Baxter Hosley Died In A Car Accident: What Was His Age? Wikipedia, Family And Girlfriend


Fitness Influencer Baxter Hosley died at 22 in a fatal car accident in Houston

An American fitness influencer and TikTok star, Baxter Hosley, aged 22, died in a tragic accident in March 2024. His weight loss journey from 250 lbs to a fitness icon was an influential story that captivated many.

The news of his death didn’t come until Ekkovision’s official social media profile broke about the unfortunate incident. Hosely, along with fellow fitness guru Garrett Thievin, lost their lives in the accident, leaving social platforms and netzines in mourn.

Hailing from Houston, Baxter shared diet plans and workout videos on Instagram and TikTok. He also amassed over 19K subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel, where he featured his mother and girlfriend in his vlogs.

As we express condolences to Hosley’s family, we have covered some insights into Baxter’s personal and professional life.

Quick Facts

Name Baxter Hosley
NicknameBig Bax
Date of BirthJanuary 13, 2002
Date of DeathMarch 10, 2024 (at 22 years old)
Place of BirthUnited States
Height5 feet 10 inches (1.77 m)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorLight Brown
ProfessionFitness Influencer, Social Media Influencer
Sexual OrientationStraight
Career Active2021-2024
Net Worth$200K
Social MediaInstagram, TikTok, YouTube

Baxter Hosley Wikipedia: What Was His Age At The Time Of Death?

Hosely was born on January 13, 2002, in the United States to American parents. He was only 22 years old when he passed away in March 2024.

Two months before the tragic incident, Baxter had celebrated his 22nd birthday and shared an Instagram post from the celebration with his friends on Instagram. He wrote, “Turned 22, pockets feelin like I’m 65. First time I spent a birthday away from my family, luckily I got family down here too.”

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Cause Of Baxter’s Death

The 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 m) tall fitness influencer died on March 10, 2024, in a car accident. Amid talks on purported death, the official Ekkovision’s TikTok page (of which Baxter was an ambassador) confirmed the heartbreaking news on March 12 with a 3-minute long video of condolence.

Baxter and another American fitness influencer, Thievin, both lost their lives in the tragic accident.

The video captioned, “Sunday, March 10th, we lost two of our brothers. The family lost their sons in a horrific event. At this moment, we ask you guys to please send your prayers to Baxter and Thievin and their family and the Ekko team.”

Baxter Hosley and Garrett Thievin lost their lives in a car accident
Baxter Hosley (left) and Garrett Thievin (right) lost their lives in a car accident (Source: Instagram)

In the aftermath, viewers expressed their grief on social media and posted homage videos to Hosley and Thievin.

Some social media users also circulated videos of news reports covering the crash of two cars (allegedly Baxter’s and Thievin’s) in Houston at 9:45 PM on March 10. According to the news reporter, a BMW was “speeding around other cars” before the accident.

Baxter Hosley’s Family: Who Are His Parents?

The late American fitness influencer was one of two children of his parents- he had a sister, whom he often mentioned in his YouTube videos, though he kept her identity and name under wraps.

Conversely, Baxter’s mother didn’t shy away from appearing in her son’s videos, whom he called “Mama Bax.” The mother-son duo made many videos: reactions to gym fails, Q&As, and gym workouts.

Baxter with his mother in one of his YouTube videos
Baxter with his mother in one of his YouTube videos (Source: YouTube)

On December 2, 2022, in a YouTube video titled, “How It Was Being 270 Pounds (Ft. My Mom)”, Hosley’s mother joined him as he went to talk about his journey of weight loss and fitness.

However, the TikTok fitness content creator never talked about his father in his videos. Some claimed that his parents were separated, but no confirmation on this issue ever came up.

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Who Was Baxter Hosley’s Girlfriend? Dating And Relationship

Besides his mom, Baxter often featured his girlfriend in his YouTube videos. While he didn’t explicitly give the details of his lover, it didn’t take long for viewers to find out her whereabouts.

Hosley’s girlfriend’s name is Beth Cooper, from New York. She is the eldest of two children, born to her mother, Amanda Cooper, and has a younger brother, Riley.

Beth is active on Instagram as @beth.cooper.2 but has switched her profile to private. Also, she has a VSCO profile, where she shared a picture with Baxter in January 2023.

Baxter Hosley and his girlfriend, Beth Cooper
Baxter Hosley and his girlfriend, Beth Cooper (Source: YouTube)

The duo kept their courtship details under wraps—about when and how they began dating. Hosley began featuring his girlfriend on his YouTube videos in mid-2022.

On July 15, 2022, after Baxter reached 5K subscribers on his YouTube channel, he featured his sweetheart Beth in a video titled, “5,000 Subscriber QNA w/ My Girlfriend In the Gym.”

In July 2023, in a video titled “A scientific breakdown of life as a fatty,” the fitness influencer stated that he and his girlfriend struggled with weight gain and their gym journey.

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Hosley’s Early Life And Journey To Fitness

Hosley grew up in Liverpool, New York, where he attended Liverpool High School (class of 2020). In one of his YouTube videos, Baxter talked about gaining weight and his weight loss journey—at one point in his mid-teens, he was already 270 lbs.

At the beginning of high school, he became conscious of his body’s health and started transforming himself. Everything seemed to be progressing until the COVID-19 pandemic broke out during the last days of high school.

Baxter Hosley's transformation to a fitness icon
Baxter Hosley’s transformation to a fitness icon (Source: Instagram)

As a result, Baxter again began gaining weight. So, he joined a gym and changed his diet plans to change his lifestyle. His dedication didn’t take long to bring results; within five months, he was down to 165 lbs.

In 2021, the Houston-raised began posting fitness content on Instagram and TikTok. Fast-forward three years, and he not only transformed his life but also became an inspiration to many with his content, thus becoming a social media influencer.

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Baxter’s Social Media Followers And YouTube

Baxter Hosley joined Instagram and created his YouTube channel at age 11 in 2013, but it was not until nearly a decade later that he gained social media fandom in 2021. As of this writing, his eponymous YouTube channel has more than 19.5K subscribers and 1.975 million views.

With growing fame, Hosley garnered widespread recognition in TikTok as a fitness content creator.

Check out links to Baxter’s social profiles:


Gone too soon, Hosley was only 22 before a tragic accident took him away. Baxter was an exemplary youth icon in the fitness industry who proved that one can transform one’s life with determination and hard work.

With his weight loss journey from 250 lbs to 165 lbs, Hosley went from a high school graduate to a TikTok star and Instagram influencer with content in fitness. Prayers for him and his family!

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