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Ida Bergfoth Height

Ida Bergfoth is a female fitness trainer, model, coach, and social media personality who is especially known for the amazing exercise videos she posts on her Instagram account.

She dedicated her entire life to health, hygiene, and fitness and has become one of the most renowned figures in the fitness realm.

Ida now boasts many followers on her social media, including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. She shares awareness and tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle through these platforms.

In the following section, we will explore different sectors of Ida’s life, such as age, bio, early life, height, weight, and social media presence. To learn more about her, keep reading the article.

Ida Bergfoth Quick Facts

Full NameIda Bergfoth
54 kilogramsFitness Expert, coach, social media personality
Date of Birth28th April 1990
BirthplaceSmall City Near Stockholm, Sweden ( Not Confirmed)
Zodiac signTaurus
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States (USA)
Age 33 years
Height5 feet 5inch (165.09 cm)
Weight54 kilograms (119.05 lbs)
Body Measurements34-28-36
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorLight Brown
Food HabitsNon-Vegetarian
Marital StatusUnmarried
BoyfriendHenrik Sunfvall
Boyfriend’s professionFitness trainer, Social media influencer
Networth (estimated)$1-$3million
Income SourceSocial media, Brand collaborations, Modeling
Social MediaInstagram, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok

Ida Bergfoth Early Life, Family, and Education

Ida grew up in America with her parents in the vibrant Los Angeles, and some sources believe she spent her early life in Sweden. Ida hasn’t uttered a word in this regard, so until she speaks, it is just a theory and not a fact.

Ida is believed to have grown up within a well-established, supportive family culture, though details on her parents are scarce. Even her birth date is controversial. There are also no details on her siblings or other family members, as Ida seems pretty reserved regarding her family.

The only thing that is known is that she is of American nationality and has a multi-racial ethnic background that follows Christian beliefs. Also, there are significantly fewer details regarding her education.

Ida Bergfoth Nationality, Ethnicity And Religion

Ida Bergfoth’s nationality is Swedish, as she was born in Sweden. However, she lives with her boyfriend in Los Angeles, California.

Sadly, we could not find reliable information on her ethnicity or religion from the web search results. She may or may not share these personal details with her fans online.

How tall is Ida Bergfoth? Age, Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Ida maintains a toned body and a strict fitness regime. Her diet routine is simple: lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats, with a compulsion to use plenty of vegetables and fruit.

With an impressive height of 5 feet 5 inches, Ida is a tall, bulky figure with intense stamina. She works out every day to maintain her current figure. Her workout combines Weightlifting with cardio, running, and cycling.

She has her fitness program on her official website,, which offers several fitness subscriptions and regimens. If you are interested in fitness, you can purchase some of the packages there.

Though Ida’s date of birth is pretty conflicting and differs by the individual, some trusted sources state it was on April 28, 1990. This got verified after Ida made a birthday post on her Instagram page on April 30. With such, it can be said that Ida is roaming at 33 as of 2023.

Ida Bergfoth Bio & Career

According to Ida’s official web page, where she keeps the premium fitness packages, Ida got motivated towards fitness from an early age. As a child, Ida was also pretty active in several sports.

Specifically, there was an incident that led to what she is today. It was when Ida was 14 years old and rolling. Back then, she was helping her neighbor move some big tires, and it was then that she realized that she wanted to be engaged in something that involved lifting heavy things.

Her motivation had already penetrated her soul, but she hadn’t paid much attention to it for some time. Only a year later, she joined a gym and started hitting. It was the first brick paving her career trajectory.

After learning it for some time and developing the habits, Ida eventually ventured into fitness as a coach at 19. She then started coaching different people, whether they were the official athletes or just some random fitness enthusiasts.

Back then, she coached in her home gym, implying that she belonged to a wealthy family. Even though she was providing fitness services, she was not in it and just carrying it as a fun activity.

Ida Bergfoth comparing herself before and after, 2019 Vs 2023 ( Source: Ida Bergfoth's Instagram)
Ida Bergfoth comparing herself before and after, 2019 Vs 2023 ( Source: Ida Bergfoth’s Instagram)

At age 21, she discovered fitness as her life’s mission. Since then, she has been giving all she can into fitness. She even took part in a fitness competition at the age of 24. Though she didn’t win the tournament, she was proud of her achievements.

This was about how she hovered into the fitness industry and developed a passion for it. Now, let’s move toward her social growth phase.

Ida started her social media journey through her Instagram account. For instance, she created it just for fun following the trend; little did she know it was, and it would be her first step toward stardom. Now, she alone has 871k followers on her Instagram.

Regarding her YouTube journey, Ida launched her first YouTube channel, which she partially shared with her boyfriend in February 2019, named FitCoupleFoodies. There, she filmed some food vlogs that the fitness-concerned individual can savor and some fitness challenges.

Now, that channel is handled by her boyfriend, as she hosts another YouTube channel named Ida Bergfoth, which she launched in November 2019. It has 64.3k subscribers, too.

Ida has also marched in the Tiktok community, not just on Instagram and YouTube. There, she has 309.2K followers.

Ida Bergfoth Boyfriend, Henrik Sundvall | Is Ida Bergfoth married?

Ida is not married but is in a serious relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Henrik Sundvall, a fitness influencer. These two share many posts together on their social media.

Not just this, as already mentioned, these two even started their own YouTube channel back in 2019, where they posted a couple of videos.

Trophies and Honours:

When Ida was 24, she participated in a fitness competition. She didn’t win the challenge but earned second place. She regards this as one of her special awards and a memory to cherish. This is also the only award that she has received to date.

Ida Bergfoth Controversies

To date, Ida has managed to stay away from the controversies. Her entire focus is on mending her career and making it better.

It’s not a controversy, but Ida’s birth date is usually a hot topic to talk about. Some say it was in 1995, while we believe it was in 1990.

Ida Bergfoth Salary and Net Worth

Ida’s net worth is currently under review, though it is estimated to move around $1 to $3 million. Her social media, modelling, and collaborations with several brands are the source of her income.

Furthermore, she has her own website, idabergfoth, where she tailors different needs. There are several sections for fitness, workout shakes, sportswear, gut health, supplements, and skincare.

For different sections, brands are represented, meaning brands such as Bombshell Sportswear, Celsius Official, 1st Phorm, and Freskincare have sponsored her.

Not just on her website, she has also been featured in modelling for different brands, as shown by her posts on Instagram. This all accumulates to provide a better net worth for Ida.

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Ida Bergfoth Social Media Presence

Being a social media person, Ida is famous on different platforms. One can find her on Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and YouTube. She even has her official website.

Her YouTube channel, Ida Bergfoth, has 64.3k subscribers and 306 videos. It has gained 19,993,838 views to date. There, she keeps posting her workout routines and fitness regimens.

One of her most-viewed shorts is the one with What I Eat to Lose Fat, released on June 11, 2023, which received 1.7M views alone.

Unlike her YouTube channel, her Instagram page is filled with bodywear. She also keeps posting fitness tips, but it focuses on fitness wear. There, she promotes her brands and fitness subscriptions.

On her Instagram, she has 1378 posts and 871k subscribers. The brands she promotes through there are bombshellsportswear, celsiusofficial, and 1stphorm.

On TikTok, she has 309.2k followers and 3.1 M likes. There, she posts fitness shorts and flexes her body. Comparatively, she shares more content on TikTok than on Instagram and YouTube.

One recent one is the post she made on 20 July 2023, in which she showed her body after 5 days of rest.


Shape update the morning of me getting back to the gym after 5 days of rest. Feeling all the vibes being able to go back 🙌🏻🤩 When did you last go to the gym? #fitness #fittok #gymmotivation #shape #abs #quads

♬ price tag – speed sounds

Also, Ida is active on Twitter with 2400 followers. It’s actually in the growing phase for now.

To make it easier, her social media are listed below. You can give it a look.

Ida Bergfoth fitness routine

As to the reference from hwmotivation, her fitness routine is as

  1. Monday- Quads, Calves
  2. Tuesday- Back
  3. Wednesday- Chest
  4. Thursday- Glutes, Hamstrings
  5. Friday- Arms
  6. Saturday- Shoulders
  7. Sunday- Rest


Being a female fitness coach, Ida is breaking the stereotype, conveying that if one is willing to achieve something wholeheartedly, no one can stop him/her from achieving that, and gender is not an issue to start with.

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Ida takes full advantage of the massive number of followers on every social platform, spreading her knowledge and expertise worldwide. As social media has already got its hook, one day, Ida is believed to shine high in the fitness industry and establish herself as a role model to every fitness geek out there.

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