What Happened To Arielle Kebbel’s Sister? Explore Her Siblings And Parents


Actress Arielle Kebbel has an elder sister, Julia, and younger brother, Christian

The Midnight, Texas actress Arielle Kebbel’s sister, Julia Kebbel, made highlights in late January 2018 after she went missing for two weeks. She was found safe after the actress’s pleas and authorities’ aid.

As reported, Julia suffered a psychotic break that led to the incident. So, in the ensuing months, Kebbel became a mental health advocate. So, what is Kebbel’s sister doing nowadays?

Now, after six years, her sister’s life transformed; she proclaims herself “sober” on her Instagram bio, thanks to Arielle and her family’s support. She lives with her supportive and loving boyfriend.

Besides her, Arielle also has a brother, Christian, who is also an actor. Get more on Kebbel’s siblings and family in this article.

Who Is Arielle Kebbel’s Sister? Age Gap And Their Relationship

Kebbel, the After We Fell actress, is the second-eldest of three children. She has an older sister named Julia Kebbel, born on May 7, 1981, in Florida. As of February 2024, Julia is 42 years old, and her zodiac sign is Taurus.

During an Instagram post on May 9, 2023, she shared that she celebrated her 42nd birthday and wrote, “I turned 42 on a beautiful island 2 days ago,” followed by a long paragraph about her appreciation to her close ones.

The siblings have an age gap of three years and nine months.

Actress Arielle Kebbel With Her Sister, Julia
Actress Arielle Kebbel With Her Sister, Julia (Source: Facebook)

The Kebbel siblings share a close bond. Julia proudly accepts the recognition she gets from being the sister of Unreal alum and updates about the latter’s new acting projects on her IG profile.

Moreover, she often talks about her actress sister in her posts and addresses that she’s been inspiring and consoling her throughout her journey to mental wellness.

Arielle’s love for her sister is evident, given that she broke the news that Julia went missing in 2018 and made a plea for her search.

Even if the American actress may not have pictures with her sister on her Instagram, her Facebook posts feature moments shared with her.

Sister’s NameJulia Kebbel
Date of BirthMay 7, 1981
Age42 Years Old
Height5 feet 3 inches (1.6 m)

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Kebbel’s Sister, Julia, Has A Boyfriend: Dating Story

Unlike the Fifty Shades Freed actress, her sister, Julia, is pretty open about her relationship and often shares pictures on her Instagram with her boyfriend, Brent.

The two began dating in September 2022. It was a simple math as she shared about their first relationship anniversary on September 1, 2023, and wrote, “And just like that…it’s been one year. The most magical year. I woke up every day the last 12 months so grateful and pinching myself.”

Arielle's Sister, Julia, With Her Boyfriend, Brent, And Her Pet Dog, Cindy
Julia, With Her Boyfriend, Brent, And Her Pet Dog, Cindy (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, in her other Instagram post, Julia shared a short story about how their relationship began.

As reported, her partner Brent was her neighbor who approached her to chat while jogging and said, “Hey Julie, right?” but she passed him and said, “It’s Julia, actually.” Later, the two met again and exchanged greetings, and when she invited him to her pet dog Cindy’s birthday party, he agreed.

The rest is history!

Interestingly, when Julia Kebbel began dating Brent, she was 41 and coming out sober of her addiction.

No wonder she wants to inspire others: “I didn’t rebuild my own life until I was 40. I didn’t meet my love until I was 41. And if that can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. “

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Does Julia Kebbel Have Plans For Marriage?

It seems Julia and her boyfriend do not have any plans for marriage at the moment. They’ve been dating for nearly two years and are yet to get engaged.

Both of them are dog lovers. They consider Julia’s chocolate labrador, Cindy, as their child. Her pet is a rescue dog whom she adopted the day after Thanksgiving in 2017 amid her battle with depression and substance abuse.

Arielle Kebbel’s Sister Went Missing In 2018: When Was She Found?

Areille’s older sister, Julia, went missing on January 31, 2018. After no results in a few days, the actress went public about her plea for the search of her sister and her dog Cindy on February 3, stating that she was last seen in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood around 11 p.m.

Moreover, the 90210 star circulated pictures of Juila and provided her description in the post:

“She [Julia] is 5’3″. Weighs about 105 pounds. Fair skin. Bleach blonde short hair. She has tattoos on both fore arms. She has a spiritual symbol with a key and the words promise on one forearm and a blue Phoenix rising on the other.”

It initiated the then-trending hashtag #bringjuliahome.

A Poster For Search Plea Of Julia Kebbel
A Poster For Search Plea Of Julia Kebbel (Source: Facebook)

Ten days after publicly addressing Julia’s missing news, on February 13, 2018, Arielle confirmed that her sister and her dog were found. While thanking everyone for their support, she also asked to respect their privacy.

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What Happened To Julia Kebbel?

In March 2018, Arielle shared an Instagram post disclosing the reason behind her sister’s disappearance before they found her after two weeks. The Ballers alum shared a letter from Julia that confirmed she had bipolar disorder, and its severe episodes led to a psychotic break.

“My name is Julia Kebbel. I have bipolar disorder and suffered a severe episode at the end of January 2018. It led to me experiencing a psychotic break from reality, during which time I went missing with my dog, Cindy.”

In the letter, the elder Kebbel added that she was ‘hoping to help raise awareness of mental health disorders’ on her road to recovery.

A few months later, in September 2018, Arielle opened up that her sister was recovering. Moreover, due to that incident, she emphasized advocacy for mental health awareness.

How Is Arielle Kebbel’s Sister Condition Now?

Yes, Julia Kebbel is in good health- thanks to her supportive family, partner, and pet dog, Cindy.

On January 6, 2024, she shared an Instagram post about her mental health journey and how her life has gotten in shape in the past five years.

In the caption, Kebbel stated that she had signs of depression in middle school, and by teenage, she had an alcohol addiction. Even more, Julia lied about her mental health, which resulted in her getting into substance abuse. Amid addiction, her abusive past relationship worsened the case.

After her 2018 missing case, she tried to mend her life, which became more accessible after she met her current boyfriend, Brent.

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Does Arielle Have A Brother?

‘A Bride for Christmas’ actress has a younger brother, Christian Kebbel. Born on January 1, 1990, he is 34 years old as of 2024 and five years younger than Arielle.

He is an occasional actor who has not been active in the industry since the mid-2000s. According to IMDB, Christian appeared in Magic Al and the Mind Factory (2000), Kermit’s Swamp Years (2002), and Dunsmore (2003).

Kebbel With Her Brother, Christian And Sister, Julia
Kebbel With Her Brother, Christian And Sister, Julia (Source: Facebook)

He is married, and his Instagram features a profile picture of him with his wife. However, further details on his wedding or wife are not out.

Brother’s NameChristian Kebbel
Date of BirthJanuary 1, 1990
Age34 Years Old
ProfessionActor (not active since mid-2000s)

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Arielle Kebbel’s Parents: Mother Is A TV Producer

Arielle Caroline Kebbel was born to American parents Sheri Lynn and Dennis Alan Kebbel. Her mother, Sheri Kebbel, is a TV producer who owned Mosaic Talent Development, a Florida-based talent development company.

Moreover, with her mom, she owns an Orlando-based production company called Off the Cuff.

According to IMDB, Sheri’s producing credits include Robodoc (2009), Dan Behind His Eyes (2013), Valse Mémoire (2014), Locally Fresh (2016), and Locally Fresh!: Scrumptious Cinema (2017).

Arielle Kebbel With Her Parents
Arielle Kebbel With Her Parents (Source: Facebook)

On the other, her dad’s profession is not out. She often featured her father on her Facebook on ‘Father’s Day.’

Arielle’s parents, Sheri (b. April 1958) and Dennis (b. March 1957), were married in 1979. According to her Facebook post from November 2013, her father and mother renewed their vows after 34 years of marriage.

FatherDennis Alan Kebbel
Father’s Age67 Years Old
MotherSheri Lynn Kebbel
Mother’s Age66 Years Old

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