-2022).

Oakes Fegley elder sister, August kiss
August Kiss Fegley, elder sister of Oakes (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, the actress participated in a pioneering acting class organized by The Moment Work Institute, which Moisés Kaufman, the founder of the Tectonic Theatre Project, spearheads. She features in the play “The Bronze Boy,” premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Summer 2024.

Brother Is An Emerging Acting Prodigy

Winslow Fegley, the youngest in Fegley’s family, is quickly making a name for himself in Hollywood. Born on January 29, 2009, Winslow has starred in notable films such as Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made and 8-Bit Christmas.

Audiences and critics highly praise his performances, showcasing his natural talent and versatility.

Fegley and his younger brother, Winslow
Fegley and his younger brother, Winslow (Source: Facebook)

Winslow’s achievements include roles in Night Books and the musical comedy Lyle, Lyle, and Crocodile.

Looking ahead, he will star in upcoming projects like When the Moon Was Twice as Big (where he starred with his elder brother, Oakes) and Spinning Gold, promising even more success for this young talent.

How Oakes Fegley’s Parents And Sister’s Influence Catapulted Him To Acting?

Michael and Merce’s involvement in acting and theater helped Oakes develop an interest in performing arts from a young age. His parents are deeply involved in the entertainment industry, so acting is part of his genes. Their influence was pivotal, as they encouraged him to start acting early. His parents’ support and their careers have nurtured his passion for acting.

In the interview with Lehigh Valley Style, Fegley mentioned his elder sister as a source of inspiration. Watching his parents prepare for roles, rehearse lines, and navigate acting challenges inspired him to pursue a similar path.

His parents’ dedication and passion made a lasting impression on Oakes, and their guidance and encouragement were instrumental in helping him start his acting career.

In 2011, he performed in local productions, notably portraying Tiny Tim in “A Christmas Carol” with his parents and elder sister. Michael’s experience and guidance provided a supportive environment for Oakes to pursue his acting career.

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Who Is Oakes Fegley? How Old Is He?

A talented child actor famed for his role in The Goldfinch, Oakes Fegley was born on November 11, 2004, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. As of this writing, he is 19 Years old.

The young superstar debuted as Pete in Disney’s Pete’s Dragon (2016), showcasing his ability to bring depth and emotion to his characters.

Transitioning smoothly between different roles, he featured in the critically acclaimed film The Goldfinch in 2019. Here, Oakes played the young Theo Decker, capturing hearts with his compelling portrayal of a boy grappling with the loss of his mother in a terrorist attack.

Oakes Fegley family
Fegley’s happy family (Source: Facebook)

Beyond these significant roles, he appeared in This Is Where I Leave You (2014) and had a recurring role in the TV series Boardwalk Empire. Each performance has strengthened his reputation as a talented actor.

Additionally, he was involved in the project The War with Grandpa (2020), in which he stars alongside veteran actors like Robert De Niro. This showcases his ability to work with and learn from experienced talent in the industry.

Recently, Oakes starred as Charlie Dessen in Dark Matter, a five-episode sci-fi TV series released on May 8.

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