Who Is Jake Zyrus’ Wife? Transgender Journey, Girlfriend And Family


Filipino singer Jake Zyrus is a transgender man who went by stage name Charice before surgery

Jake Zyrus, a transgender Filipino singer and TV personality, had a couple of girlfriends with whom he talked about settling down, but none turned out to be his wife. Most recently, the Pyramid singer had a relationship with his fiance, Shyre Aquino, whom many anticipated as his future wife.

However, Zyrus and Aquino have not appeared together since the early 2020s, raising eyebrows about whether the duo is still together. So, what’s up with Jake Zyrus’ dating story? Does he have a new girlfriend?

Amid his relationship status, fans also have prying eyes on the singer’s transgender journey.

Zyrus, who was born a biological woman, went by “Charice Pempengco” before undergoing gender affirmation surgery in 2017. Before coming out as transgender, he (then with the ‘she/her’ pronoun) identified as lesbian.

Get a full story on Jake’s relationship, transgender transition, and family in this article.

Quick Facts

Name Jake Zyrus
Birth NameCharmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco
Former Stage NameCharice
Date of BirthMay 10, 1992
Age31 Years Old
Height4 feet 9 inches (1.44 m)
Birth PlaceCabuyao, Laguna, Philippines
ParentsRicky and Racquel Pempengco
SiblingsCarl Pempengco
ProfessionSinger, TV Personality
GenderMale (transgender)
Career Active2005- present
Net Worth$6 million
Social MediaInstagram, Facebook, Twitter

Does Jake Zyrus Have A Wife? Is He Married To Shyre Aquino?

The 2008 Aliw Award-winning singer Jake Zyrus doesn’t have a wife. After Zyrus came out as transgender (transitioning to “male”) in the fall of 2017, he opened up about his relationship with his new girlfriend, Shyre Aquino, which became quite a media buzzer globally.

Shyre is a registered nutritionist-dietitian from Davao City, the Philippines. Her Twitter bio shows she is also a personal trainer and fitness instructor.

In November 2018, the Filipino singer confirmed his engagement with Aquino during an episode of I Know Right? When asked if he was engaged, Zyrus did not try to hide and said, “I never lie, so…” with a thumbs up as a confirmation.

Jake Zyrus and his girlfriend-turned-fiance, Shyre Aquino
Jake Zyrus and his girlfriend-turned-fiance, Shyre Aquino (Source: Facebook)

However, Jake kept the exact date and other details of the proposal under wraps, “As for me, I think, give that information to us. Because we enjoy it as if there is information that other people don’t know.”

Fans were already anticipating wedding bells shortly. The duo has yet to get married. On top of that, the two are nowhere to be seen together these days, generating rumors of their split.

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Did Zyrus Break Up With Shyre?

Maybe!! While the ‘One Day‘ singer and his girlfriend, Shyre, didn’t verbally confirm their split, their actions hint that they are no longer together. Starting in 2021, they were nowhere to be seen together; fans also observed a significant reduction in sharing adorable pictures on social media.

Jake and Shyre do not follow each other on Instagram, and their posts do not feature pictures of them together or affectionate comments about each other. So, based on these speculations, there are assumptions that Zyrus and Aquino broke up.

Marital StatusNot married
Relationship StatusSeparated
Children No
Girlfriend’s NameShyre Aquino
Relationship DurationAugust 2017- Early 2020s

Relationship Details Of Jake Zyrus And Shyre Aquino

In August 2017, the two went public about their relationship after Aquino shared PDA-filled pictures of the duo on her Instagram, with one post captioned, “I love you for who you are.” 

The Filipino singer responded in the comment section, “You deserve all these good comments. They don’t even know who you really are as a person. To all of you, this woman makes me feel good about myself.” Moreover, Zyrus added that she was his strength during his transgender transition and the reason for him to ‘stop hating himself.’

Jake Zyrus and Shyre began dating in 2017
Jake Zyrus and Shyre began dating in 2017 (Source: GMA Network)

After a year of dating, the two got engaged in November 2018. During one of his interviews in 2018, Jake Zyrus stated that Aquino was “the one” he was going to marry. His lover came into his life when the singer was undergoing a gender-affirming transformation and took care of him during his top surgery.

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How Did They Meet?

In a 2019 interview with ABS-CBN Lifestyle, he spoke about the depth of his feelings to Shyre: “I don’t know what the future brings, but I am looking forward to marrying the woman I love and being with the family I choose.”

Jake also mentioned that his girlfriend was his longtime fan—she had a crush on him before he came out as transgender when he used the mononym Charice.

He first met her at one of her shows, but it was not until after his breakup with Alyssa that the two got into a relationship. The singer stated that Aqunio’s dedication to their relationship made him commit.

A since-deleted picture of Zyrus and his girlfriend, Aquino
A since-deleted picture of Zyrus and his girlfriend, Aquino (Source: Instagram)

Throughout the late 2010s and early 2020s, the couple shared adorable pictures of each other on their social media profiles.

On July 2, 2019, the former ‘The X Factor Philippines’ judge shared a picture of hugging his fiance, Aquino, with the caption, “I love you @coachshy.rnd?” She replied, “I love you more. Hey… you’re so handsome. You make my heart melt.”

In December 2020, Jake Zyrus took to Instagram to express his love for his lover, sharing an adorable picture of the duo. However, those pictures have since been deleted.

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Is Shyre Aquino Active On Social Media?

Here is the link of Aquino’s social profiles:

Jake Zyrus’ Ex-Girlfriend, Alyssa Quijano: Dating Story And Break Up!

Zyrus was in a relationship for four years with Alyssa Quijano before they separated in April 2017. At that time, the ‘My Inspiration’ singer was a biological female and identified herself as lesbian.

As for Quijano, born on November 9, 1993, she is a Filipino pop singer who was in the A.K.A. Jam group of the singing reality show The X-Factor in 2012.

As reported, the former couple were childhood rivals who sang in competitions. Years later, fate led them to meet again on The X-Factor, where Alyssa was a contestant, and Jake (then Charice) was on the judging panel.

The reunion turned into romance, and they began dating in June 2013, as he referred to Quijano as his “everything.”

Zyrus and his ex-girlfriend, Alyssa Quijano
Zyrus and his ex-girlfriend, Alyssa Quijano (Source: Twitter)

In late April 2017, the singer’s manager, Carl Cabral, confirmed to ABS-CBN that the duo broke up, “Yes, Charice and Alyssa have broken up, and it was a mutual decision,” but didn’t comment on the reason.

Zyrus’ Ex Has A New Boyfriend

A few months after Alyssa and Jake’s (then Charice), the latter introduced his new girlfriend, Shyre. Later, in November 2017, Quijano also buzzed on social media after she shared a picture with her new boyfriend as the new duo celebrated her birthday.

Alyssa’s boyfriend goes by the IG handle @daryus_dar.

Ex-Girlfriend’s NameAlyssa Quijano
Relationship DurationJune 2013- April 2017

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Alyssa Quijano’s Social Profiles

Here is the list of Quijano’s social media accounts:

From Lesbian To Transgender: Journey From Charice To Jake Zyrus

Born Charice Pempengco, a biological female, the Filipino singer caught public attention in 2007 after Ellen Degeneres explored her YouTube videos and invited her for an interview. Then, in 2008, Charice appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where she performed  “I Have Nothing”, earning him more exposure.

Fast-forward to 2012. Pempengco was already a noted name in the music industry and had three studio albums. Since she (now ‘he’) remained away from relationships, curious eyes to explore her (now ‘his’) sexuality were on standby.

The pages of her sexuality began to unfold in March 2012 after Charice changed his looks with an “edgy and rock” hairstyle, followed by her picture in a masculine dress in April 2013.

Then, on June 2, 2013, Charice confirmed to Boy Abunda at The Buzz that she identified as lesbian and has had relationships with other females in the industry.

Charice took the stage name Jake Zyrus after transgender surgery
Charice took the stage name Jake Zyrus after transgender surgery

In 2014, at The Oprah Winfrey Show, when asked if she was planning for a gender transition, she denied it.

Three years later, in June 2017, the singer took to social media to come out as a transgender man, adding that the star now goes with ‘he/him” pronouns and the new name “Jake Zyrus.”

Moreover, Zyrus mentioned that he underwent top surgery (breast removal) in March that year and began testosterone medication in April. In 2018, he released a memoir, ‘I Am Jake,’ which is a collection of his experiences that includes emotional, physical, and mental abuse along with suicide attempts.

Gender IdenityTransgender Male (since 2017)
Name At BirthCharice Pempengco (female)
Name After Transgender TransitionJake Zyrus

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Who Are Jake Zyrus’s Parents? Father’s Death And Estranged With Mother

Zyrus was born, Charice Pempengco, to Filipino parents, Racquel Pampengco, and Ricky Pempengco, who separated when she was young. As a result, his mother raised him and his brother, Carl, as a single mom.

Jake’s estranged father, Ricky, 41, died in October 2011 after sustaining fatal injuries from stabbing. As reported, his dad, a construction worker was at a small grocery store in San Pedro, Laguna, where he brushed off against a drunk man who got in rage and attacked him.

Filipino singer Zyrus and his mother, Racquel
Filipino singer Zyrus and his mother, Racquel (Source: Fiance.Yahoo)

Zyrus is not in good terms with his mother, whom he refers to as a cruel mom. In his 2018 book “Mommy Dearest”, he wrote about abuses from his mom stating she hit him with belts and broomsticks.

Moreover, he accused Racquel of being not supportive of his gender transitioning and using fake Instagram accounts to leave abusive comments on his posts.

On November 4, 2023, during an interview with showbiz vlogger Morly Alinio, Jake’s mother stated that she and her transgender son were still no on common grounds. Moreover, she talked about her son’s struggle with mental health and stated he would ‘feel better’ if they reconcile.

However, there are no reports if the mother-son duo patched up.

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What is Jake Zyrus’ real name?

Jake Zyrus, a Filipino singer, went by the name “Charice Pempengco” before he came out as transgender male and took the current name.

When did Charice become Jake Zyrus?

How old is Jake Zyrus now?

How much is Jake Zyrus’ height?

The Filipino singer and TV figure stands 4 feet 9 inches (1.44 m) tall.

How much is the net worth of Jake Zyrus (formerly Charice)?

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