How Much Is Ida Bergfoth’s Net Worth? Earnings And Income Source


Ida Bergfoth Net Worth

Ida Bergfoth’s net worth in the 7-digit figure may intrigue fans, but her status as a millionaire is well-deserved given her two decades of sheer dedication to fitness amid struggles.

She transitioned from a girl from a small town in Sweden to one of the inspirational fitness figures, and so did her lifestyle. From working three jobs to cover her expenses to owning a gym, Bergfoth has come a long way around.

Now, Bergfoth lives in the United States with her boyfriend, Henrik, a fitness freak and personal trainer. Surfing through her Instagram, it won’t be hard to tell that she has quite a lifestyle many dream of—a lovely partner, fitness, and luxury.

So, what’s more there to Ida’s income source besides being a transformation coach? Stay tight as we uncover details on Bergfoth’s net worth and earnings.

Ida Bergfoth Net Worth In 2024: How Much She Earns?

Ida Bergfoth brings a blend of her passion for fitness and two decades of expertise in bodybuilding- no wonder she is a stand-out in the realm of fitness. With that fact, it won’t be surprising that Ida Bergfoth has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Even if she has not yet verified the exact figure of her fortune, it is evident that her professional venture as a fitness coach, influencer, and business owner made her a millionaire.

According to various online sources, a fitness coach can earn between $24K and $59K annually, depending on expertise, location, and other factors.

For the likes of Ida Bergfoth, a noted fitness figure, the paycheck figure could jump beyond average. Moreover, the sales of fitness courses and gym ownership get her an add-up to her earnings.’

Net Worth In Different Currencies

CountryNet Worth
United States of AmericaUSD 1 million
AustraliaAustralian Dollar 1.52 million
CanadaCanadian Dollar 1.35 million
European NationsEuro 0.92 million
JapanJapanese Yen 147 million
United KingdomPound Sterling 0.79 million
United Arab EmiratesUAE Dirham 3.67 million
BitcoinBTC 23.36 (as of January 18, 2024)

Bergfoth’s Lucrative Revenue As Owner And Founder Of ‘IB Fit’

Having competed in many bodybuilding competitions and collaborations with fellow fitness enthusiasts, Ida sought to give a business a try. So, with the aid of her team, she founded IB Fit, a gym whose online platforms allow one to take online video courses.

Bergfoth launched IB Fitness Coaching in 2021, when she was in her opt-out year as a college student. Thanks to its success, she converted her student visa to an O-1 visa.

Ida Bergfoth's Net Worth Get An Aid From Her Gym Ownership And Fitness Coaching
Ida Bergfoth’s Net Worth Get An Aid From Her Gym Ownership And Fitness Coaching (Source: Facebook)

Her business has a website (, where one can learn the basics about the charges or fees of members—which are $69 per month or $549 per year (if billed annually).

According to the website’s portfolio, the membership fees include personalized meals (dine-in/out) and workout plans (home or gym).

Many of us are probably already counting fingers on how much she earns. For example, even with 50 users on her annual plan, it gets her $27K.

Earnings From Social Media And Endorsements

Another source of income for Ida Bergfoth is her social media influence, where she promotes brands. She allegedly sums up thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands, with her endorsement deals.

On her Instagram (@idabergfoth), with more than 1.4 million followers, she promotes BOMBSHELL SPORTSWEAR, an online clothing store, and CELSIUS Energy Drink.

Given her massive followers on Instagram, she could charge between $2-$4K per sponsored post.

Bergfoth’s TikTok account has 354K followers, and her content is about workouts and fitness. As an influencer, it gets her a ballpark figure of $600 per sponsored post.

How Much Does Ida Bergfoth Earn From Her YouTube Channel?

The Sweden-born and American-based fitness influencer Ida runs an eponymous YouTube channel @IdaBergfoth, created on November 2, 2019. As of this writing, her channel has more than 428K subscribers and 149.453 million views.

Most of her 784 vlogs are about fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. According to Social Blade, her YouTube channel sees her as having an income of $60.4K – $966.8K per year. It breaks down to the lowest of $5K and the highest to $80.6K monthly.

Ida Bergfoth And Her Boyfriend Henrik Run A Joint YouTube Channel
Ida Bergfoth And Her Boyfriend Henrik Run A Joint YouTube Channel (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, with her boyfriend, Henrik Sundvall, a fitness and bodybuilding influencer, she has a joint YouTube channel, FitCoupleFoodies, with over 20.5K subscribers. The channel features the couple’s workouts, food, and everyday life in Los Angeles.

Ida Lives In Los Angeles: What Is The Cost Of Her House?

Bergfoth lives with her boyfriend, Henrik, who moved from Sweden to the United States in 2017. The duo has yet to buy a house but lives in their studio apartment in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California.

On July 8, 2022, she shared a video titled “Cost of living in Los Angeles” on her YouTube channel, where she gave a tour of her residence with her partner as a cameraman.

In the vlog, she stated that the rent of her 41.8-square-meter apartment was $1,700 per month, which included a bedroom, living space, workspace, and kitchen. Ida said she didn’t have a car, microwave, or TV, but she hoped to get one soon.

Further in the video, she gave a breakdown of her expenses:

  • $30-$40 per month for water/electricity
  • $100 for internet
  • $80-90 for phone bills
  • $1,250 for health and home insurance

It excluded her expenses on groceries and her boyfriend Henrik’s diet plans.

How Did Ida Bergfoth Drift To Fitness Career?

On her IB Fit website, the Swedish transformation coach stated that she has been active in sports since her early days. At 14, she used to help her neighbor move some big tires that would later turn her to body-building and heavy lifting.

She would later join a gym and get in circles of fitness enthusiast friends. However, it was not the only thing that motivated her.

Perhaps the death of her father played another significant role. When she graduated from high school in Sweden, her dad was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). A year later, then 19-year-old Ida lost her father on December 27, 2009.

It made Bergfoth, a certified nurse’s aide high school grad, more concerned about the human body and health, inclined her to fitness and began taking online courses.

She wanted to be the one person a family could rely on, so she would work three jobs while trying for a professional approach in fitness.

Bergfoth's Body Transformation In A Course Of A Decade
Bergfoth’s Body Transformation In A Decade (Source: Reddit)

By the age of 24, Ida was competing in bodybuilding competitions. During that time, Celsius spotted her with an approach to becoming their brand ambassador.

Moreover, her boyfriend, Henrik, coming with an immense love for fitness, was another factor that kept her going.

Fast-forward three years. She and her boyfriend moved to the United States on student visas in 2017. By 2021, they launched their gym and had become globally recognized fitness influencers.

As a result, they got an O-1 Visa, and the rest is history! Read more about Ida Bergfoth’s Height, Weight, Age, Wiki, And Bio In 2024

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