What is Trisha Smick’s Body Weight? Know Her Bodybuilding Journey

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Trisha Smick

Trisha Smick’s body weight is about 68 Kg, around 150 lbs in the pound measurement. She went through a challenging and self-realization phase in her bodybuilding journey.

Trisha lives in NJ ( 25 miles outside of Philadelphia) with her three beautiful children, Trevor, Sierra, and her little princess, Haley. She graduated from Penn State University within the upper 10% of her class in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science.

It may become challenging for her to manage her workout habits as a mother of three kids. But Trisha claims it’s not simple and doable as long as we prioritize it. Trisha strikes a superb balance between living a healthy, attractive life and pursuing her vocation.

This article focuses solely on Trisha Smick’s life journey, and we recommend you to read this article until the end to discover more about her, including her age, height, weight, birthday, zodiac sign, online presence, net worth and many more.

Bio & Quick Facts

Full NameTrisha Vezirian Smick
Age 55
HometownMedford, NJ
Marital Status Married
Birthday3 May 1968
ProfessionBodybuilding, Weight Lifter, Fitness and Exercise model
Zodiac SignTaurus
EducationPenn State University
Major InB.S. in Exercise and Sport Science
Height5’4″ (Approx.)
Weight68 Kg (150 lbs)
ProfessionB.S. in Exercise and Sport Science

Know Trisha Smick’s Bio: Age, Date of Birth, Birth Place And Zodiac Sign

Trisha Smick was born on 3 May 1968, which means she is 55 years old as of 2023 and as per her birthdate, her zodiac sign is Taurus. As per the astrological belief, Taurus people are sensitive, intelligent, fun and hardworking.

The gorgeous Smick was born in Medford, NJ, where her parents raised her, and she spent her childhood in her birthplace, also her hometown.

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Ethnicity, Nationality, and Religion of Trisha Smick

Trish Smack was born in the United States of America, meaning she holds American nationality. Regarding the details about her ethnicity, we believe she belongs to the white ethnic background.

We have no idea which religion Trisha follows since she has not revealed her religious beliefs.

Discover the Height, Weight, and Body Measurements of Trisha Smick

Trisha Smick is the mother of three children but still has the perfect muscular physique, which amazes many people. She has not revealed exact details of her height and weight, but we assume that she is five feet four inches and weighs approximately 68 Kg, which is 150 lbs in pounds.

Trisha Smick back in the summer of 2022
Trisha Smick back in the summer of 2022 (Source: Instagram)

She has exquisite blue-coloured eyes, and her blonde hair suits her perfectly, making her look immensely alluring and charming.

Who Are the Parents of Trisha Smick? Complete Family Tree

Trisha Smick is a private person who does not talk often about her parents, but some sorrowful details about her parents are revealed. She lost her mother in 2010 because of her mother’s worse health condition, and she had to witness her going through a painful decline.

She has six siblings, of which she is the youngest one. She also claims that only her siblings graduated from the college with the top 10% of her class in 1991, graduating from Penn State University with a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science.

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Who is Trisha Smick Married? Does she have Children?

Trisha Smick is a married woman who has not revealed any details about her husband. She likes to keep her personal or romantic life private. Thus, we cannot provide you with the details about her husband.

Trisha Smick in her Son's Graduation
Trisha Smick in her Son’s Graduation (Source: Instagram)

However, she has been married for decades, and she and her lovely husband share three children named Trevor, Sierra and Haley. She often shares pictures of her with her adorable children.

Explore Trisha Smick’s Bodybuilding Journey to Discovering Herself ‘The Best’

Trisha Smick started her career initially as she became interested in fitness at an early age when she was in high school, struggling with her weight and body image. She got too much insecure with her own body. So, she joined the local fitness club within walking distance, where she enjoyed circuit training and aerobics.

She shared that she used to run from her school to home and run at full speed from the bus stop to change and make it just in time for her class, which means she was punctual from an early age. As a high school senior, she taught aerobics and personal training. Eventually, her fitness passion led her to pursue an Exercise and Sports Science degree.

When she dedicated her life to physique competitions, her friend and trainer, Todd Zabielski, invited her to join a physique competition for a female client. So, That night, she told Todd with such belief, “I can do that, and I want to do that”, and three months later, she did it. It was her first ever competition show where she did well in her few outings, earned her WNBF Pro Card, and proceeded to place 6th at her first pro show, WNBF “1994 Ms. Universe” in NYC, at the age of 26.

IFBB Pro Card Winner Trisha Smick
IFBB Pro Card Winner Trisha Smick (Source: Instagram)

After getting the victory from that. she stopped competing for 18 years. She struggled to accept that she would never be “THE BEST” and began doubting her self-esteem. Although She persisted in “training” for a few years, as her family grew, so did her distance from the gym.

At 33, after matrimony and the birth of her first child, She ceased entirely and did what way too many women do that she firmly urges against. Becoming a wife and mother revolved around everyone else’s needs, and she lost herself. In early 2010, her mother’s health worsened, eventually leading to her losing her mother in 2012. 

She needed to restart to a productive outlet for her pain and angst. So, she turned to the sport she knew she could rely on, which she did so many years ago. In May 2011, she joined the gym and stepped on stage one and half years later at the 2012 INBF World Amateur Championships, placing 2nd in both Figure and Fit Body.

Gradually, she realized that she had the maturity and wisdom to embrace that the fitness sport is not about anyone else but herself, and it does not matter if she is ‘The Best‘ as long as she is ‘Her Best‘.

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How Much Net Worth Does Trisha Smick Have, and What is Her Income Source?

Unfortunately, there are no details available on Trisha Smick’s net worth. But she has many ways in which she can achieve a significant amount of net worth.

Her sources of income come from her professions, such as Personal Trainer, Meal Planner and competitor. We expect that she has a noteworthy net worth from her mentioned sources of income.

Awards, Accomplishments, and Achievements

Trisha Smick has achieved many awards and accolades. Some of her achievements are listed below:

  1. 2014:  NPC Golds Classic, Physique 2nd Place
  2. 2014:  NPC Natural Mid-Atlantic Classic; Physique 1st Place
  3. 2014:  NGA Mr & Ms. Natural Philadelphia; Physique 1st Place
  4. 2013:  OCB Battle for The Belt; Physique 2nd, Bodybuilding 3rd Place
  5. 2012:  INBF Amateur World Championships; Fit Body (Physique) 2nd, Figure 2nd Place
  6. 1994:  WNBF Pro Ms. Universe, Women’s Bodybuilding 6th Place
  7. 2018: IFBB Pro Card Holder
  8. 2020: Arnold Classic Competitor

List of Trisha Smick’s Social Media: Instagram, Youtube

Trisha Smick is an influential fitness enthusiast who has influenced many people to achieve their life’s goals. Many people look up to her, admiring her motivating journey. The list of Trisha Smick’s social media handles is given below:

Final Words

Trisha Smick is a bold woman who passed her self-doubt phase to realise her self-worth, which is truly inspiring. She has won many accolades in her fitness journey and inspires many people’s lives to have self-esteem.

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