Fitness Instructor Natalie Jill’s Age, Height, Weight, Birthday and Bio

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Natalie Jill, a retired Fat Loss Expert who has transitioned into a high-performance fitness trainer, specializes in coaching women to change their mindset on age, potential, and opportunity.

Jill employs uncomplicated and delightful yet remarkable guidelines showcased in her journals, podcasts, interactive programs, and teaching sessions.

Being a 50-year-old woman, she empathizes with the challenges that constantly escort ageing. Her primary purpose is to eradicate uncertainties and sustain individuals in overpowering False Assumed Truths (F.A.T.) that restrain them from achieving their goals.

In the following section, we will dive deep into Natalie’s life. Please keep reading to discover her career story, family, success and struggles.

Quick Facts

Some quick facts associated with Natalie are tabulated below.

Name Natalie Jill
ProfessionFitness star, nutritionist, author, and entreprenuer
Sexual OrientationStraight
Career ActivePresently active
Social MediaInstagram, Facebook, and YouTube

How Old Is Natalie Jill In 2024? Get To Know Her Age, Birthday, And Birthplace

Jill was born in 1971 in Washington, DC, United States. Her birthday is on the 2nd of September. As of 2024, she is 53 years old. Despite being a woman over 50, she has not restricted herself from fitness and is actively involved in her professional venture as a fitness personnel.

Zodiac-wise, Jill is a Virgo. As a Virgo female considered analytical, practical, reliable and intelligent, Jill gets quite the modest quality to brag about.

Birthday2nd of September
BirthplaceWashington DC, United States
Age 52 years
Zodiac SignVirgo

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Nationality, Ethnicity, And Religion

Natalie Jill is American. The details regarding her ethnicity and religion are yet to be known. We will update this section soon.


How Tall Is Natalie Jill? Know Her Height, Weight, And Body Measures

Jill has an average height of 5 feet 3 inches. The measure regarding her weight is not yet available, but it was made well known that she gained a vast 50lbs during her pregnancy. She describes this as the most depriving time of her life while her marriage is about to end, and her physical condition has added more salt to her pain.

52 years old fitness star Natalie Jill (Source: Instagram)
52 years old fitness star Natalie Jill (Source: Instagram)

Going more into her physical attributes, she has brown hair and eyes. She looks young, radiant, and vibrant despite her age.

Height in feet and inches 5 feet 3 inches
Height in cm160 cm
Height in m1.6 m
Weight in kgN/A
Weight in poundsN/A
Hair ColorBrown
Eyes ColorBrown

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Family: Father, Mother, And Siblings

The names of the father, mother, and Natalie are unavailable online. However, it was mentioned that her father died of a heart attack while he was 49 years old, leaving her mother a young widow. At that time, Natalie was just 22 years old.

Talking about her siblings, she has two younger siblings, a sister and a brother. Her brother is two years younger than her, while her sister is 10. Their name remain anonymous to date.

SiblingsTwo-brother and sister

Is Natalie Jill Married? Who Is Her Husband? Does She Have Any Children?

Natalie Jill has been married twice. Her first marriage with Jeremy Gonzalez reached a divorce, the reason considered personal. Despite being divorced, they have set healthy boundaries for each other as both are co-parenting and respect their current partner.

As of now, Jill is married to her husband, Brooks Hollan, in 2015. Brooks is her business associate. They have dated for 12 years and have been married for 7 years. Though they may gone through some problems in between, they have maintained a healthy relationship to date.

Natalie Jill with her daughter (Source: Instagram)
Natalie Jill with her daughter (Source: Instagram)

Coming towards her family, she has a 16-year-old daughter named Penelope. A picture of Jill with her daughter is presented above.

Marital StatusDivorced-Married
Ex-husbandJeremy Gonzalez
Children One- daughter
Present Husband Brooks Hollan
Daughter’s name Penelope
Daughter’s age (in 2023)16 years old

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Education: School, College, And University

Which high school Natalie attended is yet to be known, but it was sure that it was based in Washington, DC.

Later, she joined the University of Maryland for her college level, through which she graduated with a degree in Health and Human performance.

High SchoolLocal high school
CollegeUniversity of Maryland
Graduate withDegree in Health and Human Performance

Her Career: A Comprehensive Guide

Before transitioning to Natalie Jill Fitness as her full-time profession, Jill spent around 15 years in different Medical Sales Leadership Roles, including Regional Sales Director, Director of Sales Development, National Sales Manager for Strategic Sales, National Sales and Education Training Manager, and Territory Manager.

Having left a successful career in corporate America, Jill specialized in teaching doctors branding methodologies and coaching sales agents in practical selling strategies.

While she flourished in this role, boredom arose, evoking a desire for broader horizons and grander creativity. Feeling restrained within the corporate atmosphere, she decided to depart.

Harnessing the strength of the internet, a swift shift enabled her to influence millions globally, directing individuals toward wellness and personal development.

Through this journey, she established a globally recognized brand, gathering over three million social media followers. Her online business, Natalie Jill Fitness, assisted hundreds of thousands worldwide freeing excess fat (F.A.T), flashing transformative changes in their lives.

The joint thread between her previous and present career primarily focuses on helping others achieve their goals and become their best versions.

Natalie Jill Fitness Programs

Through her website,, Natalie Jill offers various workout programs, but it was the popular 7-day jumpstart through which she gained global stardom.

Besides the 7-day jumpstart, some of her popular programs are the Total Body Thrive- 8-week coaching program, Stronger 8-week program, And Complete Workout from home. You can visit the above-linked website for detailed info on the service.

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What Is 7 Day Jumpstart?

The original 7-Day Jump Start PLAN offers a straightforward seven-day formula prepared to activate fat burning, lower bloating, and curb cravings effectively.

This isn’t just a workout regimen; it comprises a complete nutrition schedule prepared to kickstart weight loss, flexible to any fitness level.

The program highlights simplicity, relying on natural, easily accessible foods requiring minimal cooking. It is inherently gluten-, soy- and peanut-free, aligning with various dietary preferences.

It emphasises nutrition and lifestyle changes rather than being a dull and limiting diet. Long-term success is attributed to transforming it into a sustainable lifestyle choice.

The focus of this plan spins around addition rather than deprivation. It enables the integration of more healthy elements while minimizing space for harmful choices.

It’s crucial to note that the content within the 7-Day Jump Start program operates as an all-around health tip and should not replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Furthermore, this plan doesn’t demand the use of any supplements.

Meal Plan And Diet

Jill’s meal plans are well-balanced with lean protein, complex carbs, and beneficial fats. Her usual food preferences comprise salads topped with grilled chicken or fish, where she often incorporates bases of good fats such as olive oil or avocado.

Moreover, she emphasises including low-calorie vegetables and berries in her diet, which she consumes freely. She often indulges in apples paired with a small amount of chocolate for snacks.

Certifications And Awards

Jill has been awarded with a handful of certifications and awards. Below is a list of Natalie Jill’s significant accomplishments to date.

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified in Health Advocacy
  • Certified in Resistance Training
  • Certified in Fitness Evaluation
  • AMA Certified in Sales Training
  • AMA licensed in Effective Effective Executive Speaking
  • AMA-certified in Sales Management
  • AMA-certified in Sales Training
  • National Best Selling Author
  • Publishers Weekly Best Seller
  • USA Today Best Seller

Natalie Jill’s Net Worth, Income Source And Assets

According to various sources, Jill has a massive networth of $5 million. Her fitness program, 7 Day Jump Start, and website, through which she offers various wellness services, are her primary income sources.

Moreover, she has been featured in renowned magazines and journals such as Forbes, LA Times, Buzzfeed, Marine Clarie, People Magazine, etc. Because of this, her followers expanded globally, which not only granted her stardom but also helped her build a glorifying net worth.

Net Worth$5M
Primary Income SourceHer Fitness program
Supplementary Income SourceSocial media

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Is Natalie Jill On Instagram? What About Other Social Media?

Natalie Jill is available on Instagram with the handle nataliejillfit. She joined this handle in April 2012. There, she has 744k followers.

Also, she is available on Facebook as Natalie Jill Fit, with 1.6M followers. With the same handle as her Facebook, she is present on YouTube, with 293k subscribers. She joined the YouTube community in November 2010.

Who is Natalie Jill?

Natalie Jill is an Instagram and fitness star from the United States best known for her fitness program 7-day jump start.

What is the nationality of Natalie Jill?

How much is Natalie Jill’s height and weight?

How old is Natalie Jill?

How much is Natalie Jill’s net worth?

Final Words

Beyond the fitness and nutrition expertise, Natalie’s true prowess lies in catalyzing perspective shifts and empowering individuals, especially women, to develop, describe, and discover their visions.

Natalie is a motivation; one can learn different discourses from her life story. We wish her all the best for her upcoming ventures.

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