A Quick Look into the Life of TikTok Star Lean Beef Patty Age: Height, Real Name, and Bio

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Lean Beef Patty Age: Height, Real Name, and Bio

Lean Beef Patty, 26 years old and 5 feet 3 Inches tall, is a female fitness bodybuilder from the United States of America whose fanbase is growing daily.

Patty gained recognition from her large followers on social media such as Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok. Not just this, she is also a Twitch streamer, where she has gained fame as a broad, muscular woman.

Talking about her popularity, she is mainly famous for her unique physique, which has distinctive six-pack abs, strong biceps, and muscular legs. Her rise to stardom was in 2021 with her involvement on social platforms, especially with the growth of Tiktok.

Tiktok star and fitness influencer Lean Beef Patty (Source: Lean Beef Patty's Instagram)

Tiktok star and fitness influencer Lean Beef Patty (Source: Lean Beef Patty’s Instagram)

This article delves into the life of Lean Beef Patty. Keep reading this article to know more about her age, height, and bio.

Lean Beef Patty Quick Facts

Nick NameLean Beef Patty
Real Name Patricia
ProfessionFitness coach, TikTok star,
athlete, media personality
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California,
United States.
Age26 years
Height5 feet 3Inches
Weight61 kilograms
Body Measurements31-24-35
Networth$1.5 million

Lean Beef Patty’s Real Name, Early Life, Family, and Education

Though people know her as Lean Beef Patty, her real name is Patricia. She was born in 1997 in Los Angeles, California, and grew up there. Besides this, her exact date of birth is still unknown. She belongs to an American household and has a mixed ethnic background.

To date, her parents’ names are not made public, but some sources have mentioned that her father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife. Also, there is not much detail on her siblings. The only thing that is known is that she has a brother.

Additionally, there is some news of her growing up with her cousin and brother.

Regarding her education, Patty attended the local school for her junior days but attended The University of California for high school. The subject she graduated in is unknown, but she is believed to have graduated.

Lean Beef Patty’s Career

Patty’s career in fitness started at an early age. Her mom used to teach gymnastics to children. So, Patty learned gymnastics at a very young age when she was 2. It has maintained a foundation for her fitness as she became a competitive gymnast within a few years.

However, it was the age of 13, and when she got attention on her fitness, she felt insecure about her body as she didn’t have a thigh gap back then. Exhausted by this thought, she left Gymnastics and changed her eating habits, leading to an eating disorder.

The eating disorder eventually led her to the hospital bed. She undergoes the treatments for about six months. Then, after some time taking help from her doctor, she regained her health and decided to join the gym.

Her father helped her back then, as he had a membership to the gym. Patty requested to join the gym, and being a supportive figure, her father took her to the gym, which was a very first step toward fitness for Patty.

She was attending the gym and getting fit but was entangled in a relationship that engraved a bad mental state, leading her to lose 15 pounds. Because of this, she resumed going to the gym for some time.

Later in 2020, she started hitting the gym again, but by the time she joined, the COVID-19 pandemic had entered, and the gym had closed. In one of her videos, she mentioned that she used to run four hours a day at that time as she didn’t have anything to do.

Lean Beef Patty Age: Height, Real Name, and Bio
Lean Beef Patty Age: Height, Real Name, and Bio

In 2021, the gym started opening again, and at this time, Patty had a strong will for fitness. Before then, she was doing it to be in shape and have fun, but after the pandemic, she started taking it seriously, more like a passion. She shifted her entire focus to bodybuilding.

Also, at the same time, she started uploading fitness-related videos to her Instagram and TikTok and opened her own YouTube channel. Not just this, she also streamed on Twitch, playing different types of games. This made her a famous female bodybuilder, athlete, Tiktoker, and social media influencer, gathering a large crowd behind them.

Lean Beef Patty’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Lean Beef Patty’s diet is a balanced meal plan that includes high protein, high carbohydrates, and lower amounts of fat. She tracks what she eats during the day to help her hit macros, but she doesn’t think everyone should follow their calories, as it can be hard to consume enough protein. She has a full-day meal plan that includes Greek yogurt, chicken breast, protein pasta, and protein bars, among other things.

Lean Beef Patty’s workout routine includes chest and shoulder workouts. Her chest workout consists of a bench press, fly rolls out to push out, and incline cable fly. Her shoulder workout includes seated cable front raise, cable face pull, and standing dumbbell lateral raise.

Is Lean Beef Patty married? Boyfriend?

Patty is not married yet. Though she collaborated with different personalities to make fitness videos, she hasn’t disclosed dating anyone yet.

While she has mentioned being in a relationship in one of her YouTube videos, her current relationship status is believed to be single.

Lean Beef Patty Controversies

Patty is famous among social media, especially on Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitch. Being just a TikTok personality, she has not posed any controversies.

Lean Beef Patty Age, Height, and Weight (Body Measurements)

Being born in 1997, Patty is 26 years old now. She has an impressive height of 5 feet 3 inches and an approximate body weight of 61kg. Her body measurements are 31-24-35.

Lean Beef Patty Salary and Net Worth

Patty is estimated to bag a net worth of around $1.5 million. Her social media presence and collaborations with different personalities and brands are the source of her income, which is expected to grow even more in the coming days.

Lean Beef Patty Social Media Presence

Patty made her name on social media. One can find her on Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube. According to some sources, she posted her first Instagram video on Feb 29, 2020, which was her first step to social media. It was the video of her doing the abs workout on an overhead bar. She got significant views on that, inspiring her to be more active on other platforms.

Later, on March 7th, 2021, she made her first Tiktok video. While her Instagram posts were about mirror selfies and gym videos, on her Tiktok, she uploaded more about strength and flexibility.

Eventually, on December 19, 2021, she made her Influence in the YouTube world by creating her YouTube channel. She didn’t upload any videos during the first few days but later updated several videos about various fitness regimes.

Her debut YouTube video, “GYM WORKOUT VLOG WITH THE BEEF AND CO.,” was posted on December 20, 2021.

Now, she collects five million followers on her Instagram, 7.5 million on her Tiktok, 1.6 million on her YouTube, and 110k on Twitch. This establishes her as a viral social media personality throughout the world.

Her social media presence is listed below:

Her social media strategy is based on engaging content showcasing her fitness journey, lifestyle, and personality. She uses different platforms to reach different audiences and interact with them in various ways. Some of the tactics she uses are:

  • Creating engaging social media captions that encourage conversation. Asking open-ended questions can initiate interaction and result in good engagement! Example: You can also use social media polls to ask for product feedback or to engage with your audience in a fun way!
  • She incorporated some humor into her posts. Humor can help break the ice, lighten the mood, and make people feel more connected to her. Example: She often jokes about her struggles with body image, self-confidence, and motivation.
  • Sharing exclusive offers with her followers. This can help increase loyalty, retention, and conversions. Example: She sometimes gives away free products, discounts, or tips to her followers who comment or share her posts.
  • Collaborating with other influencers and brands. This can help expand her reach, credibility, and exposure. Example: She has worked with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro League bodybuilder Brett Wilkin and four-time Classic Physique Olympia champ Chris Bumstead to push each other through a challenging leg workout.
  • Posting consistently and frequently. This can help maintain interest, engagement, and visibility among her followers. Example: She posts at least once a day on Instagram and once a week on YouTube.

Her social media engagement rates are impressive for an influencer of her niche. According to Influencity, she has an average engagement rate of 9% across all platforms as of April 2023.

This means that out of every 100 people who see her posts or videos, about 9 interact with them in some way (such as liking, commenting, sharing, or saving). This is higher than the average engagement rate for fitness influencers (6%).

She interacts with her audience in various ways as well. Some of the ways she does this are:

  • Responding to comments and messages promptly and politely. This shows that she cares about what they have to say and values their feedback.
  • Asking for their opinions or suggestions on topics related to fitness or health. This shows that she respects their views and wants to learn from them.
  • Thank them sincerely and genuinely for their support or compliments. This shows that she appreciates their kindness and recognition.
  • Inviting them to live or Q&A sessions where she answers their questions or shares more insights into her life or work.
  • Creating user-generated content campaigns where she encourages them to post photos or videos using a specific hashtag or tagline related to her brand or product.

Lean Beef Patty is a successful example of how social media can be used for personal branding, marketing, entertainment, education, community building, customer service, etc.

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Lean Beef Patty’s Collaboration and Affiliations

Lean Beef Patty has collaborated with several influencers and has been blowing up all over the internet.

She has worked with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro League bodybuilder Brett Wilkin and four-time Classic Physique Olympia champ Chris Bumstead to push each other through a challenging leg workout. They filmed their training session together, and it was published on Bumstead’s YouTube channel on April 4, 2023.

Popularity Graph

Popularity Graph Of Lean Beef Patty (Source: Google Trends)
Popularity Graph Of Lean Beef Patty (Source: Google Trends)

The above graph depicts the popularity trend of ‘Lean Beef Patty‘ last year, with the highest point being April 2023.

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Due to her bulky masculine structure, Patty earned the moniker of Tomboy from various internet personalities and was appreciated by all genders.

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With the growing fanbase on her social media, she is expected to emerge as one of the most prosperous female fitness influencers soon.

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