How Old Is Meelah Robbins? Find Out Her Age, Height, Weight

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Meelah Robbins

Meelah Robbins is currently 19 years old as of 2023. Meelah Robbins is one of the prominent TikTok stars who has captivated the hearts of millions of people with her fantastic fitness and bodybuilding content.

She is a gorgeous internet sensation whose skits on her TikTok inspire many aspiring fitness enthusiasts. To learn more about her age, height, weight, birthdate, zodiac sign, ethnicity, nationality, religion, parents, career, net worth, income source and social media presence, read this article until the final words.

Bio & Quick Facts

Full NameMeelah Robbins
Date of BirthFebruary 28, 2004
Age in 202319 years old
Birth PlaceUSA
Zodiac SignPisces
ProfessionTikTok Star

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Know Meelah Robbins’s Age, Date of Birth And Zodiac Sign

Meelah Robbins was born on February 28, 2004. She is 19 years old in 2023, according to her birthdate. Her zodiac sign is Pisces, according to her birthdate of February 28.

As a Pisces, she possesses the personality traits of being compassionate, artistic, deeply emotional, incredibly empathic, and at least a bit psychic and humorous, as per the astrological beliefs.

Ethnicity, Nationality and Religion of Meelah Robbins

Meelah Robbins comes from a proud white ethnic background and proudly identifies as an American citizen, owing to her birthplace, the United States of America and American nationality.

She is a follower of the Christian faith, and her faithfulness to Jesus Christ is a significant aspect of her religious life. Her religious beliefs, customs, practices, and traditions are deeply rooted in the teachings of Christianity.

Ethnic BackgroundWhite

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Discover the Height, Weight, and Body Measurements of Meelah Robbins

Meelah Robbins is a gorgeous rising star with a height of 5 feet 3 inches (160 centimetres). However, the details about her weight are not mentioned anywhere.

Height5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
WeightNot specified
Waist24 inches
Bust32 inches
Hips41 inches
Body TypeMuscular and Slim
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

She has a perfect muscular body with toned arms and legs. She is slim, her eyes are brown, and her hair colour is brown, making her look alluring.

Who Are the Parents of Meelah Robbins? Complete Family Tree

Meelah Robbins’s parents are initially from the United States of America. However, their information is still scarce since she has not disclosed any details about her father or mother.

She is a private person who likes to respect the privacy of her family members.

Is Meelah Robbins Married? Does she have Children?

As cited in the above paragraph, Meelah Robbins is a private person who does not like to reveal her personal information. However, she has publicly disclosed her boyfriend in her Instagram post.

Meelah Robbins with her boyfriend
Meelah Robbins with her boyfriend (Source: Instagram)

Her boyfriend, Reece Tudor Jones, is an athlete with 3,188 followers on Instagram. They are a strong couple who are very cute together. Undoubtedly, They two make a solid pair.

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A Look At Meelah Robbins Career

Meelah Robbins built her career through social media handles such as TikTok and Instagram. Her TikTok, @meelahrobbins, has gained over 1.4 million likes since she started in September 2020, showcasing her quick rise to social media fame.

Her boyfriend clicked Meelah Robbins's picture. (Source: Instagram)
Her boyfriend clicked Meelah Robbins’s picture. (Source: Instagram)

On Instagram, she shares content related to bodybuilding and modelling, which many people love. Her influence extends to YouTube, where she shares fitness and lifestyle content. Her posts encourage and motivate her large following to follow healthier lifestyles. Meelah’s dedication to fitness and engaging content has made her career thrive in online content creation.

How Much Net Worth Does Meelah Robbins Have, and What is Her Income Source?

Meelah Robbins has an estimated net worth of around $500,000 in 2023, according to readbiographies. Her primary sources of income come from her social media presence on TikTok and Instagram.

Furthermore, she likely earns money through brand partnerships, sponsorships, and other business opportunities related to her content. Moreover, Robbins derives income from her fitness model, personal trainer, and fitness influencer career.

Net WorthApproximately $500,000 (as of 2023)
Income SourcesSocial media presence (TikTok and Instagram)
ProfessionFitness model and personal trainer

Find Out Meelah Robbin’s Workout Routines and Meal Plan

Meelah Robbins starts her workout with a warmup and then does the workout with total concentration. She has shared an effective leg day workout routine on her Instagram:

  1. Hack Squats
  2. Single-Leg Hamstring Curl
  3. Glute Med Kickback
  4. Hip Abduction
Gym Barbie Meelah Robbins
Gym Barbie Meelah Robbins (Source: Instagram)

Her lower body workout includes:

  • Glute Bridges (4 sets x 8-12 reps): Targets glutes.
  • RDLs on Belt Squat Machine (4 sets x 8-12 reps): Works hamstrings and lower back.
  • Cable Step Ups (4 sets x 8-12 reps): Engages leg muscles and glutes.
  • Kick Backs (4 sets x 8-12 reps): Focuses on glute muscles.

You can find more fitness or workout content on her Instagram profile, which motivates many of us. The fitness influencer follows a balanced meal plan that contains protein for muscle growth, complex carbs for energy, and healthy fats. She controls portions and eats smaller, regular meals to support her active lifestyle and fitness goals. She also includes a variety of fruits and vegetables for essential vitamins and minerals.

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Are There Changes In Luisa Venom Before and After Workout?

Meelah Robbins Back in 2022
Meelah Robbins Back in 2022 (Source: Instagram)

From the post of October 18, 2022, Meelah Robbins seems to have maintained her physique from many times ago. Her body appears slim-toned, and she looks fit and healthy with perfect glutes and muscular biceps.

Meelah Robbins in 2023
Meelah Robbins in 2023 (Source: Instagram)

After a year’s gap, she seems to have gained more muscle from the recent pictures shared on her Instagram. She has a noticeable change in her body, looking at her thick thighs and tight abs, which seem more visible and higher.

List of Meelah Robbin’s Social Media: Instagram, Youtube

Meelah Robbins is highly active on Instagram, where she posts content related to bodybuilding and modelling, garnering a significant following. The list of Meelah Robbin’s social media handles are listed below:

Final Words

Meelah Robbins, a prominent TikTok star known for her captivating fitness content, is a source of inspiration for many. Her influence has helped many people stay motivated, dedicated, and disciplined towards the fitness journey.

We wish her a successful career path in the fitness realm and a tight-knit bond that lasts eternity with her beloved boyfriend.

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