How Tall is Nikkie de Jager? Know Her Height, Husband, Net Worth and Trans Gender Secret

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Nikkie de Jager

Nikkie de Jager, a Dutch makeup artist and beauty Youtuber, stands bright and bold as a trans woman with an exceptional height of 6 feet 2 inches. She came out as a trans woman in January 2020.

Jager, with full name Nikkie de Jager-Drossaers, rose to prominence in 2015 through her YouTube channel, featuring a video named “The power of makeup”. The video went viral in no time, making Jager a celebrity overnight. Since then, her popularity is only ascending.

In the following section, we will delve deep into the life of Jager, such as her age, birthday, fiance, sexuality, transitioning, career, robbery, and so on. Keep reading to discover.

Quick Facts

Some quick facts concerning Nikkie de Jager are tabulated below. Please give it a look.

Name Nikkie de Jager
Full Name Nikkie de Jager-Drossaers
Nicknamenée de Jager
Popular as NikkieTutorials
ProfessionMakeup Artist and Beauty Youtuber
Sexual OrientationTrans Woman

How Old Is Nikkie de Jager In 2023? Get To Know Her Age, Birthday, And Birthplace

Nikki de Jager was born on 2nd March 1994 in Wageningen, Netherlands. As of 2023, she is 29 years old. She resides in Uden, Netherlands, with her husband, Dylan Drossaers.

Zodiac-wise, Nikki de Jager is a Pisces female. As a Piscean female, she is compassionate and empathetic.

Date of Birth2nd March 1994
BirthplaceWageningen, Netherlands
Age29 years old
Current ResidenceUden, Netherlands
Zodiac SignPisces

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How Tall Is Nikkie de Jager? Know Her Height, Weight, And Body Measures

Nikkie de Jager is tall. She has a height of 6 feet 2 inches. This height is well balanced by her weight of 92 kg. She looks like a plus-size model with such physical features.

Additionally, she has maintained a figure of 38-32-44 for her chest, waist, and hip. She looks beautiful with her blonde hair and hazel-grey eyes.

Height in feet and inches 6 feet 2 inches
Height in cm188 cm
Height in m1.8 m
Weight in kg92 kg
Weight in pounds202 lbs
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorHazel-grey

Does Nikkie de Jager Has Any Tattoos? How Many Tattoos Does She Have?

Nikkie De Jager has altogether 14 tattoos on her body. Most of her tattoos are based on her hands, specifically her forearms. Each tattoo holds a deep meaning in the life of her transformative journey.

Nikkie de Jager has painted herself with 14 tattoos. (Source: Cosmopolitan)
Nikkie de Jager has painted herself with 14 tattoos. (Source: Cosmopolitan)

Going briefly into the tattoo, she has some fake eyelashes tattooed on her left wrist. Below it is the tiny triceratops. , she has drawn a zoo-themed tattoo, a wolf, an owl, a panda, and a penguin on her left forearm. It was mentioned that Evan Kim did her zoo-themed tattoo.

Similarly, she has a watercolour tiger eye on her left forearm and an eye tattoo on the back of her right upper arm. On the same right hand on the door section, on her forearm, she has drawn a world map by tattoo artist Evan Kim.

Coming to her wrist she has a bracelet tattooed on her right wrist. There is a series of tattoos on the upper and lower sections of the hands. You can visit steal her to have more insights into her tattoo.

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Nikkie de Jager Family: Father, Mother, And Siblings

Nikkie de Jager is born to her mother Saskia Spee. The name of her biological father is not yet available. She has a brother named Emile de Jager.

Nikkie de Jager with her mother, Saskia Spee (Source: YouTube)
Nikkie de Jager with her mother, Saskia Spee (Source: YouTube)

Nikkie’s mother is the owner of the Dutch cosmetics company Het Cosmeticahuis. She married Jeroen Spee in 2010, who had two children from his previous relationship, Ravi Spee and Mikai Spee.

As such, Nikkie has three siblings, but unfortunately, Mikai Spee died in 2018 of Lymphatic cancer.

Biological FatherN/A
MotherSaskia Spee
StepfatherJeroen Spee
BrotherEmile de Jager
Half-BrothersRavi Spee and Mikai Spee

Is Nikkie de Jager Married? Who Is Her Boyfriend? Is She A Transgender?

Nikkie de Jager was engaged to her boyfriend, Dylan Drossaers, in August 2019. He proposed to her while they were on vacation in Italy. Later, on 6 September 2022, they got married. The event was organised more privately, and only a few close circles were invited to the wedding.

Now, these two live together in Uden. They have not welcomed any children yet, but they may plan to make a family shortly.

Marital StatusMarried
Marriage Date6 September 2022
HusbandDylan Drossaers

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Nikkie de Jager Education: School, College, And University

The details on Jager’s schooling are unavailable. Still, it was mentioned that she got her professional training and education in hair and makeup from tutor Pascale Tesser of the B Academy, Amsterdam.

After completing the training, she became a makeup professional at Colourful Agency. It was the beginning of her career, the year being 2011.

Nikkie de Jager Before Transition

Nikkie de Jager came out as a transgender female in January 2020 after she was threatened by an anonymous personality regarding her gender identity a couple of times.

Talking about her transition story, she discovered her gender identity at the age of six. At such an age, too, she started growing hair and nails and dressing up like a female. At the age of 14, she commenced with hormone blockers and male growth suppressors. Eventually, at 19, she fully transitioned as a female.

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How Did Nikkie de Jager Start Her Career: A Comprehensive Guide

Nikkie De Jager ventured on her YouTube journey in 2008, aged 14, inspired by watching Lauren Conrad’s makeup on MTV’s The Hills during an illness.

After ending the video, she wanted to replicate the look, so she gawked into YouTube tutorials and eventually started crafting her videos. Over two years, she shared content while following makeup studies at B Academy in Amsterdam.

She transitioned professionally and entered Colourfool Agency in 2011, starting her makeup artist career.

Her rise resumed as she became head makeup artist for the show I Can Make You a Supermodel in 2013. Subsequently, she decided to freelance in hair and makeup, leaving Colourfool Agency in 2014.

Recognition swiftly observed, with Forbes admitting her as a top beauty influencer in 2017. That same year, she nailed awards such as YouTube Guru at the Shorty Awards and Choice Fashion/Beauty Web Star at the Teen Choice Awards.

In 2017, De Jager confronted a Prague-based cosmetics brand for abusing her image without consent to vend their products, conveying her disappointment in their deceitful actions.

Dutch makeup artist and Youtuber Nikkie de Jager (Source: Instagram)
Dutch makeup artist and Youtuber Nikkie de Jager (Source: Instagram)

Her journey acquired new peaks in January 2019 when she was designated Global Beauty Adviser for Marc Jacobs Beauty. Later, she held a goodwill ambassador position at the United Nations in June 2020.

Building on her conquest, she revealed her cosmetic brand, Nimya, in September 2021, featuring a collection of products.

Also, her cooperation extended her influence, uniting with brands like OFRA Cosmetics and Maybelline. Her ventures retained a line with OFRA Cosmetics, including liquid lipsticks and a highlighter palette in 2017.

Furthermore, she teamed with Lady Gaga in December 2019 to facilitate Haus Laboratories. In August 2020, she undertook to cast her eyeshadow palette through a partnership with Beauty Bay.

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Nikkie de Jager Awards, Achievements, And Accomplishments

Nikkie de Jager has been awarded different honours and awards. Her accomplishments with some prestigious awards are listed below. Please give it a look.

9th Annual Shorty Awards, 2017

  • Title: Youtube Guru
  • Award Result: Won

Teen Choice Awards, 2017

  • Title: Choice Web Star: Fashion/Beauty
  • Award Result: Won

American Influencer Awards, 2017

  • Title: International Makeup Influencer of the Year
  • Award Result: Won

E! People’s Choice Awards, 2018

  • Title: The Beauty Influencer of 2018
  • Award Result: Nominated

Teen Choice Awards, 2018

  • Title: Choice Fashion/Beauty Web Star (Nominated twice)
  • Award Result: Nominated

E! People’s Choice Awards, 2019

  • Title: The Beauty Influencer of 2019
  • Award Result: Nominated

Streamy Awards, 2019

  • Title: Branded Content: Video
  • Award Result: Won

American Influencer Awards, 2019

  • Title: International Makeup Influencer of the Year
  • Award Result: Won

CelebMix Awards, 2020

  • Title: Social Media Star
  • Award Result: Won

American Influencer Awards, 2020

  • Title: International Makeup Influencer of the Year
  • Award Result: Won

E! People’s Choice Awards, 2020

  • Title: The Beauty Influencer of 2020
  • Award Result: Nominated

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, 2021

  • Title: Favorite Star – Netherlands
  • Award Result: Won

Is Nikkie de Jager Into Any Controversies? Exploring What Got Her Into The Public Dislike?

In 2017, Jeffree Star, a famous makeup artist from America, charged Too Faced Cosmetics of underpaying NikkieTutorials for their alliance, citing postponed payment—nine months instead of the agreed-upon six.

Nikkie also disclosed the compromised quality of their collaborative eyeshadow palette, preaching the issue publicly in October 2019, confessing her naivety in signing the contract and venting disappointment at the apparent alteration without her knowledge, conducting negative reviews.

On January 13, 2020, Nikkie De Jager disclosed her transgender journey in a YouTube video titled I’m Coming Out, describing hormone therapy from fourteen and finalising her transition by nineteen.

She revealed being blackmailed about her gender, desiring to admit it herself. The video received general support from fans, fellow YouTubers, and the LGBTQ community.

Following the video’s sensation, Nikkie appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss her transgender identity. Later, she voiced feeling treated differently on the show, sensing Ellen as distant.

Reports exposed her statement about being unable to use the closest restroom on set because it was allegedly secured for the Jonas Brothers in an interview with a Dutch outlet and C Magazine, as briefed by Pop Crave.

Nikki de Jager’s Net Worth is $6 Million With Her Variety of Income Sources And Assets

Nikkie de Jager is estimated to have a net worth of $6 million as of 2023. With such, she is enlisted as one of the wealthiest businesswomen and designers.

The primary source for Jager’s net worth is her YouTube channel, Nikkie Tutorials. The video she posted 2015, named “The Power of Makeup”, went viral and took her to the starlight level. As of now, she has 14.4M subscribers on her channel.

Additionally, she is a professional makeup artist, one of the highest-paying jobs in the current scenario. As the head make-up artist, she ventured into the TV series I Can Make You a SuperModel. This is filling her fortune.

She advertises brands and has become an ambassador for some, such as Marc Jacobs Beauty. She has also remained a goodwill ambassador at the United Nations.

Furthermore, she has collaborated with renowned beauty brands such as Maybelline, Too Faced, and Ofra.

Also, she launched her cosmetic line in September 2021. She named it Nimya. She has found three products: a moisturizer, a setting spray, a cooling ice stick, and a glow serum.

Moreover, she collaborated with the infamous American singer Lady Gaga to promote her makeup brand, Haus Laboratories. She also launched her eyeshadow palette in collaboration with the beauty brand Beauty Bay in August 2020.

Nikkie de Jager's house in Uden, Netherlands (Source: stars unfolded)
Nikkie de Jager’s house in Uden, Netherlands (Source: stars unfolded)

Talking about her assets, she has a house in Uden, Netherlands. Other than this, nothing is traced regarding her possessions.

Is Nikkie de Jager On Instagram? What About Other Social Media?

Nikkie de Jager is available on Instagram with the handle nikkietutorials. She joined Instagram in November 2011. Now, with the 2,853 shared posts, she has 19.2M followers.

As a Youtuber, she is present with the handle NikkieTutorials, with 14.4M Subscribers. She joined the YouTube community in June 2008.

Also, she is available on Twitter and Facebook with the handle NikkieTutorials and Nikkie Tutorials, with 2.1M and 1.7M followers, respectively.

Who is Nikkie de Jager?

Nikkie de Jager is a Dutch makeup artist and beauty YouTuber.

What is Nikkie de Jager’s nationality?

How much is Nikkie de Jager’s height and weight?

How old is Nikkie de Jager?

How much is Nikkie de Jager’s net worth?

Final Words

From hiding behind the mask to being open about her gender, Nikkie de Jager has stepped through the most challenging phase of her life.

Her popularity after the revelation has clambered to the next level. Though some nasty comments were thrown at her after the revelation, there were her appreciators, too. Despite everything, she faced everyone with a smile, a brave and bold move. We wish her all the best for her coming future.

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