How Much Net Worth Does Marianna Hewitt Have? Bio, Age & Height

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Marinna Hewit, a confessed beauty fanatic skin and hair care guru, is a leading voice in social media, especially on Instagram and YouTube. She is a TV host who became a lifestyle blogger, sharing her favourite products and techniques. Her blog is titled Lalamer.

She launched her beauty brand, Summer Fridays, which was Sephora’s best-seller instantly after its release. It was her iconic jet lag mask that became a fan favourite.

In the following section, we will delve deep into the lifestyle of this beauty guru. Please keep reading to discover her profession and personal life ventures.

Quick Facts

Some quick facts associated with Marianna Hewitt are tabulated below.

Name Marianna Hewitt
ProfessionYouTube Star
Sexual OrientationStraight
Career ActivePresently active
Social MediaInstagram, YouTube

Is Marianna Hewitt Available On Wikipedia?

As of now, Marinna is not available on Wikipedia. She may soon be mentioned on Wikipedia for the fame she is receiving, but now, she is not detailed.

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How Old Is Marianna Hewitt In 2024? Get To Know Her Age, Birthday, And Birthplace

Marianna was born in 1986 in Heidelberg, Germany. She celebrates her birthday every year on the 10th of October. As of today, she is 37 years old.

Zodiac-wise, Marianna is a Libra. She is charming, diplomatic, romantic, and friendly as a Libra female.

Birthday10th of October
Age37 years old

Explore The Upbringings Of Marianna Hewitt: Nationality, Ethnicity, And Religion

Born in Germany, Marianna carries German nationality. She is from a mixed ethnic background. Her mother is Asian, while her father is Italian. Religion-wise, she is a Christian.


How Tall Is Marianna Hewitt? Know Her Height, Weight, And Body Measures

Marianna is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs around 69 kg. She has brown eyes and hair that complements her look pretty well. Besides this, no measure is available on her figure.

Height in feet and inches 5 feet 11 inches
Height in cm180 cm
Height in m1.8 m
Weight in kg69 kg
Weight in pounds152 lbs
Hair ColorBrown
Eyes ColorBrown

Marianna Hewitt Haircare Routine

Marianna’s hair care routine begins in the shower, relying on quality shampoo, conditioner, and treatments for preserving healthy hair. She uses Ouai’s Detox Shampoo for a weekly detox to stop any product buildup.

Her daily routine favours Ouai’s Medium Shampoo, Moroccanoil, or Unite’s Blonde shampoo to control brassy tones. Further, she uses Oribe Gold Lust for a luxurious finish.

When styling her hair, she opts for Oribe Gold Lust conditioner. For a wavy or air-dried look, she spreads a Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair hair mask from the mid to ends of her hair. After leaving the mask, she gently brushes it with a wet brush, then rinses it without further touching.

She finishes her hair-washing pattern with a cool rinse. Then she moves to the next step, laying a leave-in conditioner such as Unite 7 Second Conditioner or a Moroccanoil variant. Afterwards, she uses a wide-tooth comb or wet brush for delicate detangling.

If she blow-dry her hair, she spritzes a volumizing spray at the bases to control flatness and preserve the style, periodically spreading a miniature amount of hair oil to the ends ahead. Her selected oils include Oribe, Gisou, Dae, and Olaplex.

When air-drying, she tests with a diverse product range. Currently, she prefers using Olaplex No. 6 and a bit of Olaplex Hair Oil through the middle to ends, then scrunching and allowing it to dry naturally.

For styling tools, she treasures her Dyson products. The Dyson Airwrap is her favourite for drying and styling her hair with its adaptable attachments.

Post-drying, she uses diverse products to add texture and fullness. Her go-to styling product is Oribe Dry Texture spray for volume and texture. Further, she leans on Batiste Dry Shampoo and Leonor Greyl Eclat Naturel Styling Cream.

To facilitate her hair growth, she uses a variety of treatments such as Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair hair mask and Olaplex in the shower. At night, she utilises the Hair Max LED light therapy to promote the growth of hair follicles and spreads The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum to encourage thicker, healthier hair.

Concerning supplements, she’s tested Olly Heavenly Hair, Nutrafol Women’s Balance, and Moon Juice SuperHair for extra nutrition. The links to each of her products are engraved on the product itself.

Note: Reference is taken from the marianna-hewitt-hair-routine blog.

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What Skincare Routine Does Marianna Hewitt Follow? A Comprehensive Directory

Marianna’s skincare routine starts with a personalized practice for her skin type, designed and prescribed by her esthetician. This convention might not suit everyone, so she suggests seeking customised advice or following the one indicated by your dermat.

In the morning, her skincare routine is precise. She starts with iS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex, a mild gel cleanser. After that, she uses Youth Eye Cream and Corrective Control’s Aroma Matte SPF 30.

She recommends using eye cream and SPF to prevent ageing and fine lines. SPF helps avert future sun damage and dark spots rendered by existing acne when exposed to the sun, ushering to scarring.

Contrary to her morning routine, her evening routine is more intricate. Initially, she leaned on a guide for a month until she became acquainted with it.

She continues with the cleansing complex she used in her morning routine to remove makeup, pursued by Active Serum. It provides quite a tingles on the skin, assisting in controlling breakouts, which is crucial due to the heavy daily makeup she wears for the camera.

Then, she uses Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform, a favourite of multiple celebrities like Rosie Huntington Whitely and Jessica Alba. Shani, who does her facials, composed this practice.

Talking about the retinol serum, Retinol Reform works splendours against wrinkles and acne scarring. She initiated using it weekly and advanced to a nightly application.

She applies eye cream in the morning but changes to a different moisturizer at night. She uses the same brand’s oil-free recovery lotion for evenings, which is light and everlasting.

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Marianna Hewitt Family: Father, Mother, And Siblings

Marianna has a complex family background. Though her father’s name is unavailable online, her mother’s name is Thuda. Her mother was originally from Vietnam and later immigrated to the United States, while her father is from Pennsylvania.

Also, her maternal grandparents were from Vietnam and remained there until their deaths, while her paternal grandparents, her grandpa, were English, and her grandmother was Italian.

Marianna Hewitt with her father (Source: Instagram)
Marianna Hewitt with her father (Source: Instagram)

There is no information on her father’s name. Still, through an Instagram post made by Marianna on the 6th of October, she mentioned that her dad recently underwent a small biopsy session as he was diagnosed with small skin cancer. He was grateful to have a daughter like Marianna; he got treated on time. Marianna is pretty close with her family, both her father and mother.


Is Marianna Hewitt Married? Who Is Her Husband? Does She Have Any Children?

Marianna is not married yet. She has maintained a secret profile regarding her romantic involvements. The accurate news of her romantic venture is unavailable, but through her blog, she has mentioned that she has been in a heartbreak once.

Also, some new officials state that Marianna was dating Micheal Strahan, a retired football star, in 2014. The dating rumours arose after they were seen together stepping out of Micheal’s Bentley as they arrived at the Mercer Hotel together. Also, Marianna was seen taking Michael’s arm, and the pair seemed very familiar. Whether or not they are still together is yet to be known.

Moreover, it is still unknown if it was Micheal about whom she was talking when asked about heartbreak and breakup by one of her fans.

Marital StatusUnmarried
Relationship StatusN/A
Children None
Rumoured BoyfriendMicheal Strahan

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Marianna Hewitt Education: School, College, And University

Talking about education, Marianna attended Kent State University in Ohio. She graduated with a B. A in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Geography. Also, she joined classes at Become a Host with Marki Costello, after which she started her YouTube channel.

UniversityKent State University
DegreeB. A in Broadcast Journalism
Junior EducationN/A

Netizens suspect Marianna Hewitt and Adam Goldstone are secretly dating, laying a haze in public eyes. None of them has mentioned a word regarding their actual relationship. Still, both were seen attending the Baby2Baby 10-year Gala presented by Paul Mitchell at the Pacific Design Center on November 13, 2021, in California.

How Did Marianna Hewitt Start Her Career: A Comprehensive Guide

Growing up in Westerville, Ohio, Marianna felt secluded as the sole half-Asian girl in her school. She encountered a unique challenge without someone relatable to look up to or associate with, let alone a role model.

Marianna’s mother lived in Europe, and although they transmitted a close bond, she counted on her father for guidance in the beauty world. While he wasn’t proficient in makeup application, he led her to the MAC counter while she was young, where she was presented with the basics. She treasures one of the brushes he bought her as an everlasting remembrance.

Realizing her passion for beauty at a young age, Marianna desired to entrust other young women with style and beauty. This led her to the vlogging world, where she shared her personal stories and experiences. Her infatuation with recording her life and taking pictures was an innate part of her identity, although she never expected it to evolve into a career.

Marianna Hewitt (Source: Instagram)
Marianna Hewitt (Source: Instagram)

In 2009, fresh out of college, Marianna emigrated to Los Angeles and began a job in public relations. However, she continued sharing her ventures through YouTube, documenting her travels, family moments, and life travels.

Seven years and 173k subscribers later, Marianna’s YouTube medium has evolved as a platform calling out to young women. Their enthusiasm and energy encourage her content creation. She finds fulfilment in positively affecting their lives by recommending products, delivering motivational advice, fitness tips, or boosting their confidence.

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Marianna Hewitt’s Net Worth, Income Source And Assets

Marianna Hewitt’s net worth is expected to be $4.6 million. Her profession as a digital content creator and a line of beauty products is her income source. Also, she hosts a podcast which is well-favoured by youths.

Marianna has a large number of subscribers on her YouTube channel. To date, she has accumulated 23,926,341 views on her channel. Some sources mention that for every 1000 views, she was provided $1.21, accumulating a gross of $34.1 monthly. With her being in the YouTube community for almost two decades, she may have earned plenty.

Marianna Hewitt's Summer Friday is available on Sephora (Source: Instagram)
Marianna Hewitt’s Summer Friday is available on Sephora (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she is also the co-owner of her beauty brand, Summer Fridays. It is vegan, cruelty-free, winter skin care, jet lag and rich cushion cream. National Eczema approves the products. It was listed as one of the sephora’s best sellers just after launch.

Not just this, but through her blog, Lalamer, and Life with Marianna podcast, she gets several followers, resulting in her net worth. Her networth is evident to rise in the coming years.

Net Worth$4.8M
Income SourceBusinesswomen and YouTube personality

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Is Marianna Hewitt On Instagram? What About Other Social Media?

Marianna is available on Instagram. There, with the handle marianna_hewittm, she has 1.1M followers. Through her Instagram, one can access her product line. She joined this Instagram handle in March 2011.

Also, she is available on YouTube. There, with the channel named Marianna Hewitt, she has 296k subscribers. She joined Youtube in 2006.

Who is Marianna Hewitt?

Marianna Hewitt is a TV host turned into a lifestyle blogger who shares her favourite hair and skin care products and techniques through her YouTube channel and has a blog website named Lalamer.

What is the nationality of Marianna Hewitt?

How much is Marianna Hewitt’s height and weight?

How old is Marianna Hewitt?

How much is Marianna Hewitt’s net worth?

Final Words

Though she faces criticism, Marianna doesn’t let it deter her. Despite this, she holds a confident look and clasps a firm self-assuredness. Embracing her essence, she rises to love the things that once made her stand out.

With her personal experience, she aims to steer young girls to find confidence and pursue their dreams through her platform. She is a motivation to follow. We wish her all the best for her upcoming ventures.

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