How Old Is Maximus Hall in 2023? Age, Height, Weight, Father, Bio, and Wiki

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Maximus Hall

Maximus Hall, renowned as the son of the famous Eddie Hall, is making waves in fitness and bodybuilding through his remarkable achievements lately. At 11, he has already started imitating his father’s path and making a name for himself.

In a recent Instagram post by his father, Eddie, Maximus is seen posing side by side, displaying his biceps and father. While his father’s performance was as remarkable as ever, fans are more eager to learn about his son Maximus as he reflects just like his father.

At such a young age, Netizens were pleasantly surprised by Maximus’s robust and muscular physique. Some even think he may break his father’s record someday and create a history for himself.

In the following sections, we will discuss Maximus Hall’s age, height, bio, wiki, father, mother and likewise. Keep reading to learn more.

Bio, Wiki And Quick Facts

NameMaximus Hall
NicknameMaximus Hall – Beast Jnr
Date of birthJuly 10, 2012 (not confirmed)
Age 11 years as of 2023
FatherEddie Hall
MotherAlexandra Hall
SiblingsTwo ( One half-sister, one biological)
Sister’s NameLayla Hall
Social MediaYoutube

How Old is Maximus Hall? Know Age, Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Though none of the sources has disclosed the exact date of birth of Maximus Hall, as by the Instagram post made by his father on July 10, wishing him a happy birthday, we assumed that he was born in the year 2012.

His birthday is still confusing, but it may be July 10, per the same post’s reference. This is not verified yet.

Talking about his height, Maximus is not that tall and is pretty tiny, as he is just 11. His exact size is unknown, but comparing him to his father, Eddie, who is 1.91 m, we assumed he roams between 146cm and 150cm.

Not just height, Maximus’s weight is still not known. By his appearance, we assumed he might be around 50 to 60 kgs, which in lbs turns 110 to 130. Maximus is quite bulky and has already developed intense muscles.

Exploring Maximus Hall’s Father, Mother, and Family

As known as the son of renowned fathers following his father’s footsteps, Maximus is the son of a proud father, Eddie Hall. You may have already known who Eddie Hall is.

Eddie Hall, with full name Edward Stephen Hall, born on January 15, 1988, is a British television presenter and retired strongman. He won the World’s Strongest Man 2017 and made history, which his son reluctantly follows.

Besides the 2017 awards, Eddie has won several national competitions, including UK’s Strongest ManBritain’s Strongest Man and England’s Strongest Man.

Coming to Maximus’s mother, she is none other than the well-known Alexandra Hall, a barbershop owner in Trent Vale. She is a certified hair expert.

Maximus is not the only child of his parents, as he has two sisters, one half-sister from his father’s past relationship named Layla Hall and another from his parents who gave birth just recently in June 2023.

Education & Career

Maximus Hall is just a child at the age of 11. Though his school’s name is not disclosed, it is widely known he is enrolling in his junior school.

A Facebook post by his father says he is pretty good in academics, too. Eddie shared his happiness in the post due to his son’s academic excellence.

The post says, “My son @maximushallbeastjnr has been so good at school; lately I said I’d treat him to the new Spider-Man game at the weekend….. and whilst I was there, saw the new Call of Duty game and couldn’t resist!!!!”

Coming to the career of this young lad, he has ventured into the world of fitness and bodybuilding just like his father.

According to Eddie’s statements, Maximus started his journey to fitness after age 10. Maximus used to request his father a lot to begin his training, but Eddie had limited till he turned 10, and as soon as he hit 10, he started hitting the gym.

Now Maximus is seen lifting the heavy loads, flexing his biceps and doing something nearly unbelievable. He is also in the news because of his extraordinary skills.

Recently, Maximus is in the highlight, with “Ex-World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall’s 10-year-old son bench presses more than most adults”. This is just an instance; Maximus has showcased several, such as on his father’s Instagram account.

Know Maximus Hall’s Nationality, Ethnicity, and Religion

Maximus was born in England, United Kingdom, just like his parents, and belongs to the British nationality. He is from a white ethnic background, believes in Christian beliefs, and follows Christianity.

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Social media presence

Maximus doesn’t have his Instagram and Facebook accounts but appears through his father’s social media accounts.

One can profoundly find Maximus on the Instagram pages of Eddie Hall, where he stands side by side with his father, doing the stunts everyone thinks a child can’t do.

Contrary to Facebook and Instagram, Maximus Hall has a YouTube channel with 93.5k subscribers. He joined the YouTube community on June 4, 2018. It has now gained 9,852,997 views and millions of likes.

He has posted his gym training and workout videos on his YouTube channel. Some of the most viewed videos of his are 10-year-old DEADLIFTS 160lbs! Ft. Eddie Hall, World’s Strongest 10-Year-Old, Lifts 40KG on Flat Bench! (CHEST DAY) Ft. Eddie Hall, and likewise.

His YouTube can be accessed via the links above or simply through the bullets mentioned below.

Youtube- Maximus Hall – Beast Jnr (93.5k subscribers)

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In conclusion, we can say that Maximus has started his journey following his father’s footsteps into fitness and bodybuilding. With the impressive records he is establishing currently, it is evident that he will become renowned just like his father someday.

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While Maximus is firmly hooked on his fitness career, netizens are worried that it may affect his health as such challenging exercises may harm the children. His age complicated the worries even more as Maximus has not even hit his teenage.

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