Chris Walley’s Parents and Brother Are His Inspiring Forces Driving Him To Stardom


Irish actor Chris Walley, famous for his role in The Young Offenders

Chris Walley’s parents, Martin and Jacqui, never considered finances ahead of their child’s ambition. The Bodkin actor thanks his dad and mom for their support, which led him to RADA and the acting industry.

Walley is the only member of his family who has a career in the entertainment industry. His father and mother, both based in Ireland, have corporate jobs. His brother, Tim Walley, is a sub-lieutenant in the Irish Naval Service.

The Walley family shares a strong bond, celebrating each other’s achievements in their respective fields. Read the full article to learn more about his parents and siblings.

  • An Irish actor, Chris Walley is the eldest son of Martin and Jacqui.
  • Walley’s father is a project manager at Flex, and his mother works for Enterprise Ireland.
  • Chris’ brother, Tim, is an engineering officer at the Irish Naval Service.
  • Walley’s mother initially hesitated to send him to RADA concerning finances but agreed later.
  • Chris Walley is best known for his role as Jock O’Keeffe in The Young Offenders (2016).

Chris Walley’s Parents, Martin, And Jacqui Have Corporate Careers

The Bodkin star Chris Walley was born to Irish parents, Martin Walley and Jacqui Walley (nee Norton). Even if the Ireland-born actor’s dad and mom prefer to remain away from the limelight, his TV stardom makes fans want to uncover details about his family.

Walley’s parents are well-educated and involved in different corporate professions. His father, a native of Cork, Ireland, completed his bachelor’s and master’s from the University College Cork.

He obtained his BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1983 and then completed a master’s in Business Administration and Management in 2003.

Chris Walley’s father, Martin, is now a project manager (for EMEA regions) for a multinational engineering firm, Flextronics Global Solutions and Software (October 2011—present).

Chris Walley's parents, Martin, and Jacqui posing for a photo
Chris Walley’s parents, Martin and Jacqui (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, according to Martin’s LinkedIn profile, he started working as an engineer in the early 1980s before he turned to managerial roles after obtaining his MBA. His previous work experience includes:

  • Project Manager Consultant at Dell Computers (June 2004- December 2004)
  • General manager/Managing director at Transtest (2005-09)
  • Sales Director at Programming Solutions Ltd. (2009-11)
  • Managing director at Power and Energy Monitoring Solutions Ltd (2010-17)

Walley’s mother, Jacqui Norton Walley, is a regional development executive at Enterprise Ireland (October 1991- present). It is an Irish government agency focused on enterprise and innovation.

Chris’ parents have always supported his ambition, particularly his acting career, and aided him when he decided to attend the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London.

Interesting Fact: Walley’s great-grandpa, William Norton, was a former Tánaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) of Ireland.

Chris Walley’s Brother, Tim, Serves In The Navy

The IFTA Award-winning actor grew up in Glanmire with his brother, Tim Walley, a sub-lieutenant in the Irish Naval Service. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been an engineering officer of the Irish Naval Service since September 2012- present.

Childhood picture of Chris and his brother, Tim
Childhood picture of Chris and his brother, Tim (Source: Facebook)

He completed his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering at Munster Technological University in 2017. Then, in 2019, he obtained a degree in Engineering Officer of the Watch, Marine Engineering from the National Maritime College of Ireland.

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Proud Walley Celebrated Brother’s Return From Deployment

As part of the EU’s Operation Irini (LÉ William Butler Yeats), Tim gained headlines in 2023 after returning from a six-week deployment in the Mediterranean.

More than 50 people applauded together to welcome the crew, including marine engineer Tim. The crowd included the hit show actor ‘Jock’ (his big brother, Chris), his parents: Martin and Jacqui, his girlfriend Danielle Dunlea and her mother Sharon.

Walley’s parents expressed immense pride in Tim’s accomplishments and commitment to international missions and peace.

Capt Ken Minehane gave the crew their peacekeeping medals as they disembarked from the ship. They were reunited with their families, receiving bear hugs and broad smiles.

Walley’s brother, Tim’s girlfriend, Danielle, is a lead QC analyst at Regeneron.

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Chris Walley’s Family Never Held Back To Support His Ambition

With a prior rejection from the RADA, the Ireland-born actor received his acceptance letter from RADA in his second attempt. Chris’ mother first thought of financial burden, but later on, she decided to find a way to manage the expenses to support his dream.

At 19, he shifted to London, significantly changing Chris’s and the whole family’s lives. Yet, his parents’ immense support made this transition smooth. They reassured him financially and emotionally that he could adapt to living independently in a new country.

Despite the distance, his family continued to stay connected and supportive. The transition from Glanmire to the bustling streets of London was significant, and having a supportive family ensured Chris stayed motivated and focused on his ambitions.

Chris with his father after his RADA graduation
Chris with his father after his RADA graduation (Source: Instagram)

During various interviews, Walley stated that his mother has always been a significant source of encouragement, ensuring he had the necessary support to pursue his career.

In an interview, Chris mentioned that his parents, Martin and Jacqui, are equally proud of Tim’s and Chris’s accomplishments. The Walley family is closely knit and supportive, and they share pride in each other’s achievements.

Both parents take pride in both siblings’ careers despite being in vastly different fields, which underscores a shared value system anchored in hard work, dedication, and support.

Walley’s Acting Career: From “The Young Offenders” To Netflix’s “Bodkin”

While studying at RADA, the Irish-born actor debuted on-screen in the 2016 comedy film “The Young Offenders.” His role as Jock O’Keeffe not only won him an IFTA Best Male Performance-Television, but a TV project- a series version of the film.

In addition, he starred alongside Aidan Turner in Martin McDonagh’s show “The Lieutenant of Inishmore” in the West End. He earned the Laurence Olivier Award for this show in Best Supporting Role.

Chris with his Bodkin cast at Dublin screening
Chris with his Bodkin cast at the Dublin screening (Source: Instagram)

He has been doing both film and television. He has appeared in the acclaimed war film “1917” (2019), “Pixie” (2020), and “The Last Voyage of the Demeter” (2023).

In 2024, he made his Netflix debut with the dark comedy thriller Bodkin, which co-starred Will Forte, Siobhán Cullen, and Robyn Cara.

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